Saadi Love Story (part 5)

After Breakfast Sanskar gets up from table and started heading towards outside. Everyone thought that he’s leaving for office when he had to take Ragini for her Pagphere. They wanted to stop him but none had courage to talk to him. Amidst of all this Ragini was sitting relaxed because she knows she don’t have right to expect anything like that from him. AP was about to stop him when he himself stopped in his tracks and turned to look at them

“Ragini get ready fast. We have to go to your house for Ur Pagphere. I am waiting for u at hall.” He said and headed towards hall leaving everyone behind bewildered and Ragini had almost choked with her juice.

It took Ragini sometime to register what he had just said. This he just asked her to get ready and he’s taking her to her home when he was supposed to go to office, she thought. And as the realization hits her that he was actually getting ready for taking her to her home automatically a smile adorned on her lips seeing his concern towards her. Once again he had made her believe that he’ll care for her for whole of the lifetime as he promised.

Everyone was still sitting over there with shock written over there. No one could still able to believe what Sanskar has just said. He was leaving all his work just to take Ragini to her home for Pagphere. For first few seconds even Ragini was not able to fathom that whether she was dreaming or Sanskar really had asked her to get ready.

“Koi Please mujhe pinch karo. Did Bhai just ask Ragini to get ready and he’s taking her for Pagphere” Nikhil spoke breaking the Long-Term silence.[Somebody Please Pinch me. Did Bro just ask Ragini to get ready and he’s taking her for Pagphere?]

“My Pleasure” Laksh said who was sitting in between Uttara and Nikhil while pinching him hard on his arm making him wince

“Ouch!!! Not so hard Laksh” he replied while rubbing his arm while kavya just rolled over her eyes seeing them making a fuss out of simple thing.

“Even I can’t believe this. Sanskar Bhai had never missed his office for anything, but today…” Uttara spoke while still in shock making Ragini thoughtful.

“Is he compromising his work because of me” She thought when she listened to Uttara

“Acha stop all of you now. Sanskar had never missed his office that doesn’t mean that he can’t miss it today. And if you all have forgot then let me remind you all that Sanskar had asked Ragini to get ready fast so Ragini beta you go and Get ready and don’t pay any heed to their nonsense and Uttara you go with Ragini and help her ok.” AP said in between seeing Ragini thoughtful knowing very well what’s going in her mind right now

“Ji maa” Ragini said and gets up from the table and headed towards her room along with Uttara who was continuously chirping about which Dress will Ragini wear today and all.


After whole 25 mins. Ragini came downstairs along with Uttara after getting ready where Sanskar and everyone was waiting for her. As soon as everyone noticed her descending downstairs they couldn’t help themselves from not admiring her including Sanskar. For a moment Sanskar was not able to remove his gaze from her. She’s looking extremely pretty in that Blue Sari that Uttara had selected for her enhancing her milky white skin and the innocence on her face was just adding charm to her beauty. It didn’t seem that she had done any make-up yet she was looking beautiful in her natural beauty. In all total she was looking breath-taking rather and had certainly taken Sanskar’s breath away for a moment.

Ragini noticed Sanskar’s gaze on her and automatically a blush crept on her cheeks and she lowered her gaze feeling shy seeing him looking at her like that. She don’t know why but she had summersault in her stomach when she saw Sanskar drinking her beauty with his eyes. She knows this is wrong she doesn’t have to feel in this way yet she can’t stop herself from not blushing seeing her husband looking intently at her. She again lifts up her gaze only to find him still looking at her unblinkingly.

“OMG! This is really unbelievable” Laksh said out loud bringing Ragsan back from their reverie and Sanskar immediately looked other way realizing what he was doing.

“What so unbelievable Laksh that you had to spoke out so loud” Uttara chided him for ruining the perfect moment between Ragsan which they both thought that she didn’t noticed but least they know that she had noticed it the time only when she saw Ragini blushing.

“Arey didn’t you guys noticed. Bhabhi aur bhai ke clothes ekdum matching me hai. See Blue-Blue” Laksh said while looking at both of them. and this is when Ragini realize that he was actually right. [Arey didn’t you guys noticed. Bhabhi and bro’s clothes are in mathing. See Blue-Blue]

She didn’t realize this fact that she herself had chosen Blue Shirt for Sanskar when Uttara asked her for wearing Blue Saree and they both had worn the matching color clothes until Laksh spoke. She looked at Sanskar who was looking other way to hide his embarrassment for gaping at Ragini so openly and Ragini thought maybe he didn’t feel it comfortable and must be thinking that she had done this purposely but least she knows that the reason was something different.

