Saadi Love Story (part 7)

Days went by and it’s been 2 months now since Ragsan get married. Both trying their best to adjust with this sudden change in their relationship. Ragini continues to take care of Sanskar’s daily needs and Sanskar just let her do whatever she wants in order to keep her happy. Many times he felt that Ragini had somewhere lost herself in this marriage. Though she smiles and talks a lot with Laksh, Uttara and maa as before yet he finds that bubbliness missing in her which she had before marriage. Guess she had become a bit matured after marriage. But he don’t want this, he doesn’t want her to lose herself in dis Loveless relationship. And what he misses the most is the warmth of their relationship like it was before. He can’t talk to her freely like he use to do before. He had to think twice of his actions as he don’t want to give her unnecessary hopes. There was always an awkward silence whenever they are alone though they both try their best not to make it obvious to each other yet deep in their hearts they know that their relationship had changed a lot and it may not be like before now.

So as a result Sanskar made himself engrossed in work in order to avoid any kind of confrontation with Ragini. But that doesn’t mean that he don’t pay heed towards Ragini. He makes sure that Ragni don’t face any kind of problem in adjusting with dis new life or she had any kind of uncomfortableness due to their relationship. Only thing he do is to try to not to come on front of her until it’s necessary. At night when he use to come to their room Ragini already goes to sleep and in the morning the only time they see each other is during breakfast or when Ragini brings coffee for Sanskar. Even in that time also they try to behave normally as they use to do before but it seems so difficult.

Ragini too understand Sanskar’s turmoil. She can clearly see that he’s trying to distance himself from her but she didn’t make it obvious to him. She continues to take care of him like she use to do. Even though there comes a time when she needs him to talk, to tease so that they can get rid from this awkwardness but seeing him engrossed so much in work she decided not to disturb him and gives him his space. She can’t deny the fact that she’s feeling an unknown attraction towards Sasnkar but Every Time she shrug it off thinking that she doesn’t have any right. Sanskar had and will only Love Swara and she can never had that place in his heart and somewhere it hurts but again it was decided by destiny so why not leave it to Destiny itself. All she can do is to leave everything on God and time.

It was one such day when Ragini was standing near her window lost in her deep thoughts. Sanskar had left early for office today and she was not even able to see him today. She felt an unknown restlessness in her heart just because she had not seen him today, just because she was not able to talk to him for whatever time they use to talk and strangely she don’t had any reason for her restlessness. The way Sanskar took care of her and their relationship even though after him avoiding her had started drawing Ragini towards him. She knows it was wrong, she can’t feel for him in this way but deep inside her heart she wanted him to be by her side, she wanted their married life as normal as any other couple had.

Though he never fails from performing his part of duties yet her heart craves for that Love which he had for her sister but then again she had to control her emotions knowing she can’t feel this way not then when he had clearly told him not to expect anything from him or dis marriage. But today when Sanskar left without even meeting her before had created an unknown restlessness in her heart. Many times she decided to call him and ask whether he had taken his lunch or if he’s fine or at what time will he come home but Every Time she keeps her cell phone away thinking that he may not like it. She made herself understand many times since morning that it’s fine, he must have some important meeting due to which he left so early, but her heart was just not letting her in peace. She tried to distract herself many times but failed so finally she stands near the window to get some fresh air and calm her beating heart a bit when she felt a pair of hands covering her eyes.

Geet was surprised with the sudden action. She ran her hand over the pair of hands covering her eyes to recognize the person and soon a smile adorned her face as she recognizes the person.

“Heer!!!” (Mouni Roy) she said excitedly as she felt her best friend behind her.

“Yes the one and only ur best friend Heer. But dis is not fair Ragini u always recognize me.” Heer said in a complaining voice while coming in front.

Ragini can’t express her happiness that she felt after meeting her best friend after 6 whole months. She immediately hugged her tight as the tears started making its way down her eyes.

“I missed you yaar” Ragini said while smiling through tears still hugging her

“I too missed u a lot Ragini.” Heer said while patting her back to calm her down knowing very well that she must be crying right now.

After a while they pulled out from hug and Ragini made her sit on the couch nearby. After a moment of silence between them Heer finally speaks.

