Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Wins Election!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay is announced winner of MLA elections. Pankaj and his men are shocked. Vijay reminisces Prabhath standing for elections, being killed, Sadhna becoming widow, Pankaj threatening to kill Vijay’s family once he wins elections. He breaks down and thanks god. He then walks to Prabhath’s cutout and touches his feet. His supporters chant Vijay bhaiya zindabad. Vijay hugs them and they lift him. Raghav asks Pankaj if they heard right. Pankaj angrily raises hand to beat.

Sadhna asks Angad, Vasu, and Gayatri what happened. They stand frozen in a surprise. Gayatri then jumps that Vijay won. Sadhna gets emotional. Baba’s assistant goes to inform him. He stops her and asks from how many votes Vijay won. Vijay calls Sadhna and informs he won, it is win of their family, he

will come home soon. He then calls Mandira and says her lady luck got him win. She also jumps in emotions. Ananth excitedly says his friend won and hugs her. They both then hesitantly part ways. Vijay walks to Pankaj and stepping on his pamphlet adds garlands in his neck and congratulates him for his loss and says today he is adding garland, soon he will add death cloth and will not spare Prabhath’s culprits.

Ananth insists to attend Vijay’s celebrations. Mandira says she will drive him to Kaushalpur and attend his friend’s celebrations. Vijay reaches home with supporters celebrating and burning crackers. Sadhna gets emotional. Gayatri asks not to cry as soon their area will be named Gayatri nagar. She tries to feed ladoo. Vijay stops her and says he will meet his idol first. He walks in and bending in front of Prabhath’s photo says he will not follow him as he cannot take revenge from his murderers. Family walks in and says they should celebrate.

Vijay sits with family and asks them ideas to reach people. Gayatri says they should fix bell outside house so that people can reach him whenever they want. Vasu says she will create hastag for him and whoever wants to reach him online via technology. Vijay praises them and says he wants janta to reach him and don’t face the problems his family faced. Inspector Hukum Narayan comes and praises Vijay. He dorns garland on Vijay and asks what he can do for Vijay. Angad asks to bring chair. Vijay stops Hukum and says he will not use his position for personal use and even expect same from Hukum Narayan. He asks to reopen Govindji, Ragini Jain, and Prabhath’s files. Hukum gets tensed.

Precap: Ananth comes to Vijay’s house and says she brought a surprise for them, his new friend Mandira. Mandira walks in. Family stands surprised. After sometime, Vijay and Mandira chat hugging each other. Ananth walks towards their room.

Update Credit to: MA

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