“So what Laksh. Ab wo dono couples hai to is tarah se to ek doosre ko compliment karenge hi na. It’s the sign of a happy couple” Nikhil said as a matter of fact [So what Laksh. Now since they both are couple then they’ll complement each other like dis only. It’s the sign of a happy couple]

“But Nikhil Bhai even u and kavya Bhabhi are also couple and that too a happy one but I haven’t seen u both complementing each other like dis ever, in fact I hardly see u getting agreed on the same thing, so do u want to say that u both are not happy with each other:” Laksh replied non-chantily to which kavya was just fumed in anger and Nikhil gave him an angry glare indicating him to keep his mouth shut.

“Stop it you all now. Ragini I am waiting for you at car. And nikhil since I’m not going to office today so u pls take care of the meetings that had been lined up today.” Sanskar spoke in between before they all analyze him and Ragini as a couple further.

“Sure Bro you don’t have to worry for anything” nikhil assured him to which Sanskar just nodded and headed outside to his car.

AP just shakes her head on her workaholic son who just can’t be in peace even on his day-off and then turned to Ragini who was looking at Sanskar’s retreating figure thinking that he sacrificed his work because of her

” beta, dent worry he’s like that only when it comes to work and u know that. But make sure till the time you both were at Ur home he don’t even mention about his work ok.” AP said while patting her cheeks to which Ragini just smiled lightly and touched her feet for her blessings.

“God Bless you. Now go fast he’s waiting for you” she said and ragini headed outside where sanskar was waiting for her.


Here in the car Sanskar was sitting in his car with his eyes closed leaning back his head at the seat thinking of the moment which had just passed.

Sanskar’s Monologue:

What was I doing? I was gaping at her that too so openly. No doubt she was looking beautiful no cut that breath-taking but that doesn’t mean that I will look so intently at her. And I didn’t remove my gaze In spite of her watching me looking at her so intently also. What she must be thinking right now. On one hand I keep on saying to her that I can’t fulfill her any expectations that she had from this marriage as I’m so much in Love with her sister and on the other hand I myself is giving her false hopes. Even in the morning I just wanted to hug her when I saw those tears in her eyes. it won’t be a first time when I would have hugged her I mean I had hugged her many times before then also when she feels sad for anything but that was just a friendly hug but now everything changed. And when Laksh said that he wants to kiss her hands then why did I gave him an angry glare. Was I jealous of him at that moment but why would I when I know the warmth of their relationship from the very first day when they become friends. He use to give all dese stupid comments before too but I never gave him an angry glare in fact I too use to join with him but today I didn’t feel good when Laksh said that he wants to kiss her hands. WhY?

With the change in our relationship everything between us has also changed. Oh! How badly I wished that everything turned out to be like before where there was no awkwardness between me and Ragini and we talk each other freely, tease each other freely and even flirt with each other freely but that can’t be done. I can’t run away from the reality and the reality is that Ragini is my wife today and with this reality everything changed between us. But still that doesn’t mean that I would have done what I did few mins. Back. I only Love Swara and what I did few mins back was wrong and I think Ragini too was not comfortable with it. I’ll apologize to her when she’ll come.

(Sanskar’s Monologue ends)

Sanskar looked outside the window only to find Ragini coming towards the car. He immediately straightens himself and opens the door of the car for her. She slowly sits inside and he started driving the car.


15 mins had been passed but none spoke to each other. Ragini looked at Sanskar who was silently driving looking ahead at the road. She sighed and then looked outside the window

Ragini’s Monologue:

Why is he not talking to me? Is he angry on me? May be. May be he’s thinking that I purposely matched the colors of our clothes to get remarks from everyone that we are a happy couple and may be he’s not comfortable with this PDA. But Babaji u know Na I didn’t did dis purposely. I mean it’s true that I agreed to it when Uttara asked me to wear this color but I completely forgot that even he’s wearing blue color shirt. Tu bhi na Ragini ekdum budhu hai [Ragini u r really stupid], u should have remember what color is he wearing especially when u yourself had chosen that color for her. Now see he’s not talking to you.

