Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ananth and Mandira’s Rainy Moments!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant asks Vijay with his family’s kidnapper Pankaj is convicted or not. Ananth says not yet, investigations are going on. Gayatri says she had heard goons taking Pankaj’s name and now that her brother is MLA, he will tackle Pankaj and bald CM..then stops seeing Mandira. Tejaswini calls Ananth and asks why is he celebrating diwali with Vijay instead of her and orders to come right now. Ananth informs Vijay that didi is a bit angry and he did not inform Mandira’s parents also. He greets family and gets into car. Mandira looks at Vijay emotionally and gets into car. After moving a bit, she stops and says she forgot her purse. Ananth says he will bring it. She insists and return and after hugging Vijay asks when will he marry her. He says before taking MLA oath. They both turn

and get tensed seeing family. Family laughs. They both nervously blabber. Gayatri says it will be really nice seeing MLA and CM’s daughter’s wedding. Sadhna brings bangles and says these are Vijay’s mother’s bangles and she wants to give it to her devrani. She asks Vijay to dorn them in Mandira’s hands and he does. Mandira says she will go now. Vasu asks to take her purse. Ananth returns towards home and says they took too much time. Vijay says it may rain heavily, they should go carefully. Ananth nods yes and leaves.

Rain starts. Mandira drives car and says wiper are waste in heavy rains. Car strucks in pothole. They both come out. Ananth says they cannot get it without tow truck and they should fine a place to stand. Mandira says they can sit in car. He says it is very dangerous in the middle of road, sees a shelter and asks to go there while he follows her. She slips. He holds her and develops feelings for her.

Sadhna says Vijay that he did not find her important to tell about his and Mandira. He apologizes and says he did not have any other way to save election and his love. Sadhna says she does not mind and says he did right.

After reaching a shelter, Ananth says Mandira is completely wet and may catch pneumonia, so she should remove her clothes. She says she is fine. He says if she really catches pneumonia and collapses, he will have to remove her clothes then. He gives her blazer and she goes behind curtain and stands shyingly after wearing only blazer. Ananth starts bonfire and ask her to come out. She says she is fine. He says once he was dancing wearing towel and it fell off in front of 300 crew members, her situation is better than him. She comes out shyingly. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Kinna sona tenu rabne in the background. He tries to apply tissue roll to his shoulder wound. She helps him. He falls her for more.

Baba’s wife anxiously waits for Mandira to return and says she will go to Vijay’s house right now and burn it. Baba says until Ananth is here, they cannot do anything. Ananth walks in followed by Mandira wearing Ananth’s blazer nervously.

Precap: Mandira’s mother asks if she spent night with Ananth. Mandira says not, but she started liking him. Vijay asks Mandira if she started liking his friend. Baba requests Ananth and Tejaswini to make his daughter as their family’s bahu. Tejaswini dorns dupatta on Mandira and congratulates her that she is becoming queen.

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