“Ragini how did all this happen? I mean u and Sanskar Jiju….. Married…. How and when? U know after coming back to India when I go to your house to meet you then Aunty told me that u and Sanskar Jiju are married and Swara Di is no more. How all this happen Ragini?” Heer asked anxiously

Ragini took a deep breath and told her everything how Swara died in a plane crash, how she asked her to marry Sanskar before taking her last breath, how they both get married and how are they spending their lives after marriage. Heer was all shocked to listen all dis and what makes her sad is that she was not their with her best friend when she needed her the most. She knows how close Ragini and swara was and she also knows the warmth Ragini and Sanskar share in their relationship before this fateful incident and she can easily understand at what stage they both are going through now and Ragini had faced all this alone in these 3 months while she was in US for her workshop.

“Itna sab kuch ho Gaya and you didn’t even bothered to tell me. Ragini, u are facing all dis alone and u can’t even call me to inform. Forget about you that stupid Luksh also haven’t told me anything not even then when he use to talk to me every day. I should have understand it then only when he didn’t talked to me for 1 month or so and later gave an excuse that he was out for his training and his cell phone was lost. I should have known it then only that something is wrong.” Heer said both in anger and hurt

“Heer pls don’t get angry. Laksh wanted to tell you but I had stopped him. U were there for ur workshop and I don’t want u to divert your concentration. It was not good for your career. I…….”

“To hell with this career Ragini. I don’t want such kind of career in which I was not with my best friend when she needed me the most. U were here handling and facing everything alone and I was dere busy with my workshop. Now I get it why u always avoid my calls and if u take it then also u don’t talk much to me.” Heer said in anger interrupting Ragini.

“Heer, leave all dis na. Whatever had to happen has happened pls forget everything. Please” Ragini said in a pleading voice and Heer took a deep breath to control her anger.

“Ragini tell me one thing, are you happy? See don’t lie to me. the way yours and Jiju relationship is going on had u even realize what will be its future?” Heer asked in concern and Ragini sighed listening to the same question that she keeps on asking to herself Every Time.

“I don’t know Heer what will be the future of this relationship. I don’t know whether he’ll ever Love me or not. I don’t know anything Heer; All I know is that Di’s wish matters me the most. All I know is that his happiness matters me the most and for that I’ll do anything. It didn’t matter to me that he loves me or not all that matters me is that I’ll do everything to keep dis marriage working till my last breath without expecting anything from him.”Ragini said as she stands up from the couch and stands near the window.

“But will it be easy Ragini? Ragini we both know that this is not what u dreamt of. U had never dreamt of having loveless marriage. And now u are saying that u’ll keep this marriage working even after knowing that he may not Love you ever.” Heer said as she came and stand near her not believing that she’s the same Ragini who use to lost in the dreams of someone like Ranbir Kapoor.

“I told you before also Heer that it didn’t matter to me whether he’ll love me or not but I’ll not back out from my duty. I know it won’t be easy but if we both are “Destined to be” then God had definitely had something stored for us” Ragini said as she looks at Heer and Heer was amazed to see the amount of maturity in her.

“And what about him? What answer will u give to him when he’ll return back Ragini? He must be in this hope that when he’ll come back then your answer will be yes. Don’t u think that u need to give an explanation to him too” Heer asked worriedly

(Those who are confused heer is talking about that person who Loves Ragini)

“Heer, I know I owe an explanation to him but now I can’t even think of him. In Fact I had never thought of him in that way. And when he’ll return he’ll get his entire answers when he’ll see me married to someone else. And if he won’t understand me then I’ll make him understand that we were just not meant to be and now I don’t have any right to think about him. I’ll be loyal to my marriage and my husband.” Ragini Geet said with an unknown proud addressing Sanskar as her husband.

“I am really proud of you Ragini. The way u are handling this sudden change in your life is truly remarkable and I am sure that God will definitely reward you with something best in your life. And I’ll always be there with you, you know that Heer said assuringly while hugging feeling proud to be her friend.

“Acha now enough of these emotional talks. Now go and meet your Deewana (Laksh) before he comes to me complaining that I had kidnapped you.” Ragini said with a smile while pulling out from the hug.

