Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Obeys Mandira’s Instructions And Shocks Everyone

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

BD asks Mandira to come and sit in mantap as muhurath is passing. Mandira looks at Vijay. Vijay walks to her. She gives her hand in his hand and signals. Vijay reminisces Mandira’s warning to tell family that he loves Mandira and wants to marry her. They both go and sit in mantap. Everyone look in shock. Vijay wears groom’s cloth. Groom’s family shout it is insult to them, why did Vijay invite them then. All guests leave. Bulbul returns and is shocked to see Vijay sitting next to Mandira in mantap. Vijay ties knot of Mandira’s pallu and his cloth. Bulbul asks what is he doing, what joke is this, they are already married. Vijay says their marriage was a joke, he is marrying in real now. Bulbul cries that he is lying and cannot betray her. She tries to remove

his wedding cloth, but he stops her and says it is better she does not create a drama. She says he is doing drama, what happened to him, she will not let him remarry and takes mangalsutra. Vijay asks to stop childishness, they are not husband and wife as they have not consummated at all and he never considered her as wife, better she forget him.

BD shouts what happened to him. Sadhna orders to get down from mantap. Vijay says he will not, he did not love Bulbul at all, when he saw his first love Mandira getting married to someone else, he could not control himself. Bulbul reminisces Mandira challenges that a person chooses first love always. Vijay asks why she is shocked, he is following her, did not she challenge Mandira whoever Vijay chooses will be Vijay’s wife. BD shouts how can he marry chudail Mandira. Vijay says Mandira is his first love and asks Bulbul to return mangalsutra and tries to snatch it. Whole family opposes. Vasu asks to stop for her sake. Vijay thinks he is doing it for Vasu and reminisces Mandira’s warning if he does not marry her, she will upload Vasu and Yug’s video online. He snatches mangalsutra and pushes Bulbul on floor and then with hands warns Bulbul never come between him and Mandira, let whoever opposes i, he will marry Mandira.

Vijay asks pandit to chant mantras. Pandit says he will not help him in his sin and leaves. BD says even religion is not supporting him. Whole family pleads not to marry Mandira. Vijay addresses Mandira as Mandira Vijay Namwari, whoever may not accept her as his wife, he will accepts her as his wife. He turns at Mandira and fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Family stands shocked. Vijay then applies sindhoor in Mandira’s forehead.

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