Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Vijay and Bulbul Part Ways?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul packs her bags and thinks how can she go without taking Vijay’s blessings. Vijay enters room. She drops key and touches his feet in lieu of picking key. He silently watches. She says she picked key and asks why did he come into room. Vijay walks out asking her to come down. Vijay’s family gets ready for temple for Shivratri pooja. Bulbul says how can they go without family’s bahu, they are so mean. Family takes her along.

Family reaches temple. Pandit says Vijay that he has to perform pooja with his wife. Vijay performs pooja with Bulbul. Bulbul continues throwing tantrums. Ananth with Mandira also reaches temple. People chant his name. Mandira says Vijay and Bulbul have also come and she will meet them. Ananth says he will buy pooja items till

then. Mandira gets happy thinking she will pray god to give back her Vijay forever and will pray with Vijay.

Bulbul continues misbehaving with Vijay. Angad informs Vijay that pandit wants him to touch pooja items. Vijay leaves. Mandira meets Bulbul and asks why did not she leave Vijay’s house. Bulbul says her father came and now Vijay wants to speak to her before parting ways. Mandira says she is too innocent, what if Vijay asks her to stay back. Bulbul says she is right, she will leave temple before Vijay stops. Mandira says she will ask driver to get taxi for her.

Vijay gets busy speaking to people while Bulbul silently tries to leave. Pooja veil flies from Vijay’s hand and falls on Bulbul. Bulbul picks it and continues walking. Vijay runs behind her, holds her hand and takes her aside and says he wants to tell truth before they party ways. He says he wanted to tell truth long ago, so he planned to take her to Goa. He loved Mandira before her and wanted to marry her, but situation was not in his favor. Ananth started loving Mandira and reminisces inebriated Ananth telling he will die if he does not marry Mandira, so he decided to forget Mandira. Bulbul came into his life and he wanted to lead a new life with Bulbul, but Mandira wanted him at any cost and played so many dirty tricks. He counts all Mandira’s heinous acts and how she got him inebriated and took him to room, when he woke up, she told they consummated and threatened to leave Bulbul and accept her, else she will inform about that night to everyone. Truth is she is lying and wants him at any cost, but he loves Bulbul now and wants to spend rest of his life with her. Bulbul starts crying feeling guilty.

Precap: Ananth asks Mandira why she is looking so happy. Mandira says Parvathi will meet Shivji tonight. She sees Bulbul and asks if she did not go yet. Bulbul says she will not let anyone takeover her house and husband.

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