Saadi Love Story (part 6)

“beta Sanskar kahan hai?” sumi asked out of blue interrupting Ragini and shekahr’s talk

Ragini turned to look at her somewhere knowing very well that this question must be coming. But the thing for which she was not sure was that what will be Her Badi Maa’s reaction wen she’ll say that Sanskar has just dropped her over here and has gone to office though only she had insisted for it. She needs to explain it to them by using right sets of words or else they’ll get worried for no reason. Thinking this she looked at sumi who was waiting for her answer

“Badi Maa wo mere saath nahi aaye hai” [Badi Maa he haven’t come with me] Ragini said and as expected panic appeared on sumi’s face as she registered Ragini’s word. So does that mean that her fear as right. Her Loving daughter is not happy in this relationship. She thought and then again looked at Ragini who was standing there worried looking at her Badi Maa’s reaction.


Ragini instantly understands wats going in the mind of her Badi Maa. She was never in favor of this alliance no matter it was Swara’s wish yet she can’t ruin the happiness of her one daughter to fulfill the wish of her another daughter and today when she told her that Sanskar has not come with her then the reaction of her Badi Maa was obvious but she need to make her understand that what she’s thinking is wrong before she make an assumption of her own.

“Badi Maa meri puri baat to Suniye. Wo mere saath yaha ghar nahi aaye kyunki unke office me ek important meeting thi. He had come here with me and we are about to enter when kavita called him regarding the meeting. He was not at all ready to go but I only insisted him to go as it was important.” Ragini said quickly before sumi can think of anything else. [Badi Maa, first let me complete. He haven’t come with me to home because he had an important meeting in the office. He had come here with me and we are about to enter when kavita called him regarding the meeting. He was not at all ready to go but I only insisted him to go as it was important.]

“Tu sach bol rahi hai Na ragu.” Sumi asked still suspicious of what Ragini had just said [You are saying the truth na Ragu?]

“Ya Badi Maa sachi. Aap Na bekaar me hi tension le rahe ho. Unhone kaha hai ki jaise hi unka kaam khatam ho jayega wo aa jayenge.” Ragini said while trying her best to convince her Badi Maa. [Ya Badi Maa honestly. U are getting worried for no reason. He said that as soon as his work will be finished he’ll come over here]

“Arey sumi ab agar tumhara interrogation khatam ho gaya ho to Ragini ko aaram se baithne to do. Bechari kabse khadi hui hai” shekhar said before sumi can ask any other question. [Arey Sumi! If Ur interrogations are over now then Let Ragini relax now. Poor girl standing from so long]

“haan to maine kab mana kiya hai. Aap hi kabse bolte ja rahe hain. Ragini come beta sit over here. I’ll just bring a juice for you.” Sumi said while taking Ragini towards the couch while shekhar just shakes his head seeing his wife’s antics and goes towards the couch near Ragini. [Ya so when did I refused. U yourself are talking from so long. Ragini come beta sit over here. I’ll just bring a juice for you]


Here in the office though Sanskar was in the meeting with the client but his Mind was just thinking about Ragini. He still don’t understand y had he started feeling so different for Ragini that her nearness, her antics had started effecting him now. was it because of the relationship they are sharing now? No, this can’t be the reason; it’s just been a day since they get married so how can she affect him this much. But if this was not the reason then what reason he would give himself to justify about what he did in the morning or what he did in the car.

Ok he was just fixing her Bindi but Boy! Was he fooling himself? Fixing her Bindi was the last thing in his mind when he touched her soft skin. The moment his fingers came in contact with the soft and smooth skin of her face he forgets everything and just wanted to caress that silky skin again and again. And he would caress it for some more time too if his gaze didn’t fall on her closed eyes and flushed face.

What has gotten onto him? Ok it’s true that they are husband and wife now but doesn’t he know that this relationship is just for name sake. No he needs to keep a check on his emotions. He can’t ruin everything by getting flowed with these emotions. She’s trying her best to cope up with this sudden change of relations so he’ll also make sure that he won’t make anything complicated between them.

