Saadi Love Story (part 8)

They remained there seated in each other arms for what seems like eternity. Ragini was sobbing silently hiding her face in Sanskar’s chest while Sanskar was gently caressing her arms to comfort her. It was the loud shrill of Sanskar’s phone which brought them back to reality. Sanskar answered the call still keeping Ragini in his embrace. It was from Nikhil who called him to inform that Doctor has find improvement in shekhar’s condition and is suggesting an immediate bypass surgery. Sanskar’s happiness knew no bounds when he heard what Nikhil has said. Finally there was a ray of hope. He asked nikhil to tell Doctor to make all the necessary arrangements while he’ll be there in no time. He cuts the call and turned to look at Ragini who was looking at him with confused expression.

“Ragini, there’s a gud news. Nikhil had called me to tell that Doctor had find improvement in Papa’s cond. and they immediately needed to do a by-pass surgery” Sanskar told happily to Ragini who seems to be life coming back in her

“You are saying true na. That means My Bade Papa… My Bade Papa will be fine” she asked still not believing.

“Yes Ragini Papa will be fine very soon. Now c’mon let’s go. We needed to complete some formalities over there.” he said as he helped Ragini to get up and then they both headed downstairs.


As soon as they reached downstairs Sanskar immediately completed all the formalities for the surgery. Ragini wanted to inform sumi about it but Sanskar stopped her by saying that she was already stressed up and he’ll tell her once the operation was done. Ragini can never denied Sanskar as she knew that he can never be wrong so she agreed to what he said.

shekhar’s surgery was started and Ragini was pacing restlessly outside the operation theater. Sanskar saw her and gently made her sit on the bench while he seated next to her. Tension was clearly visible on her face and Sanskar knows that she’s still feeling scared of losing her Bade Papa. He gently kept his hand on hers and squeezed it assuring her that everything will be fine. Ragini immediately looked at his hand and then at him who had his eyes fixed on hers. He gently wiped away the tear that has formed at the corner of her eyes.

“Ragini, Papa will be fine. Doctors are treating him and dekhna he’ll soon play Hide and Seek with you again and dis time even I’ll join you guys.” He said and Ragini chuckled a bit seeing his effort to make her feel better

“Ragini, don’t be scared for anything. Nothing will happen to Papa. You’ll not lose anyone else in your life anymore. Trust me.” Sanskar said assuringly as he gently squeezed her hand yet again.

“I trust you Sans… I am sorry wo…” She left her sentence in mid as she realized that she’s been calling him with his name for a while without realizing what she was doing.

“Ragini, u can call me by my name I don’t have any problem in it. I mean gone that eras when wives can’t call their husband with their names.” Sanskar said as he sensed her uncomfortableness

“But how can I…” she tried to say something only to be interrupted by him.

“Ragini, our relation is much more different than the other couples. We were Good friends before marriage and I want to continue the same after marriage too. No matter in whatever circumstances we get married but we were and will always be friends and I don’t think that friends call each other by ‘Suniye’ and all. Right?” he asked with a smile while Ragini just nodded

“So from today remove this ‘Suniye’ from between us and call me Sanskar. Ragini, It’ll be good if we try to diminish this awkwardness between us as much as we can, hhmmm” Sanskar said and as usual Ragini just couldn’t deny him.

Ragini just kept looking at him in awe. How can anyone be so understanding and caring. Till now she thinks that only her Bade Papa is like that but today she can proudly say that her husband is same as her Bade Papa. The thought ‘her husband’ had filled her heart with an unknown proud. Yes she’s lucky to have him as her life partner though she knows that their relation can never go beyond what they are sharing today but atleast she have him beside her and that’s enough for her. She can never expect anything from him but for one thing she’s sure that he’ll always understand her unsaid words and will always care for her like this only. Ragini gently rested her head on his shoulder as she felt her strength coming back to her while Sanskar just hugged her sideways comforting her.

Unknown to both of them someone was watching the beauty of their relationship. It was Heer who was watching all this from a corner and tears of happiness formed in her eyes as she watched them together like this. She was hell worried till now when she came to know about Ragini’s marriage with Sanskar but seeing them together like this now she was sure that her best friend is in safe hands and nothing could be more best for her. She quietly left from there without disturbing them silently praying to God that they remain with each other like this only in each and every phase of their life but with the essence ‘Love’ present between them.


shekhar’s Surgery was done successfully and Doctor informed them that he’s out of Danger now but they need to keep him in hospital for the next 10-15 days. Ragini’s happiness knew no bounds after listening to what Doctor has said and she immediately hugged Sanskar expressing her happiness. Sanskar smiled in relief seeing her so much happy. Last few hours was really hard on everyone and especially on Ragini. The way she had broken down in front of him had really scared him but now seeing her this much happy had made him happy too and he silently thanked God for making her happy by keeping shekhar safe.

