Saam Daam Dand Bhed 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets Accused

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pankaj’s aide calls him and says he laid trap for Vijay as he said and Raja Ananth will reach reach Narayanpur anytime. Pankaj informs Baba. Baba asks what about Vijay. Vijay reaches Narayanpur and asks Angad to apologizes Yadhuvanshi village people and tell he will meet them in the evening. Ananth reaches Pankaj’s aide’s son’s naming ceremony. Aide touches his feet and makes him sit in havan. Ananth names baby as Aditya Narayan Singh. Panjak’s goons reach in front hiding gun. Vijay reaches there. Goon informs Pankaj that Vijay also reached there who in turn informs baba. Baba laughs and says wait and watch his politics silently. Vijay thinks what must be rival’s move. He sees goon shooting Ananth, runs and pins him down to floor and punching him asks who sent him.

Goon says Vijay sent him to shoot Ananth and he will act as rescuing Ananth to garner votes. Vijay is shocked and Pankaj’s aide alleges Vijay and says he should be killed. People walk towards Vijay. Ananth calls Vijay holding his injured hand and collapses. Vijay rushes to him and holding Ananth says he will take Ananth to hospital and nobody can stop him. He keeps gun and asks them to shoot if they want to. He picks Ananth and rushes him to hospital.

Baba travels towards hospital and orders officers that Kaushalpur’s people will create riots if something happens to raja Ananth and asks to dispose para troop to control riots. Pankaj acts in front of media and alleges Vijay for trying to kill Ananth and says Vijay should be punished. People tear Vijay’s election campaign posters and burn his effigy and shout they will make sure Vijay lose. They shout to send Vijay out. Inside hospital, doc informs Ananth is fine and family and well wishers can meet him. Guards stop Vijay. Vijay asks Tejaswini didi why can’t he meet Ananth. Tejaswini says did he hear doc telling family and well wishers, he is neighter of them. Vijay says even 20 guards cannot stop him from meeting Ananth, but he considers Tejaswini as family and will respect her as sister. Tejaswini asks him not to meet Ananth again and shuts door.

Vijay reaches home shattered. Family asks why news channel are showing news that he tried to kill Ananth. Vijay says Pankaj is conspiring against him and Tejaswini is believing it is true. Sadhna says she will go to hospital and explain Tejaswini. Pankaj walks in with his guards and says he will make Vijay’s life a hell.

Precap: Pankaj gifts kafan/white cloth to Vijay and his family and warns he will send them to Prabhath. His men kidnaps Vijays’ family.

Update Credit to: MA

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