Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Finds Gayatri’s Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul thanks Vasu for helping her. Vasu feels bad that Bulbul did not the proof she came in for. Bulbul says until she has a niece like Vasu, she need not worry, she will leave for now as she cannot stay herefor long. She walks to god’s idol reminiscing taking its blessings after her wedding and prays god to show her a way. Flower falls. Bulbul picks it and tries to keep it back when Sadhna stops her and says they should keep flower back, so she can keep it. She gives money as Bulbul’s fees. Bulbul says she does not need money and just needs her blessings. Sadhna asks how can she bless elder. Bulbul says there is no age for blessings. Sadhna blesses to fulfill her legal wishes.

Bulbul then walks towards door watching Vijay walking in balcony. Gayatri gets new clothes

for Manoj and says he is MLA’s jija and should be well dressed. Manoj acts and says she did not forgive him yet. Gayatri says she already did. He asks why did not she tell me about Vijay, Bulbul, Mandira in detail. Bulbul’s flower flies and rushes behind it. She hears Gayatri’s conversation who says she did not like Vijay marrying Bulbul and tried her best, then she tried to stop Vijay and Bulbul’s marriage by exchanging her with Mandira. With Bulbul’s good fate, she married Vijay itself, then she switched off power and made Mandira stand next to Vijay and Bulbul next to Ananth, then tied their gatbandhan making people believe that Bulbul married Ananth instead. Bulbul shattered hearing that and walks. Gayatri senses someone outside door, but does not find anyone. Gayatri shows Mandira’s gifted necklace and says she was showered with gifts. Manoj thinks she gave him a trump card by revealing this secret. Bulbul thinks she knew Gayatri hates her, but not to this extent. She determines to return back to Vijay’s life as her marriage with him is still intact.

Next morning, Vijay with family sits for breakfast. Vasu walks in. Vijay asks her where is her masseuse. Bulbul walks in saying she is here and came to treat Vasu again. Sadhna asks her to go to Vasu’s room while she brings breakfast for her. Vijay says let her sit here. Bulbul reminisces her and Vijay’s romance, she serving gulab jamoon to him and he feeding her while whole family shies. Family watches Bulbul/masseuse smiling and asks what happened. She says gulab jamoon. Sadhna says they have halwa. Vijay asks them to sit while he brings gulab jamoon. Bulbul continues smiling. Drama continues…

Precap: Vijay wakes up and is shocked to see Mandira intimate with him.

Update Credit to: MA

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