Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi Interferes While Mandira Reminds Bulbul About Their Challenge

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay confronts Bulbul and says Mandira would also have done same which she did, but she explained her plan to him, took his permission, and then went ahead. He walks away. Bulbul cries sitting on floor. Mandira peeps from window and smirks. After sometimes, Bulbul walks to kitchen and thinks she has to fight and get back Vijay’s confidence. Mandira enters and says good she is here, she wanted to speak to her. Bulbul says she does not want to talk to her. Mandira offers her sugar and says don’t think she won after saving Aaliya, I became heroine of this house after saving this house’s daughter. Bulbul says she is so cheap and can stoop so low. Mandira says she can to to any extent as she loves Vijay and can do anything to get him, she reminds Bulbul of their challenge.

Bulbul says she has already lost this challenge and should leave this house. Mandira says even after today’s drama, she has won already and according to their challenge, if she wins Vijay’s confidence Bulbul has to to leave this house. BD walks in and asks what challenge, if Mandira gave milk to Vasu. Mandira says she is going now. BD praises her and she leaves. Bulbul stands nervously. BD asks why she is so nervous, is it because of Mandira’s challegne. Bulbul is shocked to hear that.

Mandira walks to Vijay thinking of using Vijay and Bulbul’s misunderstanding in her favor. She asks Vijay if he did not sleep. Vijay says he is working. She says Bulbul is from village and does not understand Vijay’s political career would have ended with her wrong move, he should explain her. Vijay says Bulbul is also right by saving Aaliya. Mandira says there will be many Aaliyas whom they have to save, Ahmed tried to sell his daughter due to poverty, so they will give computer, tailoring, and other self-employment training to girls and make them self-sufficient. Vijay says she read his mind, he wanted to do same.

BD insists Bulbul to tell what Mandira challenged. Bulbul nervously says she is mistaken. BD asks to Bulbul to give her ajwain water as she is having sore throat. Bulbul nervously gets ajwain bottle. BD says her sore throat will vanish with ajwain, what about Bulbul’s pain which she herself brought on herself. Bulbul nervously says she is fine. BD says she heard what Mandira told and knows Mandira asked her to let her inside house when she helped Bulbul get Vijay out of jail. Bulbul starts crying. BD asks how will she get sautan out of her life. She says Bulbul has loyalty, but not intelligence, god saved BD again to help her bahu. Bulbul asks is it okay if BD helps her in her and Mandira’s challenge. BD says Mandira misused Bulbul’s innocence and trapped her, but she will teach Bulbul how to get rid of her sautan.

Vasu gets afraid seeing a shadow. Yug walks in and says it is him and asks her to relax. Bulbul walks in and asks Yug what is he doing here, he should not be here at this time. Yug says Vasu got afraid, so he came to console her. Bulbul asks him to go now. Vasu stops him and asks Bulbul where was she when goons kidnapped her, Yug helped her instead, Bulbul should not try to act as her mother. Bulbul leaves sadly.

Bulbul returns to her room does not find Vijaay. She sees Vijay sleeping on sofa and says she knows he is awake. Vijay says husband and wife’s relationship is based on trust and she did not trust him, now he does not trust her anymore. Bulbul feels dejected.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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