Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandira Gets Romantic

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba tells Ananth if he is interested in politics, they both can unite and be strong. Ananth now he understood his motto of seeking support. Baba says if he felt bad by mamji’s words, he wil apologize. Ananth says he does not have to apologize and says he has promised Vijay to support and can give him only best wishes. Baba fumes, but smiles and says even in this age, he is surprised to see such a strong friendship.

Vasu and Gayatri play puzzle game. Angad tautns Gayatri seeing her face pack. Vijay returns and tells Sadhna that even CM is afraid of her, that means Kaushalpur is changing for good, CM had gone to seek Ananth’s support, but he sent him away. Vasu says soon he will be called MLA Vijay Namdhari. Angad informs Vijay that Mandira chachi is also coming for college’s

youth festival. Vijay says let her come, spread news that even he is coming.

Mandira travels in car towards college. Sheela calls her and suggests not to go as Vijay is also coming. Mandira says she studied in Kaushalpur’s college and needs to give speech. She asks driver to stop car seeing Vijay on road, gets out of car and angrily walks to Vijay and holds his collar. She then smiles and asks him to continue fuming. They both reminisce Vijay calling Mandira and taking Prabhath’s oath telling baba is behind his family’s attack and asks her to act as breaking up if she wants him to win MLA election. Out of flashback, Mandira continues pampering Vijay. Vijay asks her to go and says he will marry her before taking oath as MLA, asks her to push and slap him and go. She does same and leaves. He smiles.

Baba while having liquor tells Pankaj that he was right, should have killed Vijay and asks him to kill Vijay before elections. Pankaj assures him that Vijay will be out of their way.

Vijay and Ananth meet. Ananth insists to have a peg. Vijay says he left. Ananth repeats Vijay’s dialogue and says he will forget drinking now, tells about family function invitation in nearby village, so Vijay should come along and do his election campaign. Vijay says they both should campaign separately as time is less. Ananth agrees. Sister hears that and fumes and thinks she has to do something.

Mandira calls Vijay at night and starts her romantic chat as usual. Vijay sees fear on her face and asks reason. She says tomorrow is last day of election campaign and usually opponent will try to harm his opponent, he should be careful. Vijay calls his friend and asks if the man who invited Ananth is Pankaj’s friend. Friend says man is Pankaj’s puppet and function had finished long ago. Vijay realizes something is wrong.

Precap: Baba’s goon shoots Anath. Vijay runs and pushes goon, bullet hits Ananth’s hand. Vijay beats goon and tells Ananth he will not let him happen anything and will take him to hospital. Baba’s puppet allege Vijay that he tried to kill Ananth and provokes people to kill Vijay.

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