“ya I’ll meet him but first he has to face me for hiding all this from me” Heer said with fake anger while Ragini just laughed

“C’mon Heer don’t be so mean. don’t even dare to trouble my devar.
oh ho devar don’t forget that you are my friend first then hid bhabhi so i have more right on u. Heer said in complaining tone
Ragini laughs and oh someone is getting jealous. Stop your nautanki. You know he Loves you a lot and even you too.”

“I know Ragini but u know it’s really fun to tease him. Anyways I’ll just go and meet him” Heer said as she winks and then left from there leaving Ragini alone in her thoughts.


Later in that evening Sanskar was working in his office when he got Call from sumi. He frowned seeing her calling as she never calls him during this time but thinking it may be important he picks up the call.

“Hello beta”

“Hello Maa! How are you? andd how’s Papa?” he greeted only to find worried sumi other side

“Nothing is fine beta. Shekhar had got a heart Attack and we are at xyz hospital. Doctors are saying that his condition is really serious. Beta you pls come here as soon as possible. I am really not able to understand what to do?” sumi said being panic.

“Maa! Maa pls Relax. Nothing will happen to Papa. I am on my way you just be relax. I’ll bring Ragini too along with me. You pls relax” Sanskar tried his best to calm her and then without wasting time he left for Mansion to inform Ragini not before asking his secretary to cancel all his meeting that has been lined up in the meeting

Throughout the drive to Mansion Sanskar was in dilemma as to how to break this news to Ragini. Knowing Ragini he knows that she won’t be able to take this so easily. She loves her family to the core and there’s no doubt in it. But he don’t have any other option too he had to tell her.

“O God! How will I tell this to Ragini. She’ll break down completely. Already she was broken due to Swara’s death and if anything happens to Papa then she won’t be able to take it. But anyhow I had to tell this to her. I can’t hide this from her. O God! Pls give me enough strength to tell this news to her.” he thought as he continues to drive towards MM thinking how he will tell this news to her.


As soon as he reached MM he saw AP and Uttara sitting in the hall chatting with Heer. When Uttara’s gaze falls on Sanskar she was shocked to see him so early from office today.

“What a pleasant surprise Bhai? How come you are so early from office today? Uttara asked teasingly but Sanskar Maan was in no mood for joke.

“Uttara where is Ragini?” he asked anxiously not finding her over there

“Ohho! Someone is desperate ha….” Uttara said while winking only to face Sanskar’s wrath.

” stop Ur nonsense and tell me where is Ragini?” Sanskar roared in Anger making Uttara jump in fear

” beta ragini is in kitchen. But what’s wrong? Is everything ok?” AP asked worriedly seeing him this much angry

“maa I’ll tell you everything later but first let me meet Ragini” he said and rushed towards the Ragini leaving everyone behind baffled.


Here Ragini was preparing all the fav dishes of Sanskar for dinner. She had not seen Sanskar today since morning. God knows whether he had taken his breakfast also properly or not so she wanted to do something which he would like. She was preparing his fav. Chocolate mousse for him when Sanskar entered in the kitchen only to find her engrossed in work. He hold back his tears seeing her so happy. God knows how will she react when he’ll tell about Shekhar’s health.

“Ragini!” he said softly in order to gain her attention. Ragini instantly turned back listening to him. She felt an unknown happiness in her heart seeing him after whole day.

“Aap aa gaye? Aap fresh ho jayiye main abhi aapke liye coffee lekar aati hoon. Pata nahi apne subah breakfast bhi theek se kiya hoga ya nahi and as sure that u had not even taken your Lunch properly. U go and freshen up and I’ll bring some snacks for you too along with Coffee.” Ragini was so happy to see him that she failed to notice the forlorn look on Sanskar’s face. But with every passing minute Sanskar was feeling heavy in his heart. he was not able to gather courage to tell her what he wants seeing her so happy but he had to tell her.

“Ragini listen to me” Sanskar said seriously and Ragini stopped in her tracks listening to the seriousness in his voice.

“What happen? U seems to be worried?” Ragini asked finally noticing his expressions. Sanskar took a deep breath before coming near her and holding her from her shoulders.

“Ragini, listen to me carefully what I am going to say (he paused for a while to see her reaction and then continued) Ragini, Wo…. Papa….. Papa” he fumbled not sure how to formulate making Ragini not scared

“What happen to Bade Papa? Is he okay? You are scaring me? Pls tell me what happen to him?” Ragini asked in panic while shaking Sanskar’s arm.