He excused himself from there by saying that he’s going to inform AP and sumi regarding shekhar’s health and went in the far corner of the hospital. He take out the wallet from his pocket and immediately opened it and looked at the pic of Swara while smiling through tears.

“Swara, Papa is absolutely fine now and Ragini, she is also very much happy. U had seen Na how she had broke down but I’ll not let her break down like this again. I promised you that I’ll take care of her and I’ll fulfill that promise always. I’ll try my best to keep her happy always.” He said as he kissed Swara’s photo and then closed the wallet back after looking at her pic for sometime and went back to inform sumi and AP..


Next couple of days were really hectic for both Ragsan as most of their time spend in the hospital only taking care of shekhar. Ragini goes to the hospital after making sure that she had done her daily chores and Sanskar too joins her in the hospital handling nikhil all the responsibilities. Sanskar had given strict instructions Nikhil that he’ll only call him to office until there’s something important. Sanskar don’t want to leave Ragini alone in the hospital. Though he knows that there are other peoples too but he also knows that if Ragini will feel any uneasiness then she won’t tell it to anyone. Moreover once she gets engrossed in something then she forget about herself therefore he needed to be there with her.

This follows for 10-15 days until shekhar was in Hospital. sumi was noticing the unspoken relation between Ragsan but she didn’t say anything to Ragini about it. It’s good that they are trying to adjust in their Marriage. The way Sanskar took care of Ragini in the amidst of all these had developed a hope in sumi’s heart and she wished that Ragini gets all the rights of her part soon.

It was finally a day of shekhar’s discharge. He was much better from before yet Doctor advised him to take complete rest for at least 1 month. Ragsan both were present in the hospital at the time of discharge. Sanskar noticed that Ragini was a bit lost since the time they were in hospital. He tried to talk to her but every now and then he was stuck up in some work. Finally when Nurse asked shekhar to change before leaving the hospital Sanskar found the opportunity and he took Ragini aside to talk.

“Ragini what happen u seems to be lost somewhere since morning.” He asked as he noticed forlorn look on her face

“Wo nothing… I am fine” Ragini said while looking down.

“Ragini, do you want to go home with Papa.” He finally asked as he looked at her hesitation and Ragini instantly looked up at him in surprise.

“What? You think I won’t be able to understand it?” he asked as he notices her surprised look

“No I thought that…”

“Ragini I know how much you love Papa and you don’t have to feel hesitate for going with him. I know only you can take good care of him because he’ll not listen to anyone but you. Then why are you hesitating in telling me this? Now stop worrying and stay with Papa and Maa for as many days as you want.” He said with a smile

Ragini looked at him and both had a small eyelock: BG music

“Dekh ke chehra akhiyan di jo ramaz pechan lave
bin bole hi mere dil di gal nu jaan lave”
ta hi ta eh rishte umraan layi zindagi vich nibhde ne
aise sajan zindagi de vich kismat naal hi milde ne”

“Are you sure you don’t have any problem. I mean how will you manage…”

“Ragini, I am not a kid. Don’t worry about me I’ll manage. Papa needs you more so you should go with him.” Sanskar said in between and Ragini’s face instantly lights up.

“Thank you So much Sanskar. You don’t know how much happy I am.” Ragini said while smiling widely while Sanskar just smiled

“Ok now enough of your Thank you. Go and see if Papa is ready till then I’ll complete the remaining formalities.” Sanskar said while Ragini just nodded and rushed to her Bade Papa while Sanskar just stood there looking at her retreating figure.


Sanskar stayed till late at night at Ragini’s place after dropping them home making sure that they don’t face any problem after he left. He had given strict instructions to Ragini to call him immediately if she needs him without any hesitation. Ragini just smiled at his concern and assure him that she’ll definitely call him if there will be any need. After making sure that everything is fine he left for his mansion but not before having a big speech from Ragini to take care of him and all.

Next Morning was not as usual for Sanskar. When he waked up automatically his eyes went on the bed and he frowned to see it empty. Then it struck him that Ragini was not here, she’s at her home. He just shakes his head on his stupidity and went to gym for his workout. After coming from gym he straightaway went to shower. After a while when he came out from shower he saw his coffee mug placed on the table. For once he thought that may be Ragini had placed it but then he realizes that Ragini is not here to do this. He took the cup and as soon as he takes the first sip he just spit it out.

“Yuck! It tastes so bad” he thought as he put the mug away. It’s strange that before his marriage he use to have Coffee prepared by Nakul only but then he didn’t find it this much bad. Probably today Nakul had made some mistake while preparing it or may be he was addicted to the coffee prepared by Ragini.

