Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Shocks Ananth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay gets juice for Bulbul and signals her to have it. He then wipes her lips. She shies. He then sits on his bike and signals her to sit behind. They both leave. Tejaswini takes Mandira to Ananth’s well decorated room for suhagraat and showing their family diety’ssidhoor box asks Mandira to inform Ananth to apply it on her forehead. Mandira drops it down. Tejaswini scolds her why did she drop it, since she came here, she is acting as if she did not want to come here. She warns that for her, her brother’s happiness is everything and if Mandira makes him unhappy, she will not spare Mandira. Mandira stands fuming and thinks she will get Vijay at any cost.

Manoj selects Gayatri’s sari and asks her to gift it to Bulbul as a compensation for the drama she did. Gayatri shouts

she will not give water even if Bulbul is dying, forget sari. Manoj says if she has to be in this house and rule, she has to act. Gyatri agrees. Vijay returns home with Bulbul. Sadhna with Angad and Vasu does Bulbul’s graha pravesh saying she would have long ago did bahu’s graha pravesh. Bulbul touches her feet. She asks Bulbul to go to her room as she must be tired . Bulbul walks towards her room smiling at Vijay and gets surprised seeing well decorated room with flowers. Gayatri walks in and tells Sadhna that she wants to give nek/gift to Bulbul. Sadhna says Bulbul is in her room. Gayatri walks towards room. Vijay stops her and says for whatever she did, it is better for her to leave this house and go to her sasural with her husband and send gift from her sasural. Gayatri cries that she will apologize for her sin, but where will she go. She pleads Sadhna to convince Vijay. Sadna speaks, but Vijay says forgiveness is given for mistakes and not sins. Manoj walks in with bags and says this is the right punishment for Gayatri’s sins and walks out of house holding her hand. Vijay closes door.

Gayatri scolds Manoj that he was acting oversmart inside and teaching chanakya neeti. Manoj says if he had not brought her out, they would have thrown them out. Gayatri says let them throw her out, where will they go now. Manoj says he did not Vijay is so cruel. She continues yelling.

Sadhna gives milk to Bulbul and asks her to give good news soon. Bulbul says she heard Vijay shouting, what happened. Sadhna says she has come back, so everything will be alright. She closes door and walks leaves. Bulbul shyingly remembers Sadhna’s words.

Ananth walks to his room and excitedly hugs Mandira says he is very happy, is she also happy. Mandira cries. He asks what happened. She walks aside and dropping her pallu says if marriage is lust, then he can complete his suhagraat. Ananth stands in a shock.

Precap: Bulbul sees Gayatri and Manoj outside house shivering and takes him in. Vijay stops them abd warns to dare not step in.

Update Credit to: MA

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