“Ragini, Papa had got heart attack and his condition is serious. We had to leave immediately for hospital.” Sanskar said it all in one breath and Ragini just thumped on floor not believing what she had just heard.

“No, this can’t be true. Sanskar pls say that you are lying. Pls say that my Bade Papa is fine. Pls Sanskar.” she said as she broke into tears.

(Saghi Jumping out of nowhere “O God! She called him Sanskar not once but twice and both didn’t even realize it)

“Ragini, Ragini look at me” Sanskar said as he cupped her face to make her look at him sitting near her

“Papa will be fine, trust me. Nothing will happen to him. Pls don’t lose hope like this. But abhi we need to go to hospital. Maa needs us over there hhmmm”Sanskar said as he hugged sobbing Ragini sideways trying to console her when his own eyes are brimming in tears

“Let’s go Ragini! We have to reach over there fast” Sanskar said as he steadied Ragini and after a while left for hospital not before informing everyone about Shekhar’s condition.


It’s been 1 hour since both Ragsan are in hospital along with whole Maheshwari family excluding Kavya. Ragini didn’t moved away from the ICU since the time she has came to hospital. She was continuously looking at her Bade Papa fighting for his life through the glass circle of the door. Her heart cried seeing him in this condition. Since the time she gained her knowledge of understanding things she had always found her Bade Papa by her side.

After her parents Death when everyone was shrugging their shoulders to take her responsibility it was him only who had came forward and took her with him and had given all that Love and care that any parent would give to their children. Because of his Love only she never felt that she’s an orphan. But today she felt like she’s getting orphan yet again.

She was crying while resting her forehead on the door when she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. She turned to see only to find Sanskar over there. Without any second thoughts she hugged him tight and burst into tears. Sanskar was hesitant at first but then understanding her condition he hugged her back while patting her back to calm her down.

“Sanskar Bade Papa…..” she couldn’t say further as she was too much choked in tears.

“Sshhh Ragini! Don’t cry. He’ll be fine. U had trust on God Na. nothing will happen to him.” he said while caressing her hairs comforting her but his own eyes are burning with tears but he needs to be strong for her and he did as he continues caressing her hairs and back assuring her that he’s there with her.


Another 2 hours have been passed and Shekhar is still in ICU. Doctors are trying their best but they are not getting satisfactory result. They had even said that if his health doesn’t show any improvement within 2 hours then it’ll be difficult for them to save him. AP and sumi had left for Ragini’s home much to Sanskar’s insistence as it was not good for their health. Uttara, Laksh, Heer, Nikhil and Ragsan are still at hospital and Sanskar assured sumi and AP that he’ll handle everything. He was pacing at the corridor when he saw Ragini missing from there.

“Where is Ragini?” he asked all of a sudden and this is when everyone noticed that Ragini is not dere with them.

“I don’t know Bhai. She was here with us only but don’t know where she had gone all of a sudden” Uttara said while looking here and there to find Ragini.

“Are you out of your Mind Uttara? I asked you not to leave her alone. U know from what she’s going through yet u didn’t understand.” Sanskar said in anger and Uttara gets scared seeing him like that.

“Sorry Bhai. I had just gone to take water and she was here only at that time. But then I didn’t realize when she left from here” Uttara said meekly

“Jiju I guess I had seen her going towards Terrace.” Heer said as she reminds of something.

Sanskar immediately left for terrace in search of Ragini giving important instructions to Nikhil and asked him to inform him immediately if Doctor says anything.


As soon as Sanskar reached at the terrace he looked here and there madly in search of Ragini but she was nowhere to be seen. Finally his gaze falls at the corner where he saw Ragini sitting at a corner while hugging her knees crying continuously. Sanskar slowly went towards her and sat beside her. Ragini sensed his presence but she didn’t react for anything.

“Ragini have something. Heer told me that you didn’t even have your Lunch.” Sanskar said as he forwarded a plate of snacks towards her.

“I don’t feel like eating anything.” Ragini said as she pushed the plate aside without looking at him.

“Ragini don’t be stubborn. See u look so pale. Pls have something” He literally pleaded but Ragini didn’t budge at all. Sanskar sighed and finally put the plate aside. A silence prevailed over there for sometime. Both didn’t say anything to each other. No words were needed to console each other. They just sat over there without saying anything then it was Ragini first to break the silence first.

