Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay is Framed

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth and Vijay continue their celebration in jail. Inspector Hukum informs Raghav whole story who in turn informs Baba and his aides. Baba’s wife says with Ananth Singh’s presence they cannot harm Vijay. Baba says Raja’s rule is gone now, he is raja now and once Ananth’s sister tried to enter politics and is nowhere now. Raghav yawns. Baba asks him to drink hot coffee in one go. Raghav says he will burn his tongue then. Baba says it is a punishment for not fulfilling his task of finishing Vijay. He scolds Pankaj that even he failed in his task and says tomorrow Vijay should be proved guilty in court, then he cannot stand in election in life.

Vijay’s court hearing starts. Ananth enters. His praja stand up as respect. Judge says it is an insult for court, he can

keep his darbar at his palace. Ananth apologizes judge. Juge asks to start proceedings. Baba’s lawyer calls Loha Singh and alleges that Vijay tried to kill him. Vijay’s lawyer says it is a false case and there should be evidences. Baba’s lawyer calls 11 evidences. They see Ananth and lie that Vijay did not hit Loha. Judge pronounces Vijay innocent and frees him. Vijay thanks Ananth and Ananth’s praja greet him. Vijay sees Hukum’s anxiousness and follows him to washroom and warns that he can kill him right now, but wants him to feel humility.

Baba’s puppets inform him what happened in court. His BIL taunts they should not have taken Ananth lightly, their aide Hukum also could not do anything.

Vijay returns home and shatters seeing burnt hall and reminisces happier times with Prabhath. Gayatri comes and does her aarti and says he won a big battle today. Precap: Uma tells Saras that woman’s mind is pure like ganga and loving someone is not adharm. Saras cries she cannot love anyone and breaks bangles. Kanak thinks in 2 days, she will change Saras’ mind. Agastya enters with sling around his injured shoulder and tries to remove his shoes with difficulty. Vijay tries to help him. He yells at Vijay to back off and blames him responsible for all the problems. He says he cannot play cricket for 5 years and Vasu cannot dance because of Vijay. Gayatri drags him away. Vasu says Vijay he is not responsible. Vijay asks Sadhna if she also thinks same. Sadhna goes to her room and locks door. Vijay knocks door and says people cannot change mother and son’s relationship, when his parents died in childhood, Prabhath and she took care of him as a child, if she does not bless him, how will he win his fight.

Precap: Vijay tells Sadhna that he knows who is responsible for Prabhath’s murder. Sadhna says who is it. Vijay says it is him.

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