Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Cunning Plan

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira suggests Bulbul that they should go on a double date. Bulbul excitedly asks what is it. Mandira says 2 couples go on a date together and it is very exciting. Bulbul asks how will they go. Mandira asks to leave it to her and asks Bublul to tell Vijay that she wants to go on a date. Vijay and Ananth are busy chatting when Bulbul tells Vijay that she wants to go on a date after a bit of drama. Vijay shies and says okay and asks to change clothes and pack bag. Ananth smiles for them. He walks out with Mandira and says he does not think Vijay wants to join Baba’s party. Mandira asks if they can go on a date. Ananth is surprised and says wherever she wants to go. She says she is Kausjhalpur’s raja, but she knows area better, she will surprise him today.\


takes Bulbul to picnic spots and reminisces spending time with Mandira there. Bulbul smiles at him. Anandth reaches with Mandira and says what a surprise, even hey are here. Vijay looks at Mandira and says it is really a surprise. Ananth says let us have double date. Both couple spread bedsheets and arrange picnic items. Bulbul clashes with Vijay and apologizes. He smiles. Their eye locks continue.

Agastya walks into Vijay’s cabin and thinks how to help Vijay in his work. He sees Vijay’s note and thinks of writing slogans for him. Manoj walks in and starts crying. Agastya asks why he is crying. Manoj says he is remembering Prabhath who was very proud of Agastya and wanted to see him as a world class cricket player. Agastya
says he is helping Vijay on Bulbul’s request, else he would not. Manoj continues brainwashing him.

Mandira walks to Vijay and starts warning him again. Ananth notices that and reminisces Tejaswini’s doubt. They start playing truth or dare. Mandira asks Vijay who is his first love. Vijay reminisces time spent with Mandira, but says he loves his family a lot and they are his first love. Mandira gets disappointed. Bulbul’s turn comes next. Bulbul says they know everything about her, so she will play dare. Mandira asks to kiss Vijay. Bulbul shies. Vijay encourages her and asks to kiss him. Ananth’s turn comes next and he says he loves only Mandira and she is his first love. He asks Mandira next who is her first love, he is sure it is him. She says he is not her first love. He is shocked and asks who is her first love then. She says he must be somewhere around and already married someone else. Vijay looks tensed..Drama continues..

Precap: Mandira takes Bulbul for boating and tries to drown her. Bulbul falls into water and calls Vijay for help.

Update Credit to: MA

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