Saam Daam Dand Bhed 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Will Vijay Win Election Against Pankaj?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay tells family that he has a weapon which will defeat Pankaj Chaudhry and he will win MLA elections. Gayatri asks which weapon. Vijay says Sadhna Namdhari and tells Sadhna that Kaushalpur people still remember Prabhath and they will give sympathy vote seeing widow Sadhna supporting him. Sadhna slaps him and locks herself into room. Other family members walk away. Angad says Vijay that he is with him and they will campaign against Pankaj Chaudhry. Sadhna imagines herself as suhagan and cries. In the evening, Gayatri yells she is hungry and Sadhna has not prepared food at all. Angad yells everyone is speaking their own mind. Gayatri says Vijay that he did wrong.

Vijay speaks to his friend over phone and asks to correct promotion pamphlets. Vasu gives him her lucky charm and

wishes him to win. In the morning, Vijay prays god and Prabhath to bless him to win. He opens door. Angad says maa will not support him. Vijay says he knows, but he cannot win without bhabhi. He tells Sadhna loudly that he is going, will she not apply winning tilak to him. He touches ground and requests to bless him as he is doing all this to protect his family. He walks wearing his goggle while Gayatri runs behind him holding arti thali.

Vijay and his friends meet people and invite them to attend meeting at Sarvyoday chowk. Mandira calls his number, but Angad picks call and says they are campaigning and if she wants to tell anything to chacha/Vijay. Mandira says no and disconnects. Vijay addresses people to vote for him. Gram pradhans confront that he did not do anything for Kaushalpur till now and he was with Pankaj till yesterday and today he is standing against him, how can they trust him. Pankaj with his team comes in his car. People boast that Pankaj himself came to meet them and must have brought gifts for them. They run towards him. Pankaj uses his sugar coated speech and asks people to take their gifts. He gifts smart phones to gram pramukhs. Vijay walks to him and he laughs that Vijay will lose badly. Vijay says he can at least hug him and hugs tightly. Pankaj writhes in pain and shouts to leave. Vijay says he can break his ribs, but will not now and asks him to go and apply balm, else he cannot campaign tomorrow.

Vijay returns home. Family opposes his decision to campaign at Sarvoday Chowk. Vijay says Prabhath had started his career at Sarvoday Chowk and only 1 person supported him that time, himself, he wants to follow Prabhath bhaiya’s path. Sadhna hears that. Next morning, Vijay and his team try to stop people at Sarvoday Chowk, but no one stops. Angad speaks on stage. People throw pamphlets and walk away. Sadhna reaches and picks pamphlet.

Precap: Vijay feed dinner together with Ek Dusre se Karte Hain Pyar in the background. Guruji suggests Vijay to seek Kaushalpur’s raja’s support if he wants to win.

Update Credit to: MA

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