Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandira Meets Ananth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba returns home with his wife and secretary. Mamaji keeps Vijay’s photo on CM’s seat and says Vijay will defeat baba easily and will become future CM with Ananth’s help. Baba fumes. His wife warns not to beat her brother. Baba calls him and twisting his cheeks says he does not want to hear about Vijay or Ananth, he will not keep them united. He asks to speak good words as maa Saraswathi sits on tongue one time in a day.

Ananth and Vijay spend time after public meeting. Ananth reminisces people lashing Vijay that he is watchman’s son and cannot sit with Ananth. He expresses his sadness. Vijay says it is a fact that he is watchman’s son, his motto of meeting people is met. Ananth says he has changed a bit. Vijay says time changes a person, but one thing will never

change, their friendship. Ananth smiles.

Ananth’s sister tells him that her fear came true, people will revolt him because of Vijay, so he should stay away from supporting Vijay. Ananth asks her to relax. Baba enters with mamaji and his wife Maya. Ananth and his sister greet them. Baba says he has come to palace before during Ananth’s father’s time asking donation for his MLA election. Maya gets mesmerized with Ananth and says she is his big fan and asks him to deliver his film’s dialogue. He holds her hand and starts dialogue, but forgets in the middle. Mandira enters completing dialogue. Ananth reminisces Mandira acting as not knowing him at all. Baba introduces her as his daughter. Sister asks Ananth to show their house to Mandira. Ananth walks with her. Mandira says he is a raja and she is fond of his movies, what should she call him. He says Ananth. Their bonding continues.

A casino owner comes to meet Vijay and says if he does not shut his business, he will support Vijay with 3000-4000 voters. Vijaya agrees. Owner says Vijay is stubborn and loyalist like his brother Prabhath, but he is not. Once owner leaves, Sadhna asks if he will really let gambling in Kaushalpur. Vijay says he needs votes to win and changer Prabhath’s Kaushalpur, then he can set things right.

Ananth and his sister sit for dinner with Baba’s family. Ananth asks Baba why he is so powerful in politics. Baba tells a story and says he will not let anyone use him as ladder to climb high in politics. Mamaji comments Vijay is using Ananth as ladder. Sister gets angry. Ananth says they should be pity on Mamaji instead and says he is helping Vijay himself and is not a ladder. They don’t know Vijay well, he would never use anyone to reach his goal.

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