He thought as he mentally made a lecture he’ll give to Nakul for such a bad coffee and move towards Bed to pick up his clothes only to find that there was none. He whacked himself hard on head as he realizes that how his clothes could be there when Ragini was not here to place it for him. O God! He had really got habitual of her taking care of his daily needs. He opens the cupboard to take out some clothes but couldn’t able to select any

“What the hell is wrong with you Sanskar? Can’t you just take out some clothes for yourself? Waise to very proudly u had said that Ragini don’t worry I’ll manage everything and here you are not even to take out your own clothes” he thought as he look through the whole cupboard but not able to select clothes for himself.

“O God Ragini! U had really spoiled my habit and now I am missing you so much.” He thought and then immediately realized what he thought. Did he just said that he was missing Ragini? Well he can’t deny it actually. Without her he was really not able to do anything. He was contemplating on his thoughts when he heard Laksh’s voice outside his room. It seems she’s coming to his room only

“Now why is he coming over here? I should hide somewhere before he sees me in this mess.” He thought and immediately went to washroom before Laksh could see him. Last thing he wants is to Laksh seeing him in this mess and then later gets the target of his teasing.

“Ya Bhabhi I reached your room” he heard Laksh saying and guessed that he was on call with Ragini. But why would Ragini will ask Laksh to go to their room, he thought as he listened further to their conversation.

“No Bhai is not in room. I guess he’s still taking shower… Ya Nakul has placed his coffee on table… Ok I had opened the cupboard now tell me which shirt… Ok I had taken out the black shirt… Ya I got the waistcoat, tie and trousers too… Bhabhi, I couldn’t able to find Bhai’s Wallet and Handkerchief… Ok ok I got it… ya I placed everything nicely on Bed… Room’s cond…? Don’t ask it’s totally in mess with files scattered over here and dere… Ok bhabhi I’ll ask Nakul to clean up the room… fine I myself will place all his files properly… offo bhabhi you are with uncle Na then take care of him Bhai can manage over here… Ok bhabhi I agree that god has given all understanding to you now if my job is over then can I go I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet… ya from tomorrow I’ll get up early and will place everything before Bhai comes from gym… Ok bye and take care of yourself too.” Laksh said finally hanging up the call and then left the room unknown of the presence of the person who has listened everything

Sanskar came out of the washroom as soon as Laksh left and saw his clothes and other things placed on bed nicely. Though not like the way Ragini use to do but very much like that. He smiled seeing her care. She was not here with him yet she didn’t failed to perform her duties. She knows that he won’t be able to manage everything by himself so she appointed Laksh for all this. he chuckled a bit as he imagined Laksh’s expression while he was talking on phone with Ragini. He remembered their first day after marriage. How much apprehensive she was towards everything when she took out his clothes and how her face has been lightened up when she saw him wearing her choice of clothes. Since then it was her habit to place his clothes on bed before he came out from washroom.

It’s been 2 and a half months of their marriage and he’s already getting habitual of her taking care of his daily needs. What’s wrong with him? He was never like that. He didn’t even let Swara do all this then why there’s an exception with Ragini. Probably he didn’t stop her in order to keep her happy and later it becomes his habit. He thought as he gets dressed for office and then went downstairs for breakfast giving a last glance to his room.


On the other hand Ragini’s condition was not less than Sanskar’s too. When she got up then the first thing she did to see whether Sanskar is awake or not but then she realizes that she’s at her home. She slapped her forehead on her stupidity and then left for washroom for shower. After coming out from shower she straightaway went to kitchen to prepare Black coffee for Sanskar only to realize that he’s not here to have his coffee. Only she knows how hard it was for her to make understand her Badi Maa that she had prepared Black coffee for herself when she saw her with a coffee mug.

She immediately came back to her room in order to save from the further interrogation of her Badi Maa when she realizes that Sanskar must be facing difficulty in the selection of his clothes. She first thought of calling him but then she shrug off thinking that he may not like it and will think that she’s trying to intrude in his life unnecessarily so she decided to call Laksh and asking his help. Laksh was sleeping peacefully when Ragini called him. the continuous ringing of the cell disturbs his sleep and he somehow managed to answer the call without looking at the number

“Hello!” he said in a groggy voice still half asleep

“Laksh!” he heard someone addressing her but she was in too much deep sleep to recognize the voice

“Sorry I don’t have dates right now. And anyways I don’t work with any Sam, Pam and Mita I can only work with Deepika so don’t call me until u had an offer for me to work with Deepika.” he said and was about to hang up the call when she heard someone yelling at her on other side

“Deepika ke bhai. Sharafat se uth jayo warna Heer to bata dungi Deepika ke baare main or Heer ko tum jaante ki ho woh dreams me aakar tumhara murder kar dagi. Now get up fast.” Ragini yelled and Laksh instantly gets up from bed when she heard Ragini on other side.