“Mr. Maheshwari Mr. Maheshwari are you listening.” His client called him again and again bringing Sanskar back from his reverie.

Huh… ya Mr. Bajaj sorry can we discuss this again.” Sanskar said after coming back to reality and gets himself engrossed in the meeting to get rid from his weird thoughts.


It’s been 3 hours since Ragini was in her home. It’s been just a day since Ragini had left this house yet for shekhar and sumi it was an eternity so there are not leaving any chance to pamper her. After having Lunch Ragini quietly stepped inside swara’s room and as she stepped inside a rush of emotions had crept in her heart. This was the same room where she had spent so much time with her sister. Everything was so right and perfect and now everything just went upside down. It all just seems to be a dream now as she thinks of the previous days. She goes near Swara’s table, picked up her photograph and hold it close near her heart. She closed her eyes and didn’t realize when tears had started falling from her eyes until she felt a hand wiping those tears from her face. She opened her eyes only to find sumi standing in front of her wiping away her tears. Ragini just hugged her tight and cried while sumi just keep on patting her back to calm her down. After sometime when she pulled back from the hug sumi again wiped away her tears gesturing her to not to cry.

“Bas Ragini now you’ll not cry. I can’t see u in tears beta.” Sumi said while wiping away her tears

“Unhone bhi yahi kaha tha” Ragini said with a smile remembering what Sanskar has said to her in the morning when she was sewing the button of his shirt [he too said the same thing]

“Unhone? Kisne ” [he? Who Ragini?] sumi asked not understanding to whom is she addressing but then suddenly realizes about whom is she talking”Sanskar ne” and Ragini just nodded her head in yes

“Ragini you are happy Na beta?” sumi asked out of blue and Ragini knew that she was expecting an honest answer

“Yes Badi Maa. I’m really happy. U knew everyone at MM right? They pamper me just like you and Bade Papa. And he also make sure that I won’t compromise for anything. U know he had missed his office today just to take me here for Pagphere. Wo to he got a call from office so he had to go or else he would also be here with me.” Ragini replied to all of her Badi Maa’s doubt and she knows that she haven’t said anything wrong.

“And what about Love? Do u think that you’ll be able to spend your whole life with this Loveless Marriage just in the hope that may be one day he’ll also Love you. He’ll give you the actual place of yours?”

“I don’t know Badi Maa but I know that I’m happy. I know he don’t Love me, I know he can’t give me that place that I deserve but I don’t want to force anything on him. And trust me Badi Maa he is also trying his best to keep this relationship working but how can I claim that thing which is not mine.”

“But Ragini…” sumi tried to protest only to be interrupted by Ragini again.

“Badi Maa I’m fine trust me. I had full faith on Babaji Badi Maa. May be as the time passes he’ll fall in Love with me or will give me that place which I actually deserve. U please don’t worry for anything. Just leave everything on time” Ragini replied interrupting sumi before she gets more worried.

“U really had grown-up Ragini. I’m so proud of you” sumi said and kissed her forehead.

“Acha now call Sanskar. See if he gets free from his meeting or not.” sumi said in order to change the topic while Ragini just nodded her head and dials Sanskar’s number.

The phone kept on ringing but as Sanskar was discussing some designs with his team he kept it on silent mode therefore he didn’t saw Ragini calling. Ragini understands that he must be busy that’s why not taking her call but what should she say to Badi Maa. She looked over her shoulders and saw her standing behind her waiting for her to speak to Sanskar. Ragini knows that if Sanskar didn’t take the call then sumi will get worried for their relation yet again. Therefore she sighed and took a deep breath before doing what she is going to do.

