Saam Daam Dand Bhed 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Returns in Vijay and Bulbul’s Lives

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay and Bulbul reach hospital. Doctor says patient’s condition is critical and they could only get his number. They both go to patient’s room and are shocked to see Mandira. Doctor asks Vijay to sign consent form soon. Vijay says he is not Mandira’s family. Doctor says they don’t have time. Vijay follows doctor. Mandira holds Bulbul’s hand and asks why did not she reply to her message. Bulbul says that means she was acting in front of Vijay. Mandira asks again why did not she reply. Bulbul says she messaged from unknown number, so did not. Mandira reminds her of her promise. Vijay signs consent form. Doctor asks to find out who tortured Mandira. Vijay returns to Mandira’s room. Mandira says after she gave evidence to Bulbul, Ananth came to know

about it and tortured her. Vijay asks Bulbul if she took Mandira’s help to prove him innocent. Bulbul says yes, there was no other go as Anantha had proof in his house. Bulbul says he can inform Mandira’s parents. Vijay says he called baba, but Baba told Mandira is dead for them. Bulbul apologizes Vijay for taking Mandira’s Help. Vijay says even he would have done same to save her, she need not apologize.

Gayatri gets a phone call and gets tensed. Sadhna asks what happened. Gayatri says Badki Bua is out of coma now and is walking again. Sadhna says she was in coma for 9 months. Gayatri says she is coming here. Sadhna also gets tensed and asks to clean house and curtains soon. Vasu thinks let us see who this badki daadi is. Sadhna asks Angad to shift to Agastya’s room as Badki bua needs separate rooom. He resists, but helplessly agrees. Gayatri says Badi bua selects all alliances, Prabhath and Sadhna’s alliance, her and Resham’s alliance, Vijay’s forget it, he selected maharani himself. Sadhna asks her to stop that topic and clean curtains soon.

Vijay enters Mandira’s room and sees her missing. HE runs out and informs Bulbul. Bulbul thinks Mandira told she came to seek something in return. Vijay sees Mandira walking out of hospital and stops her. Mandira says she does not want to trouble him again and is going to his parent’s house. He says Baba told she is dead for him. Mandira says she will stay somewhere. Vijay says he will not let her go anywhere and holds her hand. Bulbul gets sad seeing that.

Precap: Bulbul returns home with Mandira.

Update Credit to: MA

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