Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Police Decide To Arrest Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul loses consciousness when goons hit her head from behind. Baba’s goon asks Aaliya who will save her now and drags her with him. Murmari pushes goon and warns to leave girl. Goon asks who is the girl to him. He says his younger sister and runs with Aaliya saying he will drop her to her destiny. Mob surrounds and overpower him and drag Aaliya. Aaliya calls Bulbul and prays god to wake her aunt up. Bulbul wakes up and walks towards goons and stops them. She brings ghee tins and throws on them and warns she warned them not to touch Aaliya, but they did not listen, now they all will die. She heads towards baba’s goon who pleads to let him go. Bulbul steps on his chest to burn him. Acharyaji asks her to stop. Seh is about to burn goon when Vijay enters and stops her. Panditji

gives water to Vijay and suggests to calm Bulbul down with this water. Bulbul calms down. Vijay addresses people that whoever does not have humanity does not have any religion, they all are sinners and police will punish them. He warns goon to leave Aaliya, else he will finish his wife’s incomplete work.

Police reaches Ahmed and his sister. Vijay asks inspector to arrest everyone. Inspector says he has to arrest his wife for kidnapping a girl. Mandira and BD also reach venue. Bulbul says Ahmed and his sister are trying to get her married and send her to foreign. Ahmed’s sister says she is lying, they are sending Aaliya to higher studies. Achaarji says inspector that a mother risked her life and fought with evils to save her mother. Inspector says Bulbul is not Aaliya’s mother and kidnapped her instead. Bullbul pleads inspector again to save this kid from her family. Ahmed’s sister shouts Bulbul is lying.

Ahmed warns sister to tell truth now, else they will be punished on doom’s day and tells inspector that Bulbul is innocent and he is culprit. Sister shouts he has gone mad. Ahmed apologizes Aaliya for trying to sell her for her other children’s brighter future. Aaliya forgives her. Ahmed accepts his crime to inspector and apologizes Vijay for trying to prove Bulbul wrong, his wife is an angel who brought a father on right track. Bulbul tells Vijay he was telling truth and collapses.

Bulbul is brought back home. Bulbul wakes up from sleep worried for Aaliya. Sadhna walks to Bulbul and gives her water and says Aaliya is safe in her aunt’s house and her family was arrested, she need not worry. Bulbul hugs her apologizes and says she did not want any problem to his house because of her. Sadhna tries to leave. Bulbul asks if Vasu is fine. Sadhna says she need not worry about Vasu, they are all there for her. Once she walks out, Vasu peeps into Bulbul’s room and gets disheartened hearing Bulbul thanking god for saving Aaliya. She walks away with teary eyes reminiscing helping Bulbul always. Bulbul then prays got that she ignored Vasu and wants to correct her mistake.

Precap: No precap.

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