Saam Daam Dand Bhed 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay and Ananth’s New Party

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay looks at his and Bulbul’s picnic pics and hides when Sadhna walks in. Sadhna checks pics and asks what happened. He says it is very difficult to live without dear ones, he was very worried when Bulbul stopped brathing for a few seconds. Sadhna says god gave him second chance and he should take his relationship forward. He says he has to clear his backlog before taking his relationship forward. He takes care of Bulbul whole night. In the morning, he takes tea for her. She wakes up and cries that it is her mistake that she insisted him for boat ride.
He says it is his mistake that he left her alone. She says until he is there, nothing will happen to her. He says he will reheat tea and bring it back. Vasu walks in and t taunts that Bulbul jumped in water like filmy

heroine and vijay saved her like a hero, he was worried whole night for her and expressed his lava of love, Vijay and Bulbul shy.

During breakfast, Sadhna blesses Vijay as he is going to announce his new party. Vijay says he is late for press conference and asks Angad and Agastya to accompany him. Agastya asks Manoj to come along. Vijay fumes angrily. Manoj sits back and acts. Bulbul feeds him sweet curd and says his work will be done. Vasu jokes then she studied hard wrongly and instead should have eaten sweet curd. Bulbul says there is no substitute for hard work and signals Vijay. Vijay says whoever wants to accompany him can sit in car. Manoj eyes widen in greed and walks with them.

Press conference starts. Ananth announces his and Vijay’s new youth party. Reporters ask to inform his canditates also. Vijay asks to wait for sometime. Reporters ask Ananth his FIL is CM, don’t he think he is making rivalry with his own FIL. Ananth says relationships and politics are different for him. Conference finishes. Vijay’s friend gives him tickets. Ananth checks. Vijay says these are Goa honeymoon tickets. Ananth says honeymoon is necessary after marriage and asks him to explain Mandira also as she has changed after marriage.

Ananth returns home and suggests Mandira that they should go on a honeymoon. She resists. He says Vijay and Bulbul are already going to Goa for a honeymoon, even they should also go and spend time together. Mandira thinks she should spoil Vijay and Bulbul’s honeymoon and agrees.

Vijay informs Bulbu about Goa trip. She says they should take family also. He says only married couple go on honeymoon. Nitu’s phone comes, Bulbul informs about honeymoon and shies. Vijay thinks he is taking Bulbul to Goa to inform her about his and Mandira’s past, so that he can start a new life with Bulbul without guilt.

Precp: Mandira tries to suicide. Bulbul stops her and says everyone loves her. Mandira says everyone except the one whom she loves. Bulbul promises to get back her love in her life and asks who is it. Mandira says Vijay. Bulbul freezes in a shock.

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