Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Graha Pravesh

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaytri in her room angrily shouts how dare Vijay forced her to apologize cheap girl Bulbul. Manoj provokes her. Mandira walks in and says she spoilt her life. Manoj tries to interfere. Mandira warns not to. Gayatri yells Manoj is her husband and has right to speak. Manoj says Gayatri instead saved her by not taking her name. Mandira says she failed miserably and has to return to Ananth’s house. Gayatri says she tried her best to get her Vijay. Vasu walks in and informs that Ananth is waiting for her. Gayatri yells why she is in such a hurry to send Mandira away. Vasu leaves. Mandira gives her diamond ring to Gayatri and says she will get Vijay at any cost and asks her to continue her duty. Gayatri and Manoj smirk looking at ring.

Madira walks to Vijay and says she did

so much to unite with him and even submitted herself to him, but he did not accept her. Vijay says he knows Gayatri cannot plan all this heinous act alone. Mandira continues trying to convince him, but he walks away. Sadhna brings Mandira’s bags. Mandira touches her feet and leaves with Ananth.

Ananth takes Mandira to her home and asks her to do graha pravesh. Mandira does it wrongly and walks in. Malkain tells Baba that she did it wrongly and disaster is awaiting. Ananth stops Mandira and asks to walk with him to start their new life. Malkain says Mandira is confused seeing all the recent events, she had to run between husbands. Baba says she is right, but all is well that ends well. Ananth holds her hand and walks in.

Vijay informs Bulbul that he found Kishori’s location and takes her along. They reach the place and search Kishori. Kishori is found tied to a chair. They rescue Kishori. Kishori tells he was helpless for his daughter’s sake. Bulbul’s friend tries to play prank on Vijay, but Bulbul saves him. Friend wishes them happy married life. He reminisces Mandira telling they consummated. He takes Bulbul on his bike and stops mid way to get her juice. Bulbul imagines romancing him on Tu aata hai seene me song… Vijay returns and she smiles getting out of her imagination. Sadhna calls Vijay. They leave for home.. Drama continues…

Precap: Vijay asks Gayatri to leave his house. Ananth tries to get romantic with Mandira. Mandira throws her sari pallu away and says if he married her for lust, then he can go ahead.

Update Credit to: MA

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