I know he hates PDA but what should I do; I didn’t did this purposely but yet it didn’t change my mistake. He has been so caring towards me. He even missed his office also for me, had compromised with his work and I’m just making things difficult. Those days were gone when we are so free to each other and today’s reality is that we both are married and this marriage is based on compromise. He still loves Di and I can’t make things difficult not even by mistake. I should apologize to him. Yes I’ll apologize to him and will try to make him understand that I didn’t did dis purposely.

(Ragini’s Monologue ends)

“I am sorry” Ragini said all of a sudden and Sanskar instantly stopped his car listening to her apology.

“Y is she saying Sorry to me when I’m supposed to say sorry to her” Sanskar who was thinking how to apologize till now thought to himself when he heard Ragini saying sorry out of blue.

“What?” He said while looking at Ragini who was looking at him with baby face

“I am sorry” she repeated again

“But Ragini why are you saying Sorry” he asked her confusingly

“Wo… for the matching of the colors of our clothes. I don’t know how it slipped from my mind that u too is wearing same color shirt wen Uttara asked me to wear blue Saree. Trust me I didn’t did this purposely. Actually I was getting ready in so much hurry that it slipped from my mind and I landed up wearing same color of Saree of which u were wearing Shirt In spite of myself selecting that color for you in the morning. I am so sorry for all those remarks that Laksh had given because of my stupidity. I know how much u hate PDA yet it all happens because of me. I’m…” she keeps on blabbering only to be interrupted by Sanskar

“Chup Bilkul Chup” he said placing his finger on her lips stopping her from saying further.

Though he really liked it when she was blabbering as after a long time he was watching her talk so much but yet he needs to stop her because she was apologizing for no mistake of hers. It was he who needs to be apologizing. Ragini felt a shiver down her spine when she felt the touch of Sanskar’s finger on her lips and her heart did the flip-flop with that touch but she immediately controlled herself thinking that it is wrong.

“Ragini you don’t have to be sorry for anything. It was not your mistake. And I really didn’t felt bad for Laksh’s comments because I know that it’s his habit to speak without thinking twice so u don’t have to feel guilty for anything hhmmm.” He said in a calm voice still having his finger on her lips unknown of the havoc he was creating in Ragini with his simple touch.

Ragini battled her eye lashes seeing him still placing his finger on her lips not sure how to ask him to remove it. Sanskar as if understanding what is she thinking immediately removed his finger and looked other way.

“So you are not angry on me” she asked innocently and Sanskar again looked at her

“No I’m not angry on you” Sanskar said with a small smile

“Then why were u not saying anything till now?” She asked still having doubt that he might be angry on her

“Wo actually I was thinking something” Sanskar said not sure how to tell her that he was thinking how to apologize of what he did few mins. Back

“I know what you are thinking?”

“You know?” Sanskar asked while knotting his brows in confusion as how did she know what is going in his mind

“Ya. I know what you are thinking. You must be thinking about your work only Na. there must be so much important work over there and here u had taken a day-off. I know you had compromised with it because of me but u shouldn’t have done this I mean I would have gone alone too.” She said innocently and Sanskar just shakes his head at her innocence.

“Ragini, first of all I haven’t compromised any work. I mean ya there is work at office but it can be handle by nikhil too so u see I haven’t compromised my work for anything and as far as coming with you is concerned then Ragini it’s my duty as a husband to take you to your home for Pagphere just like as a wife it was your duty to take care of my daily needs. When as a wife you haven’t backed out from Ur duty then how can u expect me to back out. Ragini its true that the foundation of our relationship is just a compromise yet there are few duties from which none of us can back out and this one is from one of them” He said while removing her every doubt

Ragini: Are you sure it won’t cost your work
Sanskar: ya I’m 100% sure that it won’t cost my work. Now if all Ur doubts are cleared then can we go now? Maa and Papa must be waiting for us.

Ragini nodded her head innocently in approval and Sanskar just gave a small smile in return. Ragini felt million butterflies running in her stomach seeing him smile.

“He really looks good when he smiles” she thought and then immediately shrug off that thought realizing what is she thinking.

Sanskar raises her eyebrow gesturing “What happen” seeing her facial expression to which Ragini just nodded in No. Sanskar shrug off his shoulders and then started driving the car.


After whole 30 mins of drive Ragsan both finally reached Ragini’s home. They were about to get down from the car when Sanskar’s cell phone rang. It was from kavita. He gestured Ragini to wait a minute while he takes the call

Maan: ya kavita what happen?
kavita: g-g-good Morning Sir

“kavita had u called me to wish me good morning” Sanskar asked irritatingly frustrated from her useless stammering whenever she talks to him.