“Hello! how was your meeting?… Badi Maa is asking when will you come? no no u don’t leave your work in mid… I said Na its ok… U complete Ur work… Ya its completely fine… No Badi Maa won’t mind… u complete your work ok… Bye see u in the evening” Ragini said while pretending to talk to Sanskar on call so that Sumi won’t get suspicious but least she knows that sumi knows that she’s pretending. She’s a mother After all how can she not catch her daughter’s lie but she don’t want her daughter attempt to go futile so she pretended that she didn’t know anything

“wo Badi Maa he still had some important work in the office therefore he’s not able to get free soon. But he said that he’ll definitely be here in the evening” Ragini said while trying her best to convince sumi

“Oh it’s ok no problem. Work is also important. Come let’s go to Ur Bade Papa or else he’ll complaint that he didn’t got chance to spend time with his daughter” sumi said and both Ragini and sumi went out of Swara’s room not before Ragini giving last glance to her room


Here in the office Sanskar gets so much engrossed in his work in order to get rid from thinking about Ragini that he completely lost the track of time. He had come office just to attend one meeting but one after another lots of work come up and he just gets engrossed in it. He didn’t realize that its past 7 of the evening until his secretary told him that he got a call from his home. It was then he looked at watch and realize that it was about to hit 8. He immediately asked her to transfer the call only to find AP on the other side.

“Sanskar what are you still doing in the office. Had u forget that u have to go to pick Ragini” AP chided her workaholic son. Since the time Nikhil informed her about Sanskar’s arrival at office to attend a meeting she feared for this only that once he’ll get engrossed in work then he’ll forget all his surroundings and the same thing happened.

“No maa wo actually the work was important so I just lost the track of time” Sanskar tried to defend himself but all went in vain

“I don’t want to listen anything Sanskar just wind up all Ur work now and go to Ragini’s home. She must be waiting for you” AP said and cuts the call.

Sanskar immediately looked at his cell only to find numerous miss calls from Ragini and AP’s number he immediately dials Ragini’s number but it was coming switched off. He then dialed the landline number of Mehra’s and sumi picked up the phone

Sanskar: Hello Maa! It’s me Sanskar
sumi: Arey Sanskar. How are you beta?
Sanskar: I am fine Maa. How are you and Papa?
Sumi: we both are fine beta. Did Ragini reached home safely?

Sumi’s questions just confuse Sanskar. Why is she asking him that whether Ragini had reached home safely or not. Does that mean that Ragini was not there?

“Sanskar, sanskar beta are u listening?” sumi’s voice bring him back from his reverie and he realizes that he can’t just blurt it out that Ragini haven’t reached home yet.

Sanskar: ya Maa I’m listening. But Maa how much time before did Ragini left. I mean it really took her long to come to MM
Sumi: beta she left 3 hours before only. May be got stuck up in traffic. She called you many times but I guess u were in meeting so she told me that she had informed you and you are reluctant before and then was okay with it.

As sumi’s word Registered in Sanskar’s mind he realizes that Ragini had lied in her home about talking to him when he didn’t picked up his cell. He just said a quick bye to sumi and cuts the call.

“What should I do with this Girl? Why she always needs to think about everyone so much that she lands up doing such things. Maa had said that she left 3 hours before then why didn’t she reached home yet? Is she ok? O God! I really need to find her fast.” He thought and without wasting a minute he rushes out from his office takes his car and started looking for Ragini at every possible places here she can go but she was nowhere

He once again called at MM hoping that she must have reached by now but she hadn’t reached there yet so he just cover it up by saying that he had called to inform that he and Ragini will be late.

“Where are you Ragini? Please just be safe wherever you are.” he said to himself and once again started searching her but failed.

After 1 and a half hour of futile attempt of searching her he decided to go back to MM and tell everyone about her being missing so that they can do something regarding this. his mind was continuously thinking about Ragini. What answer will he give to everyone when they’ll find that Ragini is missing. He had promised that he’ll take care of Ragini and here Ragini is missing just because of him. Had he not get so much engrossed in work then he would remember that he had to go to Ragini’s home to pick her up. What if she’s in any kind of trouble? The thought itself was enough to make him shiver. No he won’t let anything happen to her. He’ll try every possible way but he’ll find her out.

He was lost in these thoughts when he reached near the vicinity of the MM when he saw a petite figure sitting on the bench near his mansion. He knotted his brows and as he neared his car a relief washed over his face as he saw Ragini sitting over there at the bench. For the first few mins He couldn’t understand that whether he was dreaming or Ragini was really there but soon he realizes that Ragini was actually there. He instantly stopped his car and quickly comes out from the car and goes near her.

