Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ananth panics in a shock

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth kneels down and proposes Mandira to marry her. He shows his mother’s ring and says he wanted to give it to his life partner and now he wants her to wear it. She stands in a shock and anxious. He dorns it in her finger. Vijay and family also stand in a shock. Mama asks Baba if Mandira has frozen in surprise or she does not ant to marry Ananth. Mandira runs from there dropping ring on the way. Mama asks Baba if it an event or disaster. Ananth stands in a shock. Tejaswini takes him fro m there forcefully. Malkain asks Baba if he will react or not, Mandira spoilt their dignity completely. Baba asks her to shut up, he has to handle people now. Gayatri comments Ananth stole her brother’s life partner. Agastya comments MLA Vijay’s drama as usual. Sadhna asks him to shut


Mandira runs to Vijay and says she did not know how to react when Ananth tried to fix engagement ring and ran away. Vijay says if she really told Ananth about them and if he rally was acting. She says she did. He says he will meet Ananth and explain him.

Ananth panics in a shock and starts drinking alcohol. Tejaswini tries to stop Ananth and says he is a king and cannot shatter like this. Ananth asks if she saw what happened, Mandira herself gave him letter and proposed to marry. Tejaswini goes out to check what is happening. Baba speaks to reporter and says Mandia rana away as it is rahu kalam now and everything is under control. Reporters ask if engagement will not happen today. Baba saya toda was not engagement at all. Teajswini asks Mehta to find her mom’s ring somehow as it is very precious to them. Sadhna finds ring and returns it to Tejaswini.

Ananth heavily inebriated gets into car and drives. Angad informs Vijay that Ananth left in his car. Vijay rushes on his bike and stops Ananth and gets him out of car. Ananth cries that he loves Mandira immensely. Mandira reaches home and sees her parents. Malkain shows Mandira and Vijay’s video and says now she cannot lie. After a lot of argument Mandira accepts she loves Vijay and not Ananth. Baba says among all this drama, Ananth started loving Mandira, so he will get Mandira married to Ananth at any cost. Mandira says she will marry only Vijay, they can do whatever they want.

Precap: Mandira asks Vijay if he spoke to Ananth or not, tell him truth. Tejaswini asks him to save Ananth from this love if he can. Vijay walks to Ananth reminiscing Mandira’s words.

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