Kaviat: y-y-yes Sir, I mean n-n-no Sir. Sorry s-sir.

“kavita!!!! Stop stammering first of all and come to the point” Sanskar barked at her while Ragini just suppressed her giggle

Kavita: Sorry Sir. Wo I just wanted to tell you that u have to come to office urgently
Sanskar: kavita I told you in the morning only that I’m taking a day-off today then why are you calling me to office.
kavita: s-s-sorry Sir but it’s an emergency. Our London Clients are coming today to sign the deal and for that u need to be here moreover they need to discuss about the project too.
Sanskar: Kavita ask them to come tomorrow as I can’t come to office today or nikhil will be there at office ask him to handle the meeting.
Kavita: Sorry Sir but you need to be here. They are going back tonight itself and they especially wanted to meet you so Nikhil Sir can’t handle this meeting.

“But kavita I…” he stopped in between when Ragini gestured him to give phone to her. Sanskar don’t understand why is she asking for his phone but he didn’t want to refuse her either so he just gave his phone to her.

“Hello kavita! It’s me Ragini. You don’t have to worry for anything. He’s coming for the meeting.” She said without caring what would be Sanskar’s reaction after dis

“Thanks Ragini. Thank you so much. But pls make sure that Sanskar sir reached by 11 as the clients are coming at 11.30 and before that we need to discuss few points.” kavita said and Ragini assures her that he’ll be there at time and cuts the call. As soon as she turned to give phone to Sanskar she found him looking at her questioningly.

“Wo kavita has said that you need to reach office by 11. The clients are coming at 11.30 so I think you should go now.” she said while avoiding his questioning gaze

“Ragini why did u do this?” he asked without paying heed to what she has just said to him

“What had I done?”

“Ragini why did u said to kavita that I am coming to office today. Ragini u know once I’ll reach the office then I won’t be able to be free soon and right now it’s important for me to go with u to your home yet u said to kavita that I’m coming to office.” He asked confusingly

“Because I know that those clients must be important for you as if they were not then kavita wouldn’t have called you when she knows that you had taken a day-off and if you ignore that because of me then I won’t feel good. Already u had compromised with your work because of me now I don’t want you to compromise anymore that too when the clients are so important to you so it’s good if you go to office and after when all your work is finished you can come back over here” she said with a smile while Sanskar just can’t believe the amount of understanding she had.

“But Ragini Maa and Papa…” He tries to protest only to be interrupted by Ragini again

“You don’t worry about Bade papa and Badi Maa. I’ll handle them and moreover they too would suggest you the same thing that I had said to you so u stop worrying about everything and go to office or else you’ll be late.” She intervened in between before he could protest further.

“Ok as you say. I’ll come in the evening to pick you up ok.” He said knowing that he can’t win from her to which she just nodded and turned to get down from the car when Sanskar hold her wrist stopping her to go.

Ragini gets startled with his sudden action and turned to look at him. Her heart missed million beats when she found him leaning closer to her. As a reflex action she started leaning backwards until her back hit the door of car. She looked back and then at him only to realize that she has been trapped between door and him and he’s looking at her intently; same look that she had observed in the morning. She tried to read his eyes to know what’s going in his mind but failed to read them

Ragini was about to ask him something when she saw him slowly raising his hand towards her face and her breathing gets heavier by anticipating his next move. She closed her eyes when she felt Sanskar’s fingers grazing her face slowly moving towards her forehead. She don’t know what it is but she felt an unknown sensation in her with his touch and whats more confusing is that she’s really liking this. she felt his fingers caressing her forehead for some moment and then slowly withdrawing away. Ragini immediately opened her eyes when she felt the warmth of Sanskar’s finger missing. She snapped open her eyes and looked at Sanskar who had backed out by now. She looked at him questioningly in order to find her answer

“Wo ur Bindi was not placed properly so I just fixed it.” sanskar answered while looking other way answering her questioning gaze

It was true that he had raised his hand to fix her bindi only but when his fingers grazed on her smooth skin then for a moment he had forgotten everything and started caressing her face. It was a heaven for Sanskar to feel her soft skin even for a moment. He don’t know why but he felt like caressing for some more time to feel her soft milky white skin. Then his gaze falls on Ragini who had her eyes closed and face flushed and this is when he realizes what he was doing. He was again losing his senses like morning and this may make Ragini uncomfortable again. So he immediately fixed her Bindi and moved his hand back and looked other side to get control on himself before he can do anything stupid.

