Saam Daam Dand Bhed 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Will Ananth Help Vijay?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna holding pooja thali walks with Vijay and Angad to pray for Vijay’s victory. Vijay says after pooja, he will go directly for election campaigning. They see Agastya giving his bat to his friend. Friend asks to think again. Vijay takes back bat and says Agastya it is his lucky bat and he has to win Ranchi and other tournaments. Agastya yells Vijay broke his dreams. Vijay feels sad. Sadhna says they are going to temple and Agastya can accompany them. Agastya says he does not want to.

Ananth informs his sister that temple committee has invited him for pooja and he has invited Vijay to pray for his elections. Sister says he has grown up and is taking his own decisions. Ananth asks not to feel bad. She says she is not and asks him to wish her good luck to Vijay. He smiles

and leaves. Her assistant asks why did she permit Ananth to take Vijay along. She says she wants to see if Kaushalpur janta remembers them or forgot.

Vijay with Sadhna and Angad walk towards temple venue. People discuss they are came devar/bhabhi couple. They try to step on temple stairs, but guard stops them and says before Raja saheb’s entry, they cannot enter. Vijay says Ananth called them. Guard pushes them aside yelling. Ananth enters in his car. People chant Raja Saheb ki Jai ho. Ananth passes in front of Vijay. Vijay is shocked. Ananth holds his hand and takes him up and says he is being respected as his ancestors served Kaushalpur praja, so Vijay will be serving them in the future, so they should respect Vijay. People continue chanting raja saheb ki jai ho.

Mandira sits in a restaurant and reminisces Vijay telling reporters he knows who is attacking their family. She takes beer bottle from waiter and gulps beer. Two men misbehave with her. She breaks bottle and frightens them. Ananth reaches restaurant and interferes. Men run away puncturing Mandira’s car. Mandira scolds Ananth how will she go now. He says her driver will drop her, but himself drives car. She stops at a point. He asks her name. She says what is there in name and shaking hands says it was nice meeting him. He drives car looking at her in mirror.

Gayatri buys vegetable at vegetable cart. A man misbehaves with her. Vijay sees that and runs behind man. Man runs. Gayatri stopsh him and says it is women’s daily problem, goons misbehave with women often. Vijay’s friends fix pamphlets on walls with a slogan to protect women. Vijay addresses people if someone misbehaves with them, they can contact him 24 x 7 and he will punish culprits.

Precap: Ananth practices Vijay and says whichever field it is, perception is everything and he has to build his good perception. Vijay tells reporters he wants to ask 3 questions to CM and needs answer.

Update Credit to: MA

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