Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Dadi Does Unthinkable

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yug tells Vijay’s family that Bulbul’s videos are all over social media and she is being made a hero for saving Aaliya. Gayatri yells she went overboard to save a stranger girl and did not care about Vasu’s safety. Angad says Mandira planned well and saved Vasu, Bubul did not care about Vasu’s life. Family continues alleging Bulbul. Mandira enjoys drama and thinks she won. Vijay stands thinking. Yug says Ahmed accepted his crime and ready to accept crime, Aaliya is safe now. Vasu walks down. Bulbul tries to speak to her. She ignores her and asks Mandira to drop her to her room. Bulbul pleads to speak to her. Vasu says she always helped Bulbul when needed, but Bulbul ignored her when she needed her most. Bulbul tries to speak, but Gayatri and Sadhna interfere

and continue alleging Bulbul. BD silently hears everyone.

Agastya asks Vijay if he also considers Bulbul wrong, Bulbul risked her life to save a stranger girl and is not bad. Vijay reminisces Ahmed telling that Bulbul is an angel who risked her life for Aaliya and did not care about her own family.

Gayatri continues alleging Bulbul. BD orders her to stop and asks Bulbul to defend herself as every accused has right to defend himself/herself. Bulbul says Vasu had whole family, but Aaliya was alone. Angad says Bulbul is right, whole family will protect Vasu, but she should not could Bulbul and never consider Bulbul as family. Mandira rejoices seeing family going against Bulbul. BD walks to Bulbul and says everyone are right, family will save family members somehow, but Bulbul risked her life to save a stranger girl, not all can do that, so she wants to do something and shows family toe rings to Bulul. Mandira is shocked. Gayatri yells it is for bahu. BD says Bulbul is her younger bahu, she proved she can risk her life for Vijay and asks Vijay to fix rings in Bulbul’s toes. Vijay leaves angrily. BD says Bulbul is her duty now to convince Vijay to fix rings in her toes. Bulbul walks behind Vijay.

Mandira fumes in anger. Yug walks to her. She yells oldie BD failed all her plans and accepted Bulbul as her bahu. Yug says whole family went against Bulbul, especially Vijay, so it is Mandira’s win instead. Mandira rejoices, sees BD passing by and says she is going to serve milk to Vasu and asks BD if she needs anything, she can call her anyone.

Vijay confronts Bulbul and searches whole room. Bulbul asks what is he searching. He says seeing if she hid someone here, how can she hid such big truths from him. She says she tried to tell him and even when he came to know that Aaliya is being sold by her family, he did not trust her at all for 12 hours. Vijay continues and says he know knows what he means to her and says he will not trust her again.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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