Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay Is Devastated

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay breaks down. Sadhna consoles him and says her blessings are always with him, but she cannot go in front of people. Vijay says why will she hide face, they will force their enemies to hide their face who alleged mother and son like bhabhi and devar, she is Prabhath’s wife and should fight for justice. Sadhna says her blessings are with him. He leaves.

Ananth’s assistant praises him that he is famous in films and even in Kaushalpur, he helped his friend and took him out of his problem. Ananth says there is no help in friendship, it is following friendship, Vijay is his best friend. Assistant says didi is angry why did he go suddenly. Ananth says he will explain didi.

Baba mampers Mandira and asks her to call Vijay as he is out of jail. Vijay is busy taking selfie

with Vasu and Angad when he gets Mandira’s call and disconnects it. Mandira panics that Vijay disconnected call. Baba asks her to go to Kaushalpur and meet him, but before that have food as he is going to break her mother’s karvachauth fast. Mandira says even she is fasting for Vijay and has accepted him as her husband. Baba asks to be careful when she meets Vijay as it is election time and media would be present. Sheela asks Vishal maama to inform driver to give Kaushalpur’s each second info. Vishal says he is CM’s BIL, even then he will obey her. Mandira reminisces Vijay accepting her as wife in front of fire and says I love you Vijay.

Sadhna sadly reminisces breaking karvachauth seeing Prabhath’s face. Gayatri comes holding pooja thali and says she got afraid seeing her and says her husband hit her a lot, but he is her husband, so she is fasting for him, but if Vijay will know, he will scold her. Vijay comes an Gayatri gets afraid. Sadhna says it is her thali and she brought it reminiscing Prabhath. Vijay stands devastated. Sadhna says she is fine and leaves. Vijay walks down and cries in front of Prabhath’s pic. Sadhna consoles him. He says he should have died instead of bhaiya. Sadhna asks not tell that. Vijay says he knows who is responsible for bhaiya’s death. She asks who is it, before him punishing, she will ask why did he kill her husband. He shouts it is him and shatters, says because of him his brother died, he beats himself. Sadhna asks to control himself, it is not his mistake, bhaiya died because of Ragini Jain. Vijay says he is responsible and tells her whole story from Pankaj asking to bring Ragini to him, killing Prabhath, Vijay reading Ragini’s message for Prabhath, etc. He shouts he killed bhaiya and Ragini Jain, he is a murderer. Sadhna consoles him not to blame himself, his mistake is he is pure hearted and Pankaj misused his innocence. She says if Prabhath had informed Ragini’s truth, Pankaj’s true face would have come in front, but he did not. It is neighter Vijay’s nor fate’s mistake, Pankaj is responsible and he should finish the battle he has started. Vijay wipes his tears.

Precap: Angad informs Mandira that Vijay told he has broke up with her. Mandira confronts her parents that they wanted Vijay and her relationship to end and it ended. Baba tells Pankaj that rajneeti is Saam Daam Dand Bhed.

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