“Ragini” he called out her name as a mere whisper feeling relieved that she’s all safe and sound.

Ragini was sitting at the bench lost in her thoughts when Sanskar came near her. She didn’t realize his presence until he called out her name. She instantly turned her head only to find him standing near her with concern and worries written over at his face. A smile crept up on her face seeing him. She instantly gets up from the bench and was about to say something wen his next set of words interrupted her.

“What the hell are you doing over here Ragini? Tumme dimmag naam ki cheez hai ya nahi? U left your home 4 and a half hour ago and still haven’t reached to MM? I was searching u madly everywhere but there was no sign of you. Do you know how much worried I was? I thought that you are in some kind of danger and here you are doing nothing but just sitting on the bench.” He said angrily but more then anger it was panic and restlessness that he had gone through in this 1 and a half hour.

“Wo I…” she tried to say something only to be interrupted by Sanskar

“Not a word Ragini. Haven’t u thought about me once. Haven’t u thought about it once that what answer I’ll give to everyone when they’ll not see me with u once? Haven’t u thought about it once that what would have do if you were stuck up in some sort of danger? Your cell phone was also coming switched off.”

“My cell phone battery was dead that’s why it was coming switched off” Ragini managed to say this somehow but seeing Sanskar’s anger she don’t have courage to say anything further.

Sanskar looked other side in irritation don’t know on whom he’s irritated; on Ragini for not letting him know before leaving her home and rather than going back to MM she was sitting over here on the bench or at himself for not paying any heed to her calls when she was continuously calling him. He turned to look at Ragini only to find her looking down at the road while continuously rubbing her upper arms with her palms. Sanskar realizes that she was feeling cold as the weather was quiet chilly.

“Ragini c’mon lets go inside or else you’ll catch cold” he said rather sternly but Ragini didn’t missed the concern in his voice. She nodded slowly and followed him to his car. Once they get seated in the car Sanskar drove back to the MM.


After 15 mins. Of ride they both reached to MM. Ragini tried to talk to him, to tell him wat she was doing over there at bench but seeing him concentrating on driving so much she couldn’t muster courage to say anything to him so she just kept quiet. After parking the car inside the garage both headed inside only to find AP waiting eagerly for both of them.

“Hhmmm so finally you both are here.” she said as soon as she saw both of them

“Sorry maa wo we got little late” Sanskar said hiding what actually happened.

“Arey beta its ok in fact I’m happy that at least u both spend some time together. U know I was very much worried when I called you at that time in office and found u still working there. I had specially mentioned it to Ragini that I want both of you to come home together when she called me 4 hours back to inform that u are stuck up in some kind of meeting but now I’m happy that u both had taken some time for just both of you. Sanskar if any of you would have come alone today then I would definitely not leave you.” AP said and Sanskar instantly looked at Ragini who was standing there with a faint smile.

“O God! She hasn’t got back to MM till now just because of me. Just because maa wants to both of us to come together and she don’t want me to face her wrath. That’s why she was waiting for me over there at bench and I said so much to her without giving any chance for her to speak. Damn it! How can u be so impulsive Sanskar” he thought as the realization dawn upon him which only made him feel guilty.

“u both must be tired. Go and freshen up I’ll ask Nakul to warm up the food.”AP said bringing both of them out from their thoughts.

“maa I don’t feel like having anything. Had a late Lunch at Badi Maa’s place so I’ll not eat anything.” Ragini said while avoiding any eye contact with Sanskar.

“Even I don’t feel like having anything so don’t bother Nakul for it.” Sanskar said not wanting to have Dinner without Ragini.

“Hhmmm why both of you don’t admit that u both had already had your dinner outside” Uttara said while joining all 3 of them in their conversation.

“No Uttara it’s not like that” Ragini tried to defend but Uttara was nowhere to listen

“C’mon Ragini now don’t be shy. Acha leave all this come with me I need to talk to you something. Sanskar Bhai I hope you won’t mind if I steal your wife for few mins.” Uttara said mischievously while looking at Sanskar.

