Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Continues Brainwashing Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay tells he will go and meet Bulbul and asks what happened. Ananth stops him and says if he goes Bulbul will not speak, so let Mandira go. Vijay asks Sadhna to accompany Mandira. Ananth stops her and says Mandira and Bulbul are of same age, so Mandira can handle situation well. Mandira walks to Bulbul’s room and says she just wants Vijay and does not want to trouble her. Bulbul agrees to give Vijay to her, but does not know how. Mandira says there is one way, but it is very difficult. Bulbul insists to tell. Mandira tells she has to become bad in Vijay and his family’s eyes, so that they kick her out of house and accept Mandira. Bulbul agrees.

Mandira travels with Ananth. Ananth says he does not know what happened to Bulbul suddenly, both Vijay and Bulbul were so much in love. He says forget it, let us go and pack bags for Goa. She says how can she, she will not come. He says what is happening, why should they suffer, he is trying to convince her since so long, but she is getting adamant each day. Mandira continues her drama.

Vijay gets engrasped in thoughts and thinks about Bulbul’s sudden change in behavior. Angad enters and shows him promotional campaign pamphlets. Vijay thanks him for taking care of work. Once Vijay leaves, Manoj tries to brainwash Angad that he has right to become next corporator and should fight fir his rights. Angad gets happy and informs Sadhna. Sadhna scolds him that one politician is enough at home and she does not want another politician at home.

Bulbul continues crying in her room. Vasu brings food. Bulbul rudely behaves with Vasu. Vasu says she knows her well and knows she is acting, what happened. Bulbul asks if someone other girl was in Vijay’s life before her. Vasu gets tensed and asks why she is asking. Bulbul says she knows Vasu won’t lie. Vasu leaves tensed. Bulbul closes door and continues crying…Drama continues…

Precap: Sadhna asks Bulbul what happened, why did she change so much suddenly. Bulbul yells she is jethani and should not try to become her mother. She then feels guilty. Vijay corners her and askss to tell what happened suddenly.

Update Credit to: MA

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