Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Will Prabhath Win The Election?


Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

CM warns Pankaj that Prabhath’s popularity is growing and he may takeover Pankaj soon. He asks Pankaj to do something before it is too late. At Vijay’s house, Vasundhara says she will not go to school as goons may attack her again. Vijay tells she will go with soldiers as a princess. His friends mimic as soldiers. He says they will punish even her teacher if he gives extra homework. Vasu smiles. Agastya says Vasu will not go with chamchas and gives her pepper spray bottle, says even he was afraid of playing cricket and Prabhath encouraged, she has to choose if she wants to follow Prabhath or Vijay. Vasu says she will follow her father. Vijay follows her and asks his friends to guard her secretly and find out goon’s red car, he will smash them.

Prabhath returns home

on jeep with his supporters after election campaign and gives speech. Sadhna sees that and scolds him that he told he will not stand in election, but lied. He says seeing goon’s warnings, he does not want Kaushalpur to be in goon’s hands, he will protect it. She says he is hiding things from her and has changed. He says he informs her everything. She says then why did he bring that girl without informing her, what is her story. He says he can just say that Ragini’s life is in danger and he will drop her safely during religious procession. Vijay comes and lifts him and runs around house excitedly and says he is proud to be his brother. Prabhath says only he is happy and a few are not, looking at Sadhna. Vijay asks Sadhna not to worry as he with his team protect Prabath as his PA.

Mandira calls Vijay. Prabhath asks him to pick phone. He runs to his room and picks call. Mandira says she is standing outside his house, if he will come out or she should come in. He runs out and gets into her car. She says she has 2 hours for college, till then he will be with her. They reach cliff and laugh. She gets worried seeing her earring missing. Vijay shows her earring ring and she dropped it when she climbed pipe and came to his house. She asks him to fix it. He does nervously. She asks to come closer, she will not eat him. He does and asks to tell who she is.

Pankaj goes to Prabhath’s house and warns him to back off from election and let him win. Drama continues.

Precap: Pankaj’s aide shows him Mandira and Vijay’s pics. Pankaj fumes that Vijay is bigger fool than his brother. He shows pics to CM.

Update Credit to: MA

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