Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananth’s Evil Plan

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira serves food to her parents. Ananth asks her to serve them more and tells them that their daughter prepared whole food and even gave off to servants as she wants to take care of her responsibilities. Baba and Malkain are shocked. Ananth asks Maandira to tell why she wants to learn all this. Malkain says she tried to teach Mandira a lot, but Mandira did not learn, Ananth achieved impossible task. Mandira counterattacks that maa was busy always in kitty parties and baba in party affairs, so she did not learn at her parent’s home, now she is learning here and sent all servants out. Malkain and Baba asks her to have food with them. Ananth says Mandira that she must be tired and wants to have food peacefully, so she should have food after they all finish food. He asks Baba if

he is feeling bad. Baba says he gave his daughter to him and does not mind.

Vijay returns home and showing 25 lakhs cheque tells Ananth solved his problem and convinced his friend to fund party. Bulbul says baba tells not to take anyone’s help without enquiring about them. Vijay says Ananth’s friend, then no need to check. Bulbul thinks that is why she is fearful.

Rasik takes Angad to baba’s house. Pankaj meets Angad and sheds fake tears for Prabath and says he did charity in Prabhath’s name on his death anniversary. Ananth drops Baba home and notices Angad’s bike there. Pankaj introduces Angad to Baba as Vijay’s nephew and wants to join their party. Baba scolds he cannot even speak, Vijay roars like tiger, when he cannot be of his uncle’s, how will he help them, asks Pankaj to take him away.

Sadhna feels sad seeing Prabhath’s cloth. She gets a phone call and imposter speaks in Prabhath’s voice that he did not get mukti since 1 year and only she can get him mukti. She runs around calling him. Bulbul notices that and takes phone, but hears no one.

Ananth’s aide meets him and says his work is done. Ananth scolds him why did he meet without calling and giving a note asks to practice it. Man practices lines in Prabhath’s voice and says he has disconnected Vijay’s house’s power as he said. At Vijay’s house, Vijay sees Angad coming from outside and slipping. He asks to be careful. Angad says he was but now fine. Gayatri yells why did power go in MLA’s house. Vijay goes to check fuse with Bulbul and gets mesmerized with her beauty under candle light. He then sees wires cut and thinks rat cut it. They then hear sound and rush out. Ananth’s aide fools Sadhna again and she runs around calling Sadhna. Drama continues…

Precap: Gayatri yells at Bulbul to clean oil well, else someone else will fall because of her mistake. Bulbul sees Sadhna coming and gets tensed fearing she may fall.

Update Credit to: MA

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