Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Convinces Badki Dadi To Give Bulbul A Chance To Prove Herself

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul goes to Aaliya’s house and knocks door. Aaliya’s father Ahmed nervously asks priest to wait and hurriedly getting out asks what she needs. She says she is MLA Vijay’s wife and came to give money to Aaliya. He takes money and closes door while she still says she wants to meet Aaliya. Aaliya inside house tells her mother she does not want to meet anyone. Mother insists her and takes her out and asks to greet an old man, signaling Aaliya is forced to marry a man of his grandfather’s age.

BD packs her bag and tries to leave. Vijay requests her to not to. BD says when her words are not respected here, she does not want to stay here, she selected Mandira for Vijay, but he is breaking his promise and not obeying her. Vijay says he already told Bulbul is best

match for him and he cannot leave Bulbul. BD gets adamant. Bulbul returns home and hears their conversation. Mandira sees Bulbul and acts that she does not want to break anyone’s house, if fate has chosen Vijay and Bulbul together, she does not want to interfere between them. Vijay requests BD to give Bulbul a chance to prove herself, if she fails, he will do whatever BD says. BD agrees and walks back to her room. Vijay asks Bulbul not to worry, he will be with her always.. She asks him not to worry about house and concentrate on his work.

Bulbul goes to balcony and cries. BD walks in. Bulbul nervously picks wet clothes. BD yells she does not know difference between wet and dry clothes, how will she help Vijay in his political career, she is a good girl, but Vijay need educated and intelligent wife like Mandira who can help his political career grow. She continues degrading Bulbul. Bulbul feels sad.

At night, Vijay asks Bulblul not to pay heed to BD’s words. Bulbul is engrasped in thoughts and asks again not to worry about house issues and concentrate on his work. They sleep. Bulbul dreams about Aaliya in danger and running to her for help and then collapsing. She wakes up worried.

Next morning, BD calls pandit and asks not to arrange pooja. Vijay takes phone and says he can go ahead with arrangements. BD says she wanted Mandira to perform pooja. Sadhna says bahu performs pooja. Vijay says Bulbul will perform pooja well. BD continues degrading Bulbul. Bulbul enters and Vijay informs about poojaa. Bulbul informs rituals and says she will perform it. Vijay tells BD that Bulbul knows all the rituals. Gayatri asks Mandira what is her plan to spoil pooja.


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