“U know something Sanskar, when I and Di were small we use to play Hide and Seek with Bade Papa. And u know when he hides and I was not able to find him then I use to sit at the corner and cry fakely so that he came out from his hidden place and u knw Bade Papa knows that I am not crying in real yet he came out from his hidden place. And when Di complains that why did he came out from his hidden place when he knows that I’m not crying in real then he use to say that he can’t see me crying then let be it in unreal.” Ragini said with a small smile and Sanskar too smiled with her sharing his childhood memory with her.

“Today I am also sitting at the corner but this time I am crying for real but Bade Papa is not coming. Why he’s not coming Sanskar? Is he not able to hear my cry or he don’t care for me?” Ragini said as fresh tears welled up in her eyes.

“Ragini….” Sanskar tried to say something seeing her condition only to be interrupted by her.

“Why Sanskar why? Why does it happens with me? why the person whom I Love the most leaves me? first Maa and Papa left me but u know I never felt that I am alone because Bade papa and Badi Maa are there with me. I don’t even remember them because Di and everyone had given me so much Love. But then Di also left me. She had also gone away from my life (Sanskar closed his eyes in pain when she mentioned about Swara) and now Bade Papa is also leaving me. I am Bad Na Sanskar very Bad that’s why everyone just leaves me but Am I this much bad Sanskar that everyone just leaves me? Am I this much bad that everyone just leaves me alone? Don’t I deserve anyone’s Love? Pls say Na Sanskar do you also think the same. Pls say na” she said as she broke in tears. Sanskar can’t take this anymore. He quickly held her by shoulders and crushed her in his embrace.

“Ssshhh Ragini, don’t say like this. u are not at all bad. Trust me. u deserve all the happiness and Love of this world. Everyone Loves you a lot don’t feel u are alone, Pls” Sanskar said as he hugged her tight not able to bear her blaming herself. Ragini continues crying in his embrace and after sometime Sanskar gently pulled her out from hug and wiped away her tears.

“Ragini, you are the best girl I had ever met. The girl who just knows to smile even in odd situations, the girl who can sacrifice her dreams her wishes for someone else’ happiness, the girl who never thinks twice about herself, the girl who always care and Love even for the strangers then how can that girl can be bad. You are not at all bad Ragini. it was not in our hands to change what destiny has already planned. Be it Ur Parents demise or Swara’s or our marriage. So don’t blame yourself for anything. Ragini if u’ll break down like this then who’ll handle Maa. She needs you a lot at this time and only u can handle her. Pls stop blaming yourself for no reason. For me you are the most Lovable girl with whom everyone wants to be with. Trust me” Sanskar said and Ragini just looks at him without saying anything.

How easily he had consoled her. How easily he had made her feel special with his simple words. Though she knows that he didn’t even realize wat he said in order to console her but Sanskar’s respect in Ragini’s heart gets ten times folder after this. somewhere at the back of her mind she knows that they are bound with some unknown thread but right now she don’t want to think in that direction. All she knows that he cares for her a lot and this is enough for her for dis life time. He was here by her side when she needed him the most what else could she ask from him.

“Ragini pls have something.” Sanskar said while forwarding a bite towards her breaking the silence bringing Ragini back from her thoughts.

“No, I don’t want…..” she tried to protest only to be interrupted by him

“For ur Bade Papa pls. do u think he’ll be happy to know about your condition when he’ll recover.” He asked and Ragini nodded her head in no.

“Then pls have something. Trust me Papa will be fine” he said and Ragini felt an unknown assurance in his words to the result of which she opened her mouth and Sanskar slowly feeds her the bite.

Ragini just took few bites and then again hugged him in order to get rid from her fear of losing someone close to her heart. Sanskar understands her turmoil and hugged her back without any hesitation assuring her that she’s not alone. He’s always be there with her with every step of her life. no matter if they are bound in this loveless marriage but he’ll never leave by her side till eternity.

Ok so this is it guys! hope u all are going to like it… sorry for the delay.. these days I don’t feel like to write anything. So I don’t when I’ll update next part (May be after 2 months or so) till then take care and keep smiling:)

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