Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Trick!

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul returns to Vasu’s room. Vasu closes room and asks why did she return, there is no proof her. Bulbul thinks how to tell her about Gayatri. Vasu says she has to return back to Ananth’s house and find some other way. Bulbul says she came here with a reason and Viajy is her world, she can do anything for him and needs Vasu’s help. Vasu says she will help him.

Mandira walks into Vijay’s room wearing bathrobe after a bath. Vijay is busy getting ready and clashes with her. Mandira acts and says she did not see him. Vijay asks what is she doing here, there is a bathroom in guest room also Mandira says geyser is not working there and he can check. He walks away. She continues smiling and dreaming about Vijay. Aajana..o in the background.


as masseuse confronts Gayatri and says looks like she has a big tension. Gayatri says she need not worry. Bulbul says she is well experienced. Gayatri says she will ask money. Bulbul says she will not. Gayatri agrees. Bulbul masseages her. Gayatri says she has responsibility of whole family and whatever does is for her family. Bulbul says she saw what all she did in marriage. Gayatri gets suspicious. Bulbul says she means no sister will be concerned for her brother like her. Gayatri says she is right and falls asleep. Bulbul asks to tell what she did, seeing Gayatri asleep shakes her. Gayatri shouts to be gentle and leaves.

Bulbul walks out and searches something in Vijay’s cabin. Vijay asks what is she searching. He says sometimes things will be in front of their eyes, but they fail to see it. Ananth calls him and says he is waiting in his house’s garden. Vijay walks to him and asks what is he doing here. Ananth asks if it is not his house and asks to have a drink with him. Vijay says he cannot drink as he has a meeting in the morning to pass bill. Ananth gets him inebriated and insists to join CM’s party. Vijay says he started again. Ananth says he will not talk about it and serves him drink again. Mandira watches hiding and reminisces requesting Ananth to convince Vijay to join her papa’s party. Ananth says Vijay will not agree. Mandira says if Vijay gets busy in work, he will forget Bulbul soon. Ananth says Vijay will not agree so easily. Mandira gives him liquor and says Vijay will reveal what is in his heart. Heavily inebriated Vijay walks and Mandira; holds him. He asks if she is Bulbul, then realizing it s Mandira says he does not need her help. Bulbul watches hiding. Mandira forcefully takes Vijay to his room and closes door. She removes their clothes and sleeps with him. In the morning, Vijay wakes up and is shocked to see himself nude and nude Mandira sleeping next to him.

Precap: Vijay asks Mandira what happened last night. Mandira says one that happens between husband and wife and insists him to accept her as wife, showing sindhoor.

Update Credit to: MA

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