“Ya of course but don’t make her stuck up in your talks for long. She’s must be tired and she needs rest” Sanskar said half-heartedly not wanting Uttara to take Ragini away as he badly wanted to apologize to her.

“OMG! So much concern. Don’t worry Bhai I’ll not take Ragini’s much time now if u permit then can I take her to my room”

“Ya sure. maa I’m also going to my room to take rest. Good night” Sanskar said and headed towards his room giving a last look to Ragini who had already turned to go Uttara’s room.


Half an hour has been passed and Ragini still haven’t returned to room. Sanskar was pacing restlessly in room waiting for her. He badly wanted to apologize to Ragini for yelling at her. She had done all this just for him and he didn’t listen to her once.

He still didn’t understand why she always keeps everyone’s happiness ahead in front of hers. She agreed to this marriage for Swara’s happiness, she didn’t claim any of her rights for his happiness, she let him go to office for clients’ happiness, she managed to portray both of them as a happy couple for his family’s happiness and today she quietly listened to all his yelling because of maa’s happiness. Why she never thinks of herself for just once? He was lost in these thoughts when he heard the faint sound of anklets indicating that she’s here.

He immediately takes a file from side table and pretended for studying it when Ragini enters in their room. He tilted his head a bit to look at her and she gave a faint smile in return and goes near the cupboard to take her night dress and before Sanskar could say anything to her she headed inside the washroom to change. As soon as she stepped inside the washroom Sanskar throws away the file in frustration for not able to apologize to her.

“Damn It Sanskar! why it’s so much difficult for you. U just had to say sorry to her and that too for your own mistake. Don’t worry you had one more chance. Say sorry to her as soon as she stepped out from washroom” he thought mentally whacking himself for his stupidity and waited for her to come out from washroom.

After whole 25 mins. Which seems like an eternity to Sanskar, Ragini came out from washroom. Sanskar was planning only how should he say sorry to her when he saw her going towards the bed and setting the bed. He took a deep breath and goes near. Before he could say anything Ragini turned and lost her balance seeing him so close to her all of a sudden.

She was about to fall back on bed when Sanskar held her by her waist and pulled her towards himself preventing her from falling. For a moment Sanskar forgot to breathe having her so close to him. He can’t remove his gaze from her beautiful face no matter how much he wanted to. Some wet strands were sticking to her forehead indicating she just had a shower. Unknowingly he tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her closer so that his breath was fanning her lips. He slowly raises his hand and removes that strands from her forehead lingering her fingers at her skin for some time.

Ragini was totally lost in him when he pulled her closer to himself. Though he saved her from falling but when she felt him so close to her she forget every other thing around her. It seems there’s no one present in world except the two of them. Unwillingly she rest her hand on his shoulder holding him tight. And when he tightened his grip around her she just wanted to melt in those arms as if she belonged there only. She closed her eyes feeling the warmth of her fingers when he was caressing her skin. It was an unknown sensation for her. Something that she had never experienced before but it felt good, it felt right.

Sanskar looked at her closed eyes as he grazes his finger along her cheeks. Unknown to himself he was getting pulled towards her like a moth towards flame. Somewhere at the back of his mind he knew that it was not right but this moment seems so perfect to him. He was lost in her angelic face wen realization hits him and he realizes wat he was doing. He instantly loosens his grip around her waist bringing Ragini out from his spell.

She opens her eyes only to find him looking other side feeling embarrassed from the situation. She too was flushed with the sudden turn of events and don’t know how to break this awkward silence between them. finally she gathers some courage and decides to break this awkward silence between them.

“Thank you” she whispered softly and Sanskar turned to look at her.

“Thank you for saving me” she said t again and Sanskar just couldn’t find words to reply her.

“U must be tired. U should go and sleep now.” she said and turned towards bed when Sanskar stopped her.

“Ragini Ek min.” he said and Ragini turned to look at him.

