Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandira Slaps Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay alleges CM/Baba that he promised to give cleaner pothole free roads after winning elections, but he did not. He promised to uplift his state, but never did, instead he filled his pocket. Ananth watches TV and fels proud of Vijay. His assistant informs that his siter is calling and he leaves. Mandira gets angry and asks Vijay how can he insult her father. Vijay says he is telling truth and is representing people. Mandira says even then he cannot allege CM. He says he will. She slaps him. Reporters surround her. Baba’s men try to hold her, but she c continues her aggressiveness. Baba asks guards to send janata out.

Mandira continues fuming at home. Baba says she should not have slapped Vijay. Mandira says she chose a wrong man who insulted her father and was expecting

love from him wrongly, she will slap him again. Baba asks her to go and rest now. Once she leaves, mother dances on Paisa phenk Tamasha Dekh…song. Baba ask her not to fly so high as Vijay came and did what he wanted. He also scolds Pankaj and others. Vijay’s friends praise that he attacked baba well today. Vijay asks to call all the reporters and don’t deny anyone. He thinks if he has to win in politics, he cannot have bigger enemy than baba, he will win and get justice for Prabhath bhaiya.

Ananth wearing raja’s dress does royal photo shoot with his sister. Sister tells that royal pramukhs are upset with him taking Vijay for maha aarti and supporting him. Ananth says only a few old men cannot define their culture and he will continue supporting his friend as he promised. Sister thinks Ananth is still a raja and should be, she know what to do.

Vijay goes to ashram to receive his renumeration. He asks swamiji’s sevak to thank him for giving him work in tough times. Sevak says swamiji told him to continue with his election campaign and not worry about work.

Ananth reaches some function in royal attire and people chant his name. Vijay follows him and greets people, but they get angry. Organizers greet Ananth on stage and gives him guest seat. Ananth asks where is Vijay’s seat. Organizer says it is between common people and Vijay is Ananth’s watchman’s son, so he cannot compete with Vijay, if Vijay does not sit with common people, they will not vote Vijay. Ananth says Vijay is his friend and Vijay’s insult is his insult. Vijay says Ananth that he does not mind sitting with people till he can serve people and asks if they will vote for Kaushalpur’s betterment. People shout yes. Drama continues.

Precap: Mamaji fixes Vijay’s photo in place of Baba’s and says soon he will take over Baba’s seat and Baba wil have to go on pilgrimage. Baba fumes. Vijay tells Ananth that people received him well and his motto to reach them is complete. Ananth says he has changed a lot.

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