Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya Overhears Bulbul’s Conversation And Doubts Her

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul sees news about Vasu being kidnapped and calls home. Sadhna picks call and says Vasu is kidnapped by Aaliya’s community people as Bulbul escaped with Aaliya, so she should bring Aaliya and return her to get Vasu back. Bulbul says if she returns Aaliya, her family will get her married to old man and send her abroad. Sadhna asks if Aaliya is more important than Vasu. Bulbul says nothing will happen to Vasu, but.. She turns and sees Aaliya overhearing her and running away. She keeps phone and runs behind Aaliya. Sadhna cries that Aaliya is more important than Vasu to Bulbul. Gayatri yells followed by BD who shouts she knew Bulbul don’t care about our family at all, Vijay gave her respect and married her, she is returning humiliation to family instead. Agastya says phone

must have disconnected. BD continues shouting. Sadhna collapses. Mandira enjoys drama and smirks.

Bulbul finds Aaliya sitting behind a car and hurriedly pulls her aside before driver reverses it. Aaliya shouts she wants to exchange her for Vasu, she does not want to go back, leave her. Bulbul shakes her and asks to calm down. Aaliya continues crying.

Inspector asks Vijay to keep speaking for 35 minutes when he gets Bulbul’s call next time. On the other side, Vasu resists and asks to open spare her. Goons don’t listen to her and continue playing cards. Vasu frees her hands and feet. Goon walks in and asks what happened. She says she needs water. He brings water. She hits him from chair and escapes. She then calls landline. Vijay picks call. She says she escaped. Vijay asks where is she. She says she was kept in a godown and don’t know where she is now. Vijay asks to look around. She sees a construction board and tries to read it. Mandira watches Vijay tensely. Goon hits Aaliya from behind and she collapses. Vijay continues calling back. Mandira informs Vishal mama about Bulbul’s call on landline. Baba says once Bulbul is found, kill Aaliya, blame will be on Bulbul then.

Bulbul prays Devi Maa to show her a way. Acharyaji asks if she is tensed. Bulbul says she is in a dilemma and don’t know whether to save her own daughter or known child. Acharyaji suggests her to save one who is near and rest leave it to god.

Vijay stands sadly in balcony. Mandira enters. Vijay calls her name without seeing. She says she thought he would take Bulbul’s name. Vijay says he has lost hope of Bulbul’s return, he does not know what to do now. Mandira asks to trust her and do as she says.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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