Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pankaj Makes Vijay Angry

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pankaj forcefully enters Vijays’ house and starts misbehaving with family. He alleges Vijay that he tried to kill his best friend Raja saheb to garner votes, but even Vijay’s votes came into his kitty. He then asks Sadhna to prepare tea from her soft hands. Vijay fumes in anger, but controls himself and says Pankaj does not respect women as he did not get good upbringing and asks family to go in. Pankaj stops them and says he brought them diwali gift and forcefully gives them gift boxes and shows kafan. Vijay fumes more. Pankaj says he brought same gift for everyone as Prabhath must be missing his family and needs them. He warns Vijay that he has 2 days for election and election results will be announced a day before diwali.

Vijay speaks to Mandira and tells him whole incidents

happened. He asks her to go and spend time with Ananth as he is injured, he will meet gram pradhans and discuss about elections. At hospital, Ananth insists to meet Vijay and asks Tejaswini why she is stopping him. Tejaswini says shooter confessed Vijay ordered him to shoot Ananth. Vijhay says he does not believe it and says he wants to go out and tell people that he is fine. Mandira enters and asks if she disturbed them. He says no and asks Tejaswini to go out while he listens to Mandira silently. Tejaswini leaves. Mandira and Ananth get along well and laugh. Baba watches them and smirks.

Pankaj meets Baba at midnight and asks why did he call him at this time. Baba shows tomorrow’s news paper with a news that people defeated Vijay badly. Pankaj thanks him. Baba says both their tasks are done. Mama jokes his sister is lucky for baba. Pankaj asks if he should kill Vijay and show it as people killed him. Baba says no need for that, they snatched Prabhath, Mandira, and Ananth from Vijay and left him alone, that is more than enough. His gyaan continues.

Pankaj’s goons enter Vijay’s house and kidnap family. Vijay returns home in the morning and sees pradhans standing out and asks why did not they get in. They say nobody opened house. Vijay says how can it be, pushes door and sees door unlocked. He calls family members and realizes someone kidnapped them. He records a video requesting people to search his family and spreads video all around. People watch it. Goons discuss that Pankaj ordered them to kidnap Vijay’s family. Drama continues.

Precap: Baba punishes Pankaj and asks why he kidnapped Vijay’s family. Pankaj says he did not. Ananth orders his manager to inform media that he is safe and Vijay is not behind his attack. Tejaswini asks to just give statement that Ananth forgave Vijay. Vijay takes media and pleads Pankaj to release his family, he will back off from election if he wants to. Pankaj stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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