Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Police Stop Ahmed From Searching Vijay’s House

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahmed with his neighbors and sister barges into Vijay’s house and says Aaliya is h ere. Vijay confronts that he wanted to help him find Aaliya, but Ahmed is alleging him instead. Ahmed says Bulbul has kidnapped Aaliya. Vijay asks Bulbul to let them search house and clear their misunderstanding. Bulbul gets tensed that Aaliya is in her room. Ahmed sister walks with Bulbul. Police enters and inspector warns Ahmed that they cannot barge into someone’s house without permission. Ahmed says his daughter is missing. Inspector asks why did not he file complaint yet. Vijay says let them search house. Inspector says he cannot let break rules and asks Ahmed’s sister to come back. Ahmed leaves with his team. Mandira gets disheartened that her plan failed.

Vasu shows surrounding

areas’ mosque pics to Aaliya and asks to remember where her aunt stays. Aaliya prays god and identifies jalebi shop near mosque. She shows pic to Vasu and runs to inform Bubul. Downstairs in living room, Daadi asks Vijay what is happening, he should sort out things soon. Bulbul sees Aaliya and shouts stop. Family turns to her. She says she does not want Vijay to fall in problems and end his political career. Vasu drags Aaliya back before family sees her. Daadi as usual yells at Bulbul that she wants a strong and bold partner for her lalla and not weak like Bulbul.

Yug tells Mandira that Vijay’s reputation would have spoilt today if Aaliya was found here. Mandira says she wants same, if Vijay is blamed, he will get angry on Bulbul for lying, then will break up with him, then Mandira will console Vijay and get closer to him, so Yug should somehow get Bulbul caught red handed. Yug says it is a brilliant idea.

Vasu informs Bulbul that Yug can help find Aaliya’s aunt’s house via internet. Yug checks pics on net. Bulbul walks to Vijay thinking of informing him truth as she doubts Mandira knows about Aaliya now and will try to take advantage. She tries to inform Vijay, but he asks her to relax as she must be afraid seeing people barging inside home. Yug finds out place and asks where is Bulbul. Vasu informs that she is going to inform Aaliya’s truth to Vijay. Yug gets thinking Mandira’s plan will fail and hence brainwashes Vasu that Vijay’s political career will fail if people find out about Aaliya, so Bulbul should keep it secret and drop Aaliya silently to her aunt’s home. Bulbul is about to inform Vijay about Aalilya when Vasu enters and says Vijay that some reporter has called on landline. Vijay says baba has done all this to take revenge and leaves. Yug tells Bulbul that he found Aaliya’s aunt’s address and she should drop Aaliya silently there, else if she informs vijay and people come to know about Aaliya being here, Vijay’s political career will end miserably.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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