Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ananth And Mandira Visit Vijay’s House

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira drives car with Ananth. Ananth says he is so excited, they left CM house silently without informing anyone to Vijay’s house and he will celebrate Diwali with Vijay after so many years. Mandira says even she is excited. Bolna Mahi Bolna…song..plays on FM. Mandira says this is her favorite song. Ananth says is it, it is even his favorite song. Mandira gets busy listening to song and applies sudden brake. Ananth feels pain. Mandira apologizes him.

Mama does Baba’s head massage and says high blood pressure, tension headaches are all bad for his health, already Vijay has won election against his party. Baba scolds him and says he is planning against Vijay, Vijay won election as independent candidate, so as a CM he will make sure that Vijay does not fulfill promises

made to janata. His wife enters yelling and says he is enjoying massage here and not spying his daughter properly. He asks what happened now. She says Mandira left phone here and Vijay had called her. Baba yells and calls Vijay’s number. Vijay picks call and when no one speaks realizes and scolds Mandira not to call him again. Baba and family are confused.

Vijay celebrates diwali with family. Sadhna stands silently. Vijay thanks her for her support. Ananth enters greeting happy diwali. Vijay happily lifts him. Ananth says his stitches will break. Vijay apologizes. Anantah says he brought a special guest. Gayatri excitedly asks if it is film star. Ananth says his new friend Mandira. Mandira walks in. Family’s expression changes. Vijay thinks Ananth does not know about Mandira and family thinks he broke up with Mandira, so he should act. Mandira greets and shakes hand. Vijay silently obeys. Angad informs Vijay that village Pradhan is calling repeatedly. Vijay goes aside to attend call. Mandira asks Vasu way to washroom and walks with her. Once Vijay walks towards his room, Mandira drags him in and starts romancing. Vijay feels shy, Mandira gets bold as usual. Vijay says he is feeling bad that he did not inform Ananth yet about them. Mandira says he should when time permits, till then it is better he keeps quiet. Ananth searches Vijay and heads towards his room. Angad stops him on time and says Maa is calling him. He returns. Mandira and Vijay relax. Sadhna serves food. Angad says whole room is filled with diwali gifts. Gayatri asks to send extra ones to her room. Vijay asks not to reject any gift and says he will do only legitimate work and is collecting gifts to distribute in orphanage. Ananth says he is very happy that his friend is an MLA. Vijay says credit goes to Ananth.

Baba enjoys liquor. Wife snatches glass and gulps drink. Baba asks if she has gone mad. She says Mandira is enjoying diwali in Vijay’s house. Baba fumes and says Vijay took away his Kaushalpur seat, he will not let Vijay take away his daughter and will make Vijay’s life a hell.

Precap: Mandira and Ananth’s car break down in rain. She slips and he holds her. Vijay hopes they both reach home safely. Mandira dresses Ananth’s wound and hearing thunder hugs him in fear. Ananth’s feelings for her increases.

Update Credit to: MA

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