SAAJNAA – Dhak dhak ff (shot 1)

SAAJNAA..- Dhak dhak [swaragini ff, ishqbaaz ff, madubala ff, ippknd ff ,KKB ff,Geet hui sabse parai ff] shot 1


Characters sketch…

The arrogant devils of the story..

Sanskar Maheshwari (played by Varun Kapoor )- same as in show ,a chocolaty boy and dream man for every girl but a little change” hate womens “,not that he is gay or anything ,he is perfectly straight but a problem is he was betrayed by his ex girlfriend Kavitha thakur .so after that he stopped trusting womens other then his family womens.(from Swaragini ff)

Shivaay Singh Oberoi -You all know him same as in show A egotistic Man .well known arrogant man and family diginity saving guy ,whose onlu motto is ” I Can do anything to save my family name “.a heart of goodness and face for drooling by womens.but he don’t give damm to people of low class and.specially people without family surname.(Ishqbaaz ff)

Arnav Singh Raizada (played by Barun Sobti )- you see he is famous for arrogance and ego’s and Being Greek God .And his Anger is like Volcano Disruption. have his own past which was nothing but pain.Where his own mother suicide because of his father cheated on her with middle class women.then his father too suicide in his guilt.He hated his parents ,where his mother don’t think for him once and his father being in love with that women.So he hate love ,marriage, and most important Middle class women.(ippknd ff)

Abhishek Mehra – same as in show ,well arrogant and Charming man,you see he don’t believed in nonsense called love, its otherwise that he sold love song !have  sense of humur .being orphan after his mom and dad accident, he don’t believed in love.because he believed money is everything ,if money would have their then his mom and dad would not have died.(Kum kum bhagya ff)

Rishabh Kundra or RK ( played by Vivian Dsena )- same as in show ,Arrogant and over confident !! He don’t give shit to others feeling. After all his mother left him and marry other man just after his father death,and then his girlfriend cheated on marrying his step brother. He don’t believed in Love ,not anymore. (Madhubala ff)

Maan Singh Khurana (played by Gurmit )- same as in show ,arrogant and gentleman,.He don’t believed in people have very much trust issues .and don’t believed in love after his mother and little sister died in car accident ,he don’t believed anymore.

Here is your six arrogant Heroes and their time for heroins.

The angels of story…

Khushi Gupta{played by Sanaya irani} – (same as in show) cheerful and bubbly girl.Live life with smile and spirit. Have pride and dont scare of anyone.She is from little town Lucknow. Orphan but adopted by Gupta family in her childhood.Her life was good until She met with Devil name ASR and because of him she have to left Lucknow and going to Mumbai.

Anika – (same as in show ) Orphan ,and don’t know her family. But don’t care ,She respect herself and knows family important. Egoistic and sweet .Her little sister “chutki ” was separated from her years before for whom she still serched her .Live in Delhi but came Mumbai for her search.Her life was good going until she bumped into Devil SSO ,who is became her biggest enemy.

Geet Handa {played by Drashti Dhami} -(same as in show ) a simple girl from  HOSHIYAPUR village ,punjab.but was cheated by her NRI husband who ditched her after marriage night. Then she found out she is pregnant and going to become Single mother.Her village people tried to kill her for being pregnant but she escaped from their and runaway to Mumbai.and she still don’t forget MSR who saved her with her own family from being killed but he was too devil that he shouted on her being weak girl and doing something wrong because of treatment she got from her family.

Pragya Singh – A punjabi girl and live a simple life ,not so much happy because of being constantly rejected boys who came to see her for marriage. But it didn’t affected her moral support. Until she for once saw her mother getting heart attack because of this rejection and she tried to sucide but was saved by devil Abhi the rockstar.who laugh at her and taunted her for being a biggest fool who don’t care about her loved once.her biggest enemy.

Madhubala Malik ( played by dhrasti dhami again and here will be same face coinsidence !!)- Live a simple life ,not so much into Superstar or anything .She is brave girl and very pride .Self respect is her own weapon.Don’t have father and mother but live with her mother’s friend.She was going good in her simple until she met with devil RK ,because of whom one men gone to hospital in accident as he was driving while totally drunk.She filed case against him .And then slapped him but alone!Her biggest enemy.

Swara M. – Leading bussiness women and very much private women.

Here are the angels means Heroins of our story….Swara,Khushi,Madhu,Geet, pragya,Anika who will make sure to repair these arrogant devils.

Supporting cast but not in favour of Devils or Angels ,they are with LOVE !!! Who will be cupid in their love story.

Laksh Maheshwari – brother of Sanskar !!! Love to love !!!you see pure Love guru.

Omkar Oberoi – brother of Shivaay !!have faith in love !!!

Rudra Oberoi – brother of Shivaay !!a big flirt and Stupid a little !!but know how beautiful is love!!

Anjali Singh Raizada or Mrs Shyam Jha – Elder sister of Arnav and very coolest sister in earth and wanted a love story of her angry Chote or Arnav.Love to love !!!

Purab Raizada – brother of both Arnav and Anjali and best buddy of Abhishek Mahra but love to love !!!(here i have created new relationship where Purab will be Raizada but he is character from KKB!!)

Bulbul singh – Sister of Pragya and very much carefree and love to love.(character from KKB)

Ragini Kundra – superstar RK sister and faith in love too much.


Guys hii!!! ARYNA HERE , Well here i am again with my new Short story ,and it will be collab of many indian tv serials,you all have read about my ff” Mom..her name is Swara..secrets of dark”, that story have touched many hearts i remembered ,so this story will be another season where again will be lots of fun!!!.i don’t know how you all will be react ,so for not taking a disappointment I have decided that the comments will be decide the continuation of this story . if the comments will low i will take it to stop this story alright.
And don’t be confused because of many characters you can ask me and i will tell ok and this story update surely available daily ,you can call it as Shots or FF but i will call it a story of young hearts who always confused in matter of love.

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    Will it b romantic??
    Coz i loved ur ff mom her name is swara it was so awesome v were so egr to knw where is swara n sankyz love was amazing bt wen swara came u made it lyk ur othr revenge stories… so for me dat story lost its charm coz of dat…
    Dats y wanna knw will it be lyk ur othr revenge mystry plotting stories
    Or it will b dffrnt ??

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    But a request plzzzz first complete your previous ff we are waiting for that tooo

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    But pls. Again d same request try to reply our comments plsssss…*puppy face*….????

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