Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vijay’s Life Is In Danger

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector Hukum says Vijay he eloped from police station wearing police dress, even then he could not stop his house from burning. He asks behind whom he is hiding. Ananth turns. Hukum gets afraid seeing him. Ananth asks this is how he is protecting law and orders. Hukum stammers. Ananth asks him to take Vijay and asks Vijay to trust him and go back to jail.

Mandira’s mother tells Baba that Mandira is creating problem. Baba asks her to have pomegranate juice and relax. He thinks if plan goes well, Vijay will be finished. Pankaj calls Hukum and informs that he sent a chemical which will not be detected in post mortem and will make Vijay asleep for 1 hour, he can easily kill Vijay then. Vijay drinks water. Hukum thinks Vijay will finish in 15-20 minutes.

Sadhna panics

seeing her burnt house and people alleging she is having an affair with her devar Vijay. She sees Prabhath’s photo on floor and picks it. Ananth comes and asks her to relax, he will renovate house and nothing will happen, as soon as Vijay called him, he came for their help. Vijay feels drowsy and limps. Huku enjoys seeing that. Vijay collapses. Ananth speaks to his assistant and asks to take get Agastya and Vasu and tells Sadhna that his royal guards are protecting them and she need not worry. He then asks what is happening, even Vijay did not tell her. Sadhna says how to start and tells about people alleging her in rally and then burning house and rest of story and says someone is trapping Vijay.

Hukum fixes noose in Vijay’s neck and says Pankaj stopped him from killing Vijay brutally, else he would have vented out all his anger. He orders constables to hang Vijay. Vijay opens eyes and says Hukum will die now and says he did not drink water at all and hangs Hukum. Constables save Hukum. Vijay says he could have stopped his constables, but he did not. Ananth walks in with his assistants and asks what is happening. Vijays says nothing. Ananth says he will stay here whole night and get him bailed tomorrow. Hukum says he cannot stay legally. Ananth calls his assistant. Assistant gives papers and says raja saheb’s ancestors had given police station land on lease for 65 years and it ended last month, so it is up to inspector if he wants to stay here or go. Hukum sends his constables out angrily. Vijay and Ananth’s bonding continues and they both play antakshari reminiscing their childhood days.

Precap: Baba tells Pankaj that Vijay should be proved guilty in court tomorrow, then he cannot stand in election. Baba’s lawyer produces fake evidences in court.

Update Credit to: MA

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