Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Finds Mandira’s Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira taunts Bulbul that Vijay and his family will never accept her, so she should go away for her and her father’s safety. Bulbul asks what if she does not go. Mandira calls goons who catch Bulbul and drag her away. Vijay reaches and trashes goons and they run away. Mandira acts and asks Bulbul why did goons catch her. Vijay warns her not to act. Bulbul says Mandira told her that Vijay does not love her and is using her for political gains, she acted on Mandira’s orders. Mandira says she did all this to get Vijay’s love back. Vijay says she should realize that he does not have any feeling for her and will never come back in her life, so she should return back to Ananth if she really loved him anytime. Mandira leaves from there. Bubul tries to speak. Vijay stops her and says he hurt her feelings unknowingly, but she hurt his family purposefully, he will never forgive her.

At party office, Angad excitedly walks around. Sadhna asks what happened. Angad says Vijay will announce party candidate names and will announce even his name, he will work hard like Prabhath and brighten his name. Sadhna blesses him. Mandira reaches party office. Ananth asks why she is looking tensed. Vijay also reaches. Ananth asks what happened. Vijay asks him to ask Mandira itself. Ananth stands confused. Media surround them and take their pics.

Vijay goes on stage and briefs about his new party yuva janhith sena. He starts announcing candidate names. Angad excitedly waits. Resham tells Agastya that he will be selected for sure. Vijay says final name is of his family member who is very talented. Angad gets more excited and gets up. Vijay announces Agastya’s name. Reporters surround Agastya. Angad shatters hearing this and leaves. Sadhna rushes behind him. Bulbul enters and tells Sadhna she wants to tell her something. Sadhna ignores her and leaves. Vijay asks Vasu if she saw Angad and Sadhna. Vasu says no. He sees Bulbul, drags her out and says he will never forgive her…

Precap: Vijay asks Bulbul to apologize each family member and if they dont forive her, even he will not. Bulbul apologizes family and says she is ready to accept their punishment. Sadhna angrily walks away. Bulbul stands crying.

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