Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Shows Yug and Vasu’s Wedding Video To Vijay And Threatens Him To Marry Her

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira tells Vijay that she will give a big shock to Bulbul and whole family. Vijay ignores her and tries to leave. She says Vasu. He stops and asks what happened to Vasu. In a hotel room, Yug gets romantic with Vasu and she shies. Mandira asks Vijay to go out and informing everyone that he loves Mandira and will marry. Vijay asks if she has gone mad, he does not care about her lame warnings. Mandira says he will be responsible for his family’s problem. Vijay warns to dare not take his family’s name and stop her mystery and tell what she means. She says she likes his intensity, if he does not budge, he will be harming his family himself, especially Vasu. Vijay angrily raises hand and hits it on table shouting what did she do with Vasu. Mandira says not her, Yug, Vasu is

mad in Yug’s love and can do anything for him. Vijay says that means Bulbul’s doubt was right.

Yug finishes his consummation with Vasu and leaning on bed smirks. Vasu says she will change and come. he says they are husband and wife now. She drapes bedsheet over her and walks into bathroom. Yug takes out his hidden mobile in flower vase and sends their consummation video to Mandira, but network fails. He goes out to upload video. Bulbul traveling with Agastya in car sees Yug getting into hotel and stops car. They get into hotel and check registry, but don’t find Yug and Vasu’s name. Yug asks Vasu to go home and not tell family about their marriage. She asks why. He says they will inform later once he gets wedding certificate. Bulbul asks receptionist if he saw 19-20 year old boy and girl. He says his shift just started and he does not know. Agastya says let us go and check at Yug’s friend’s house. They leave. Yug brings Vasu down and removes mangalsutra and says even this after he gets marriage certificate.

Mandira shows Vasu and Yug’s consummation video and asks if he saw how much Vasu loves Yug and has gone to such extent. Vijay angrily throws furniture and says he will find out Vasu and Yug and get them married. Mandira asks what if Yug disowns Vasu, she got this video recorded to blackmail Vijay. Vijay snatches her mobile. She says she has many copies of it and if Vijay does not budge, she will inform Yug who will make this video viral. Vijay shatters. Mandira says all this is happening because of him, he should go down and convince family for his and he marriage, till then video will be with her, decision is his now.

Groom’s mother asks Sadhna to call Mandira soon, muhurath is passing on. Vasu returns home silently. BD asks where is she coming from. Sadhna says she had exam and asks Vasu how her exam. BD reminisces Bulbul’s words and asks if she really went to college. Vijay walks in and says if Vasu is telling she went to college, why is she repeating her question. Vasu nervously says chachuu. Vijay asks her to get ready as it is wedding at home. Mandira walks down. Groom says let us start rituals now. BD asks Mandira to come and sit in mantap.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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