Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Tries To Find out Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna calls Bulbul for breakfast. Bulbul feels guilty for misbehaving with Sadhna, but continues her acting. She sits on Gayatri’s seat. Gayatri comes and yells at her to get up. Bulbul warns her to mind her tongue, go and sit on other chair. Manoj interferes and asks her to take another seat. Sadhna serves food to Bulbul. Bulbul yells she is not sitting here for charity food, she needs what she wants. Sadhna says she will prepare whatever she likes. Bulbul says that is okay, from tomorrow she will prepare her own food. Everyone look at her in a shock.
She yells why they are staring at her, she will go and have food in her room. Vijay watches silently. After sometime, Bulbul returns with empty plates. Sadhna calls her daughter and asks what happeend. Bulbul wanrs

her not to call her daughter and stop pestering her. Vasu asks her not to feel bad as chachi is angry on even her and yesterday was asking if some other woman was in Vijay’s life before her. Sadhna asks if she told her about Mandira, she should not. Vasu says she did not.

Manoj brainwashes Angad to file nomination form from his Vijay’s party. Angad says he has to speak Vijay about it.
Manoj asks to fight for his right. Angad goes to Vijay’s room and tries to speak. Vijay says they will discuss about his issue later, first he should bring the cab driver who dropped Bulbul yesterday.

Ananth packs his clothes. Tejaswini asks where is he going, Mandira has arranged party tomorrow. Mandira walks in. Ananth asks why did she keep party without informing him, what is is for, he had already booked Mumbai tickets. She says he opened a new party, so she called investors, businessmen, etc, to promote his party. She walks away. Tejaswini says Ananth that she is sure Mandira does not want to go to Mumbai, so she organized party.

Bulbul walks into Sadhna’s room and demands Sadhna’s room citing her room as small as reason. Sadhna agrees. Bulbul thinks why Sadhna is not kicking her out of house.

Angad bring cab driver who tells Vijay that he dropped Bulbul near beach side and she asked him to wait, he does not know anything than that. Vijay asks Angad to find out if cab driver is telling truth. Ananth calls Vijay and invites him for party. Vijay calls Bulbul and asks if she needs any help in party arrangements and asks if they can meet. She excitedly says their usual cafeteria. They both meet. Vijay says he realized he loves only her and Bulbul is not for him, so he wants to tell Ananth about them, if she can tell what she told Bulbul on beach side.
Mandira sits shocked. Vijay says he knows about it and whatever she tries, she cannot separate him and Bulbul.
Mandira says she did not meet Bulbul and walks out.

At home, Sadhna asks Agastya to get empty cartoon boxes. He asks reason. Bulbul walks in and says she is taking Sadhna’s room. Gayatri yells she is snatching room and soon will throw out Sadhna. Vijay walks in and hears silently. Bulbul yells..

Precap: Bulbul shouts that Gayatri is creating drama for snatching her room and sent her daughter to spy. Gayatri slaps Vasu. Everyone stand in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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