Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Asks Bulbul To Leave His House

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna sits holding her head after Bulbul blackmails her. Gayatri says she will apply balm to her forehead. Sadhna says it is okay, she will be fine in sometime. Vijay returns home and asks what happened. Gayatri ties to complain, but Sadhna stops her and says minor issues happens at home, he need not worry. Vijay leaves. Gayatri asks Sadhna why did she stop her from exposing Bulbul. Sadhna says Vijay is busy in election campaigning, they should not disturb him, things will normalize soon. Gayatri thinks she will complain for sure. She sees Resham hitting his head and says he is cursing his fate. She asks they are enjoying free meals here. He says she is beautiful, but is dumb. He then says he knows Mandira is brainwashing Bulbul. Gayatri says Mandira is not. Resham says if she

continues this attitude, they will be behind bars. He gives her idea.

Vijay walks to his room speaking over phone. Bulbul ignores him. He strikes his head to almari on and his forehead starts bleeding. He searches first-aid box. Bulbul sees him but ignores him and stands facing her back and cries that she is helpless. She walks down to kitchen and tells Sadhna that her belongings are still there, she should pick them back. Sadhna says she took everything. Bulbul insists and says it is hurting a lot. Sadhna goes up and gets worried seeing Vijay’s injury. Bulbul notices silently.

Next morning, Vijay brings his salary and gives it to Sadhna. Sadhna says now she wants Bulbul to take up responsibility and run house. Vijay says no. Bulbul enters and takes money and says she is Vijay’s wife and has right on is money. Vijay says after his parent’s death, bhaiya and bhabhi took care of him and Sadhna is like his mother and she knows what is good and bad for family. Bulbul says she already told Sadhna that if she does not get her right, she will leave this house. Sadhna says let Bulbul take up her responsibility. Vijay says he will not give bhabhi’s rights to anyone, though he has special place for Bulbul. Bulbul says if she does not get respect here, it is better she leaves. Vijay says she should pack her bags and leave then. Bulbul packs her bags and comes down. Sadhna requests Bulbul not to go and requests Vijay to stop her… Drama continues..

Precap: Sadhan reqests Vijay to stop Bulbul, he is sending Bulbul away for my self-respect, but I don’t like it. Bulbul drops her bags.

Update Credit to: MA

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