“wo I just need to say Sorry to you for yelling at you outside. Actually when Maa told me that u had left 3 hours back but still haven’t reached to MM then I just got worried. I thought that u are in some sort of danger and when I saw you sitting at bench all safe and sound then I couldn’t tell you that how much relieved I was. And to unable to express my worry and relief I just yelled at you. I’m sorry Ragini I know I had hurt you but it was all intentionally. Please forgive me.” he said it all in one breathe because he knows that if once he’ll pause then she’ll never let him complete what he wanted to say as she’ll never let him feel guilty.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to say Sorry to me. I knew u were worried that’s why u yelled at me. It was my mistake too. I should have informed you about it. I don’t know why it didn’t stuck in my mind that I could have also send massage to you and when I realize it my cell phone battery was dead. That’s why I sat at the bench near MM so that when u come to MM then u can spot me easily and we can go home together as per maa’s wish. It was me who should be sorry for making you worried for me not you.” She said and Sanskar just looked at her dumbfounded. He didn’t know from which material she’s made from that she never found any fault in others. It was completely his mistake today. First getting so much engrossed in his work that he didn’t paid any heed to her calls and then yelling at her still she found him nowhere at fault. He was about to say something wen her sneeze caught his attention.

“Aanchi” she sneezed out loud and Sanskar instantly got worried.

“Ragini, Ragini are you fine.” He asked as he saw her continuously sneezing

“Yes I… aanchi…I am… aanchi… fine… Aanchi” she somehow managed to complete her sentence while continuously sneezing. Sanskar recalled the image of her rubbing her upper arms with her arms and realizes that she must have caught cold.

“Ragini, I think u had caught cold. Come with me” he said as he takes her towards the bed and make her lay down.

“Suniye… aanchi… I’m perfectly… Aanchi… fine.” She tried to protest but he was nowhere to listen.

“Chup Bilkul Chup! I’m seeing how much you are fine. Now just keep quiet, I’ll be right back.” he said and got something from the drawer. After few mins Ragini saw him coming with Balm.

“I know u are allergic from allopathic medicines so I brought balm. You’ll feel better after applying It.” he said and started applying balm on her forehead and nose

Ragini just looked at him in awe as he keeps on massaging her forehead and nose with balm. He cares for her, no matter how much their relationship had changed but she knows that he’ll never stop caring for her. She may be not lucky enough to get his Love but she’s lucky enough to get his care at least and this was enough for her for this lifetime. Her trance of thoughts gets broken when she felt his hand going downwards towards her throat and chest. She realizes the gravity of situation and holds his hand before it touches her throat.

“I’ll apply it over there” she said while holding his hand and Sanskar didn’t ignored that slight blush on her cheek and this is when he realizes what he was doing. He was so busy in massaging her soft skin that he forgets where his hands were heading to.

“Ummm… ok but do apply it hhmmm” he said while looking other side and handling the balm to her while she just nodded.

“It’s really late Ragini. U should sleep now” he said and tucked the blanket till her neck and turned to leave when her voice stopped him

“Thanx” she said softly and Sanskar just turned half way and smiled while looking at her.

“Good night Ragini. Sleep well.” He said and headed towards couch and sets his bed over there.

Ragini watched him till he switched off the side lamp and drifted off to sleep. She smiled as she touched her forehead and remember his care towards her. She once again looked at him and then switched off the lamp of her side and drifted off to sleep too.


On the other hand at some another corner of the world a man in his late twenties was sitting while leaning back his head on the chair with a photo in his hand. He ran his fingers on the pic and a sweet smile crept up his face as he felt caressing her soft skin with his fingers.

“Ragini, I’m missing you so much. It’s been almost 2 months since I’m away from you. I know you must be missing me too. But don’t worry Ragini I’ll be there with you soon. Just few more days and then I’ll be there with you. I know till now u had got the answer of the question that I asked you before leaving and u must be waiting eagerly for me to tell that answer. Just few more days Ragini then I’ll be there to get that answer. The answer that I’m dying to hear from you. Just few more days. I Love you Ragini, I Love you so much.” he said and kissed her picture ever so softly and held it close to his heart before leaving from there.

ok so this is it guys! hope u all are going to like this Part… Now tell me how many of u wanted to kill me for the last part… don’t worry the mystery will reveal soon…

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