Ragini touched her forehead and then slightly smiled realizing that he notices every minute details of her which even she failed to realize. On the other hand Sanskar was confused with his own behavior as he himself didn’t believed that he was looking at her so closely that he noticed such a small thing on her face. What’s wrong with him

“Thank You” she said in a soft voice breaking the trail of Sanskar’s thoughts. He took a deep breath to get a control on himself and then looked at her

“It’s ok Ragini you don’t have to say Thank you for such a small thing.” He said with a smile and Ragini too smile with him

“Ragini, I think u should go now or else we both will get Late.” He said and Ragini realizes that he was right. She immediately opens the door of the car and gets down

“Ragini, I’ll come in the evening to pick you up and we’ll go to Mansion together. Hhmmm”

She nodded in yes and bid him bye before turning towards her home. Sanskar watches her until she was disappeared from his eyes and then drove off to Office.


Ragini took a deep breath before pressing the bell to compose herself. She knows that Shekhar and sumi will have lots of question wen they will not see Sanskar with her. she pray to god silently to give her strength to answer all of their questions without getting them worried for her and Sanskar’s relationship because she knows that when they will not see him with her then they’ll only think that she had spoiled her own life by agreeing to this alliance and this is something she don’t want so she just prepares herself for every question of them. She knows that they had full right to expect Sanskar with her but how can she ask Sanskar to be here with her when he had such an important work at office. Already he had sacrificed a lot for this marriage so the least she can do is to not to affect her Lie with her presence. Thinking this she again takes a deep breath and presses the bell.

As soon as she presses the bell sumi opens the door instantly as if she was waiting for her to press bell only.

“Ragini, Beta tu aa gayi. I had been waiting for you from so long” sumi said and hugged her tight indicating how much she had missed this daughter of hers

“I missed you a lot Bachha” sumi said with tears in her eyes while still hugging her

“I missed u too Badi Maa” ragini replied while wiping her tears and pulling back from the hug.

“By the Way I had missed you because at MM there was no one to scold me when I get up late but why did u missed me huh? Finally your biggest trouble had gone from the house” Ragini said mischievously trying to light the atmosphere

“Chup Pagal! Since when the children had started becoming trouble for their parents. And tu to meri sabse pyari beti hai y shouldn’t I missed u then? U know I missed you a lot when I had gone to wake you up at your room but you were not there to say “Badi Maa 5 more mins.” sumi replied while getting emotional [Chup Pagal! Since when the children had started becoming trouble for their parents. And u were my sweetest daughter, y shouldn’t I missed u then? U know I missed you a lot when I had gone to wake you up at your room but you were not there to say “Badi Maa 5 more mins”]

“Arey sumi did u planned to make Ragini stand at the door only or yo’ll ask her to come inside too.” Both Ragini and sumi turned to look at the direction only to find shekahr approaching towards them.

“Bade Papa” she whispered and immediately ran to hug him tight just like before

“So how was my Bacha’s day today” shekahr asked just like the way he use to ask before

“Very good no excellent. U know Bade Papa today I had made breakfast for everyone at MM and everyone liked it so much and Laksh had even said also that he wanted to kiss my hands and”’.” And she went on saying while sumi just looked at both of them conversing like this. oh! How much she had missed to see this smile on both of their faces after Swara’s death. Just then she realizes that Ragini was here alone

” beta Sanskar kahan hai?” sumi asked out of blue interrupting Ragini and shekahr’s talk

Ragini turned to look at her somewhere knowing very well that this question must be coming. But the thing for which she was not sure was that what will be Her Badi Maa’s reaction wen she’ll say that Sanskar has just dropped her over here and has gone to office though only she had insisted for it. She needs to explain it to them by using right sets of words or else they’ll get worried for no reason. Thinking this she looked at sumi who was waiting for her answer

“Badi Maa wo mere saath nahi aaye hai” [Badi Maa he haven’t come with me] Ragini said and as expected panic appeared on sumi’s face as she registered Ragini’s word. So does that mean that her fear as right. Her Loving daughter is not happy in this relationship. She thought and then again looked at Ragini who was standing there worried looking at her Badi Maa’s reaction.

ok so this is it guys! Hope u all are going to like this part… don’t know how it came out to be so do let me know how u all find it…

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