“Bhabhi! It’s you. What’s wrong why u called me in the early morning.” Laksh said as he yawned.

“Early? Lucky ke bacche just see the watch first and then say anything. and anyways I need your help”

“What help?”

“Just get up from your cozy bed and do wat I say to you. NOW!!!!” Ragini said in authoritative tone and laksh instantly gets up from the bed and follows Ragini’s every instructions

After making sure that Sanskar’s everything were at place and he won’t face any problem she finally sighed in relief and hangs up the call and goes to the kitchen to help her Badi Maa.


Here when Sanskar reached downstairs he saw everyone was already present on the dining table except one and that was Ragini. He sighed seeing a familiar face missing from the table and then went to take his seat. Everyone on the table was talking this and that. Laksh and uttara were as usual busy in their bickering while kavya was again having some issue with Nikhil and AP was a mute spectator of all this. but Sanskar was not able to concentrate on anything that was going around him. He was thinking what Ragini must be doing right now. If she was here that probably she would be serving breakfast to everyone. He thought of even calling to her also but then shrugs it off thinking that she might be busy in taking care of shekhar.

“Sanskar beta why u are not having your breakfast? Is everything fine?” AP said as she noticed Sanskar lost somewhere.

“Huh… maa I am fine. Just thinking about something official.” Sanskar said as he realized that he has been caught

“Sanskar leave all your Official thoughts at your office only. Breakfast time is family time so at least relax over here for sometime.” AP scolded her workaholic son while Sanskar just nodded his head like a small kid.

“Good! See I had asked Nakul to prepare your favorite Pasta and Vegetable Sandwich.” She said as she asked uttara to pass the bowl of Pasta.

Sanskar was about to take the bowl when he noticed who was giving him the bowl. It was Ragini who handles him the pasta bowl with a smile on her face. Sanskar couldn’t believe on his eyes as he saw Ragini over dere. “Was she really here? Maybe” he thought as he looked at her. Ragini gestured him with her eyes to take the bowl and that’s when he realized that he was looking so openly at her. He smiled and took the bowl and started serving himself.

Everyone on the table was looking at Sanskar as if he had lost his mind. The bowl was still at AP’s hand then from what Sanskar is serving himself. No no he’s not serving; he was just putting his spoon in air and then putting it back on plate. As if a bowl was already present over there.

“Nikhil Bhai, what’s wrong with Sanskar Bhai? From what he was serving himself” Laksh nudged Nikhil as he saw Sanskar like this.

“I wish I could tell you Laksh but I myself had no Idea. Guess Bhai is too much stressed up now a days with work.” Nikhil said unbelievingly

“But I just wish that he’s not suffering from Schizophrenia. U know where we actually see the thing which is not in real.” Laksh said only to get an angry glare from nikhil.

“Sanskar Bete, are you alright?” AP asked worriedly

“Yes maa. why what happen?” Sanskar asked while knotting his brows.

“No the bowl is still in my hands then from what you are serving yourself.”AP asked unbelievingly and that’s when Sanskar realizes what he has done. He immediately looked beside him but found no one and then it dawn upon him that he was hallucinating. He closed his eyes in frustration as he realized he had made fool of himself in front of his own family.

“Guess Bhai is really missing Ragini Bhabhi. Hai na Bhai?” Laksh said in a teasing Voice while winking at Sanskar.

Sanskar immediately gets up from his chair not wanting to be the target of his Family’s leg-pulling

“Sanskar beta where are you going?” AP asked as she saw him getting up.

“I am going to office”

“But breakfast?” Uttara prompts in between

“I am done and anyways I don’t like breakfast today. It’s so tasteless. and this Pasta it’s so bad today.” Sanskar said irritatingly

“But Bhai you haven’t even taste it yet” nikhil said confusingly

“So? I don’t have to taste in order to find out how it tastes. It doesn’t even look good and I am sure that it’ll taste pathetic. Even my coffee was not good today. God knows what’s gone wrong with Nakul today. Maa Warn Nakul to prepare my breakfast and coffee properly or else just find a new job for himself. I can’t tolerate such things.” He said as he stormed out from there leaving whole Family behind baffled.

“But Pasta was really good in taste.” Laksh said confusingly as he tasted the pasta yet again

Soon a fit of laughter broke on the table as they realizes the reason of Sanskar’s such reaction. As usual he had yelled in order to cover his embarrassment. AP just shakes her head seeing the change of attitude in her son. Probably he had started realizing Ragini’s importance in his life. She thought as she looked at retreating figure of Sanskar who was rushing out from there as fast as he can in order to save from the teasing session of his family.

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