Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Makes Rambodh a Scapegoat to Expose Gayatri’s Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul reminisces Vijay kicking her out of house and thinks how to expose Gayatri’s truth in front of Vijay and prove herself innocent. She sees hoarding of Vijay’s participation in makar sankranti celebrations.

At Vijay’s house, Sadhna makes arrangements for makar sankranti celebrations in a traditional style. Vasu questions her and she replies in detail about the ritual. Servants walk in with gifts. Gayatri yells who are they, why are they coming in without permission. Servant says CM baba sent khichdi and few gifts for Mandira’s family. Greedy Gayatri gets more greedy and tells Mandira that she knew her father would send gifts. Vijay walks in ignoring them. Sadhna asks to apply uptan/turmeric and herbal paste to all males of family. Vijay, angad, and Agastya sit shirtless.

Mandira walks to Vijay and tries to apply uptan. Vijay angrily snatches bowl and applies it himself.

Bulbul reaches makarsankranti celebration venue and waits for Vijay. She holds Vijay’s doll and applying uptan to it. Vijay feels it. Bulbul hopes she exposes Gayatri and proves herself innocent. After sometime, Vijay reaches with family. Ananth also reaches and hugs Vijay. He says they will celebrate makar sankranti after a long time, he knows what they are going through, but it is better they celebrate it for family and others.

Rambodh gets a note that he did an extraordinary work in separating Vijay and Bulbul and should be rewarded more, so he can meet her, Gayatri. He gets greedy and smiles. Bulbul’s friend smirks hiding, revealing it is Bulbul’s plan to trap Rambodh and Gayatri.

Villagers insists Vijay to fly kite with his wife and ask Ananth where is his wife. Vijay says it is not karachauth that a couple has to perform it, he came with family and will fly kite with family. Ananth challenges him and they both fly kites. Angad tells Sadhna that he and his friends have decided to do charity in Vijay’s name, of his weight. Vijay sits on 1 side of weighing machine and they keep goods on other side. Vijay’s side looks heavy. Mandira tries to keep something when Bulbul walks in hiding and keeps her bangle and returns. Surprisingly nobody sees her.

Rambodh reaches Gayatri and asks to give his gift. Gayatri asks what gift, get out, he does not know who all were involved in the plan, she is the mastermind behind separating Vijay and Bulbul. Bulbul enters and asks why did she do that. Gayatri is shocked…

Precap: Gayatri pushes Bulbul challenging to go and inform Vijay that she broke their marriage. Vijay holds Bulbul.

Update Credit to: MA

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