Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay is Threatened

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

News reporter announces that after village pradhans backing off from supporting Vijay, his step towards defeat is getting stronger. Vijay prays god to get him win to protect his family. Sadhna comes with family and says when he can do what he is praying for, then why he is praying god. She gives him money and asks to bring sweets and crackers while he returns after win. Gayatri says if Vijay lose, Pankaj will kill them brutally. Vasu asks why she is speaking negatively. Vijay says didi it telling right, asks Angad and his friend to take family to ashram. Sadhna says he needs them more and will win for sure. Vasu says chachu will win for sure.

Pankaj touches baba’s feet and takes his blessing before going for election results. Baba says he is stepping in politics for the

first time and should not speak loud in front of senior politicians, warns if he loses he should not return and if he wins, he should kill Vijay and his family in the middle of village, so pray god that he wins.

Ananth walks towards door when Tejaswini stops him and asks where is he going. He says today is election result day, so he is getting nervous. Tejaswini says Vijay will inform results. Ananth says he wants to be with his friend at this time. Tejaswini says he can SMS his friend, but go in now.

Vijay travels on bike with his friends when Mandira calls him. He goes aside and speaks. She says she called him to congratulate and calling him MLA Vijay says she is sure he will win for sure. He smiles and says he will call her later. She says I love you. He says me too. Later, Mandira and Ananth watch news on TV eagerly. Vijay and Ananth reach vote counting venue with their supporters chanting their names. Baba listens to old song at this house. Election officer comes out and announces that Pankaj won with 8000 votes in one locality, they are sure Pankaj will win in other areas also. Pankaj’s men chant his name while Vijay and his team fume. Baba’s wife comes dancing and asks him to come and watch news how Pankaj is defeating roadster Vijay. Baba asks not to get excited so early. Wife says if Pankaj is defeated, she herself will strangulate Pankaj.

Aanth gets axious seeing Vijay lagging behind 8000 votes. Mandira says this is just first state of counting, they will neither celebrate nor get sad till counting is completed. Officer announces that Vijay is ahead with 800 votes in another area. Vasu and Gayatri get happy. Officer announces next Pankaj is ahead with 5000 votes in another area. Pankaj’s men chant his name. Vijay’s friend gives him a letter saying Pankaj sent. Vijay reads letter that Pankaj is enjoying fear on Vijay’s face and if he wins election, he will kill Vijay’s whole family. Vijay asks Angad and friend to send family to safe location and if he loses, he will reach safe place somehow. Angad asks him not to lose hope till last announcement. Vijay says he is just worried about his family. Raghav tells Pankaj that his men are around Vijay’s house and once he wins election, Vijay’s family will be killed. Officer comes out and says Kaushalpur jantaa has selected their winner by.. Pankaj’s men chant his name. Officer asks them to calm down and says Kaushalpur’s janta has decided Vijay as their MLA. Pankaj and his team stand in a shock.

Precap: Vijay celebrates his win and after touching Sadhna’s feet bends in front of Prabhath’s photo and gives him credit of his win. Ananth happily hugs Mandira shouting his friend won. Mandira senses his growing fondness for her. Vijay says he will not let anyone misbehave with his family now.

Update Credit to: MA

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