Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Brainwashes Ananth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth with Tejaswini knocks Mandira’s door forcefully and breaks it open. He see her alive on bed. She holds gun and again threatens to not come near her, else she will shoot him. Ananth says he is tired of her drama. She says he does not trust her and went to Vijay to confirm if she was lying. Their argument ensues. She tries to shoot herself He tries to stop her, bullet hits her shoulder and leaves. Ananth worried for her and hugs her and thinks how can Vijay lie so easily. Mandira brainwashes him again. Tejaswini calls doctor who treats Mandira and says this does not seem to be an accident. Tejaswini says she gave her 10 times money to keep her money shut. Doctor leaves. Mandira brainwashes Ananth that Vijay misbehaved and misused his friendship, she is sure he will take

revenge of Kaushalpur’s queen’s insult and his betrayal. Ananth walks away. Mandira smirks thinking now Ananth will listen only to her and will punish Vijay.

Bulbul asks Vijay if he needs ginger tea. He says no and asks if she spoke to Mandira before. Bulbul tells him what had happened. Vijay says he should have told whole story to Ananth, but he feared Ananth would shatter. Party worker calls him and says they need more funds for election work. Vijay asks him not to worry. Worker asks where is Ananth, he is not picking call. Vijay calls Ananth repeatedly, but Ananth disconnects call repeatedly.

Vijay then asks Angad to meet their corporator candidates and asks them to talk only about 2 issues, about a woman constable in each police station for women protection, etc. Angad asks why don’t he ask Agastya whom he gave ticket in charity without guessing his capability. Agastya walks down and their argument starts. Agastya holds Angad’s collar and their fight starts. Sadhna tries to stop them and gets push. Vijay holds Sadhna and angrily tries to slap Angad. Angad says he can go ahead and leaves. Vijay warns Agastya to do his work properly, else he can take back his party ticket. Agastya walks away angrily. Sadhna warns him to return leaving his dirty politics outside house. Vijay asks what is happening. Sadhna says he became MLA and brought politics home, did not mind to see what is happening at home. Resham brainwashes Agastya that Angad is jealous of him.

Ananth goes to goon’s den and throws money on table. Goon says when he is giving so much money, his work is already done and shows pile of wood.

Bulbul goes to Mandira and asks what half cooked story she told Ananth, if she does not mind her ways, she will tell truth to Ananth. Mandira says Ananth will not believe her and if he does, he will forgive her as he loves her immensely. She has created enemity between Vijay and Ananth now and nobody can stop it. Bulbul challenges her that she will not let her play her dirty politics. Their argument continues….

Precap: Ananth says he cannot think something happened between Vijay and Mandira after marriage. Vijay says if he does not trust him, he is ready to pass his agnipariskha and walks towards burning wood.

Update Credit to: MA

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