Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Snatches Bulbul’s Ring And Uses It For A Ritual

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agastya warns Vijay that he is doing a big stupidity. Vijay says he does not want to discuss anything now. Vasu also confronts Vaasu and asks why he did injustice to Bulbul. Bulbul reminsces Mandira’s warning to upload Vasu’s consummation video and thinks he is doing this for her. He hugs her and asks to make ring searching ceremony arrangements. After sometime, Bulbul makes arrangements and keeps big milk bowl. Mandira tells Vijay that he gifted her mangalsutra and not ring yet. She snatches Bulbul’s ring and says Bulbul does not need it now. Bulbul stands crying. Mandira says jaan/Vijay let us start ritual.

Vijay takes bathe and reminisces all the incidents where Mandira challenges him that he himself will marry her. He thinks Mandira was making him dance

on her tune and he did not doubt her at all. He thinks he did injustice to Bulbul and apologizes. Bulbul standing in rain reminisces Vijay telling he considers Mandira as his wife, etc. Vijay reminisces Mandira telling she and Yug have video and if he does not obey her, she will upload video. He thinks he has to wait till he get video from them.

Bulbul returns to her room. Mandira walks in and says this is not Bulbul’s room now, she she packed Bulbul’s bags and says even being in a same room, Bulbul could not consummate with Vijay, now she will consummate with Vijay tonight and asks her to decorate room. She warns Bulbul to obey her orders if she wants to stay in this house, else she will kick her out of house. Bulbul decorates room with flowers. Aye dil hai mushkil…song…plays in the background. Thorn pricks Bulbul and she shouts. Vijay rushes to her, but seeing Mandira scolds her if blood had stained bedsheet, get out from here. Bulbul runs away. Vijay cries silently.

Angad tells Agastya that he cannot believe this is all happening at their house, they should not have let Mandira inside home at all. Caterer comes with truck and says Vijay order catering for reception party. Angad asks to go ahead.

Mandira warns Vijay to vent out his anger on punching bag and smile in front of her. He angrily kicks in air and smiles at her. She orders him to inform his family to stick a smile on heir face and attend party, she further orders him to kiss her at tend of party in front of all guests.

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