Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul and Aaliya Hide From Police

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul with Aaliya hide in a truck to escape form police. They see police checking vehicles and think of escaping. Truck driver says there is no use of escaping as police will easily catch them. Bulbul asks if he knew they are hiding behind. He says yes and asks to do as he says. On the other side, Vijay calls Ahmed and his sister home who insist not to call police and just find out Aaliya. Vijay says police will help find Aaliya and asks to give Aaliya’s photo. Sister says they don’t have it. Vijya insists. Ahmed gives pic. Police stops truck. Inspector sees a woman and child sitting next to truck drier and ask who are they. Driver says they are his family and jokes if Gabbar escaped again. Inspector says they are searching a woman and girl. He gets Bulbul and and Aaliya’s

pics and takes time to download. Truck driver says he is getting late and has to reach city mosque before evening and drives truck. Aaliya slips and inspector sees her face. Photos download. He remembers Aaliyaa and orders constables to stop truck, but truck leaves by then. Police follow truck. Driver stops truck. Bulbul says she is helping this girl. Driver says he knows and heard them taking bhagwan and khuda’s name, he can help them till here and they have to walk from hereon. He gives them punjabi dress to change and leaves saying he will fool police now.

Vijay asks Ahmed if Aaliya has any relative. Ahmed says her aunt. Vasu informs Bulbul took Aaliya to her aunt and Yug got Aaliya”s aunt’s address. Vijay asks Angad to find out if they reached there. BD yells at Vasu and calls her Bulbul’s puppet, because of Bulbul, Vijay is in trouble now.

Ahmed’s sister shows him Moulvi saheb’s warning letter that it is prohibited to marry a girl before 18 years and if Aaliya is forced to get marry, Ahmed will be punished both by law and their community. Ahmed gets tensed. Sister says they should find Aaliya and force her to lie, else they will be in trouble. Moulvi saheb sees Ahmed and warns him verbally.

Bulbul and Aaliyaa walk in jungle. Aaliya says she is very hungry. Bulbul gives her flower and asks to walk just looking at it. They reach near temple. Aaliya gets tempted seeing dhaba and Bulbul gets happy seeing temple. Aaliya says she will find food now. Bulbul says god will always help. Aaliya drags her towards dhaba. Bulbul says they cannot go there and are going to temple. Aaliya chants Khuda’s name. Bulbul asks her not to, else people will catch them. They enter temple. Panditji greets them jai shri krishna, but AAliya does not. Panditji taunts to teach some sanskar. Bulbul says they lost their way and need shelter to stay. Old panditji says they can stay at maata’s house and asks junior panditji to show them place to stay. He tells Aaliyaa that ghosts cannot come here. Aaliya says she is not afraid as Khudaa. Bulbul stops her and says she means she is confident of herself. Aaliya says thank you mamu. Panditji is shocked hearing that.

Precap: No Precap.

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