Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Is Shocked To Learn Bulbul And Aaliya Are In Temple

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul rescues Aaliya and takes her back to temple guest room. Acharya ji asks Bulbul not to worry, Aaliya is safe here. Bulbul says why those cruel people want to kill Aaliya, she is worried for Aaliya. Acharya ji says god will save Aaliya. At home, Vasu asks about Bulbul. Mandira brainwashes her that they informed Bulbul to return home, but she did not and directly told Aaliya is dearer to her than Vasu. Vasu is shocked and says how can Bulbul say that, she did so much for Bulbul. BD says Mandira help Vasu all along and thanks Mandira. Vasu also thanks Mandira. At temple, Acharya ji tells Bulbul he will drop Aaliya and her to their destiny and orders Murari to close temple door. Murari says he told earlier not to close temple door. Acharyaji says to save Devi maa’s disciples,

Devi maa can go to any extent. He gives devi maa’s sari to Bulbul and asks to accept it as Devi maa’s blessings. Bulbul takes bath and wears sari.

Vishal’s aide informs him that Aaliya is in temple. He asks aide to get Aaliya some how out and kill her. Baba suggests to start communal clashes and get muslim girl out, then Vijay will also lose his political career. On the other side, Yug informs Vijay that Bulbul and Aaliya are found near dhaba. Vijay says that means Bulbul is somewhere around temple, asks Agastya and Yug to protect family, he will bring back Bulbul home at any cost.

Vishal’s aide creates communal tension outside temple and demands to open door. He informs Vishal that temple door is closed. Vishal orders to break door, else he will break him. Murari informs Acharya that people are trying to break door and demanding Aaliya. Acharya ji orders to keep door closed. Bulbul asks to open door and draws sindoor circle around Aaliya. Murari opens door. Mob walk in shouting to return their community girl. Acharyaji tries to stop them. Bulbul picks iron rod and warns mob to dare cross circle, she will kill them. Acharya plead them to calm down. Vishal’s aide provokes people they will take Aaliya at any cost. Bulbul says what kind of duty they are performing, they want to take Aaliyaa and put her in trouble. Aide shouts she lied before. Bulbul says she did to protect this child. Aide provokes mob again to push her away and take girl away from here. Bulbul beats one person, but aide pushes her and heads towards Aaliya. Bulbul stops him and throws sindhoor on him. Someone hits her head from behind. She collapses. Acharya ji shouts daughter. Aaaliya shouts khaala/aunty.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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