Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets Suspicious Seeing Bulbul’s Distraction

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay gets pain relieving spray from cupboard and sprays it on her hand. Aaliya sneezes. Vijay asks who sneezed. Bulbul says she did because of spray and sneezes. Aaliya sneezes again. Bulbnul sneezes again. Aaliya laughs. Vijay asks who laughed. Bulbul says she did and asks him to go to go and get ready soon. He leaves. Bulbul says Aaliya she will get breakfast once Vijay leaves for office. Aaliya heaaring BD’s goat’s sound says she wants to have mutton. Bulbul says they are vegetarian and she will get only veg.

Mandira goes to Yug and asks what happened yesterday. Yug say plan was successful, and Vasu is falling in his love. Mandira orders him to finish task soon and reminds she helped his family in need and he cannot back off. Yug goes to Vasu and insists for

a cafe shop outing. She says Bulbul chachi scolded her last night. Bulbul walks in to get food for Aaliya. Yug apologizes her for last night and says Vasu did not want to come, but he insisted her as he does not get sleep at night easily and took her out for a long drive. He says he will bring clothes for Aaliya and wants Vasu to accompany. Bulbul hesitantly agrees. Mandira walks in and asks if they are going somewhere. Vasu says to buy grocery with Bulbul. Mandira says she will also accompany. Vasu says no, only she and Bulbul will go.

Aaliya sits on bed seeing no one. Vijay from bathroom calls Bulbul to give him towel. Aaliya gets tensed that he may see her and Bulbul will fall into trouble. She gives him towel. He senses something is wrong and asks who is it. Aaliya hides. Bulbul brings biscuits and milk for Aaliya. Vijay returns. Bulbul nervously asks when did he come. He asks what. Aaliya extends hands and eats all biscuits except two. Bulbul and Vijay’s nok jhok continues. Vijay sees biscuits and asks from when she started eating biscuits, only 2. She says 1 for each. Vijay leaves. Bulbul relaxes. Aaliya cheers her up.

Sheikh tries to take Aaliya’s baby sister away. Ahmed tries to stop him. Sheikh says if not Aaliya, he will take her sister. Ahmed says he will return money and asks sister to bring money. Sister brings money. Sheikh says 25,000 rs are missing. Sister says she spent them in wedding arrangements. Sheikh warns to return money in 2 days, else he will kill him.

Mandira searches Yug and receives his message that he h as gone to buy clothes for Aaliya with Vasu. She goes to BD and brainwaashes her againgst Yug. Yuug returns with Vasu. Mandira asks where they had been. Yug says to buy clothes for him as his clothes are in laundry. Mandira insists to check. Bulbul tries to divert BD’s attention, but BD insists to check bag. Vasu says she will show bag and takes out shirt. Mandira stands shocked.

Vijay is busy with villagers in market when he sees Ahmed walking nervously and asks if Aaliya is found. Ahmed says he will find himself today. Vijay says he will accompany to police station. Ahmed says he will find himself and leaves.

Bulbul asks Vasu if she did not buy clothes for Aaliya. Vasu says she did and bought shirt for Yug also as he helped them a lot. Mandira confronts Yug on the other side and reminds that she hired him to let her reunite with Vijay by proving Bulbul wrong in front of BD, if he fails she knows what she can do. Yug assures not worry. In room, Aaliya plays with Bulbul.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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