Saadi Love Story (part 24)

Didn’t stay at Disco till late night. Checked

Didn’t bunked the classes. Checked.

Didn’t smoked or got Drunk. Checked

Didn’t messed up with some rowdy guy. Checked

Didn’t played prank on the professors. Checked

“Then Why the hell did Sanskar Bhai had called me so urgently in his office to talk something serious?” Laksh thought aloud as he checked each and every possibility for Sanskar calling him office so urgently making Sanskar and other clients to look at him amused.

laksh looked at the clients and then at the angry glare of his brother and he instantly realized that he voiced out his thoughts aloud. He smiled nervously at them muttering a quick apology and his face behind a business magazine pretending to be reading it with great concentration but it was really so. Since Past 20 mins he has been looking at the same page but hardly read its contents for his mind was busy in contemplating each and every possibilities of Sanskar calling him so urgently. He had never called him like this to discuss anything that too in office. And If he wanted to talk something also to him then he would have talk to him alone at home in his study but today calling him here in the office was something strange and Laksh didn’t missed the seriousness in his voice also when he had called him. he was sure that this tym it’s something big.

“Did he wanted to scold me for making his fun in the breakfast table in the morning?” Laksh thought as he gulped down his saliva expecting something worse from his brother.

He cursed his big mouth umpteenth tym for going too far in his teasing that he had actually called him “Gay” though not directly neither did he meant to say that. But maybe it made Sanskar angry and he wanted to lash out his anger on him now, he thought as he wiped away the sweat beads that formed on his forehead imagining the Devil Brother avatar of his elder brother. Strangely he could visualize himself burning in the fire of hell pleading him to leave while Sanskar was standing near him with the horns of Devil on his head laughing and punishing him more and more.

“Nahi!!!!!” He cried out loud as he got up from the couch feeling terrified of his own thought.

“Laksh! Laksh!!!” Sanskar’s voice broke his trance as he was continuously shrugging his shoulders and Laksh instantly looked up to see him only to find that clients has already gone and now he was alone with Sanskar in his cabin

“Bhai, Bhai I am really Sorry please forgive me.” he said out of blue feeling scared as his daydream flash in front of his eyes and Sanskar knotted his brows in confusion seeing the weirs behaviour of his younger brother.

“Bhai, Please I swear I won’t make fun of you ever. I promise that I’ll think twice before speaking now but please forgive me.” Laksh literally pleaded making Sanskar more confused at his behaviour

“Laksh…” Sanskar tried to say something but Laksh was too busy in his own ranting to pay attention what Sanskar is saying

“And Bhai you and Gay? Ofcourse not, I was a big tym fool to say anything without thinking. You know I am all tym stupid and idiot, just speak without thinking.” Laksh said smiling nervously more to convince himself rather than Sanskar and Sanskar just rolled over his eyes seeing his hyper brother who was getting scared for no reason. ofcourse he was not angry for what happened in breakfast table infact it was the last thing in his mind right now.

“Laksh Listen to me first” Sanskar who was on the verge of losing his patience tried to say yet again but all in vain

“Bhai if you want na then you can stop my Pocket money or you can make me starve for 2 whole days or anything. I won’t complain but Bhai Please Forgive me. You see if I’ll burn into ashes then what will happen to Heer. You know how much she loves me. She’ll get widow even before marriage and you know she don’t even like white colour. Please Bhai I am sorry. I am…”

“Enough!!!!!! Just Shut up your mouth or else I’ll definitely do whatever you had seen in your daydream.” Sanskar roared out loud in anger halting Laksh’s ranting in between and He instantly shuts his mouth seeing the red blood shot eyes of his brother.

“Better. Now listen to me without any interruption got it.” Sanskar said sternly and Laksh nodded his head like an obedient client.

“First of all I haven’t call you over here to lash out my anger on you for whatever happened in the morning at the breakfast table so don’t be scared for anything and secondly I had called you over here because I need to talk to you about something else. So now if all your nonsense talks are over then can we talk for what I had called you here for?” Sanskar said in a stern tone and Laksh looked at him unblinkingly while nodding his head gulping his Saliva and Sanskar just smirked seeing the effect of his anger on his younger brother.


“What? Out of all the discussions you wanted to discuss how I pacify Heer when she’s angry on me?” Laksh asked unbelievingly as he looked at Sanskar as if he was an alien.

“Ya. Why? Is there any problem in that?” Sanskar asked as he looked at Laksh while narrowing his brows.

“Ya I mean no I mean I don’t know. Bhai what’s wrong with you? You had never asked anything of this sort to me before?” Laksh asked as he looked at Sanskar puzzled to which Sanskar just looked other side knowing very well that Laksh is not wrong either. His reaction is obvious

“Wait! Wait! Wait! I guess I know why you are asking this. Ragini Bhabhi is angry on you right?” Laksh said as realization hits him and Sanskar just looked everywhere but him being caught by him.

“Yes this is only the reason. Now I understand why you were saying all those cheesy lines at the breakfast table. It was all to manofy Bhabhi Na.”Laksh asked as he looked at Sanskar suspiciously to which Sanskar just nodded in yes.

“O God Bhai you should have asked me directly for the help Na. I mean you don’t need to beat around the bush to know how to manofy these girls. I mean Love Guru is sitting in front of you and you are talking in riddles” Laksh said non-chalantly as he leaned back on chair comfortably while Sanskar just shaked his head in disbelief.

“Now if your boasting about yourself is over then can we discuss for what we are here?” Sanskar said irritatingly and Laksh instantly stopped grinning knowing very well about the temper of his elder brother.

“Ya ofcourse. See Bhai when Heer use to angry on me then it’s so easy to manofy her I mean I just sends her some gifts and flowers and chocolates and Bang she melts instantly.” Laksh said as a matter of fact making Sanskar thoughtful.

Flowers and he? It was not his cup of tea. He had never done anything of that sort what Laksh is saying. Not even with Swara. Ya he use to express his Love to her but not like a typical Lover. But then things are different with Ragini so he needs to approach different way. He knows that she had always fantasized her partner like a typical filmy hero. So does that mean he too had to behave like that only, he thought as he tried to prepare himself mentally for doing the things that he had never ever done.

“But it’s the case when me and Heer had just a small fight. You see that normal Girl friend Boy friend types. But things get complicated When she’s hell angry on me and was adamant to not even see my face then forget about talking to me.” Laksh’s voice broke his trance and Sanskar frowned as he registers Laksh’s words and realized that currently his condition is also the same as Laksh mentioned. Ragini is avoiding even looking at him then forget about talking.

“Then what do you do in that case?” Sanskar asked as he looked at Laksh curiously.

“Well there are many things that I use to do when such type of situation arises but let’s not talk about it for now. Let’s think what we can do in your situation.” Laksh said as he went in deep thoughts and Sanskar just looked at him in disbelief.

“Got it! Bhai, Bhabhi is not even talking to you right? So first we had to do something that she atleast take out her anger on you in any way.” Laksh said excitedly and Sanskar looked at him confused.

“How about if you irritate her. I mean do something which she don’t like about you and can make her irritated. See to take out her irritation she’ll definitely talk to you as she has to take out her anger in anyway and when she was busy in taking out her anger then just hold her hand in yours look deep into her eyes and say what all is there in your heart and Bang! She’ll definitely melt.” Laksh said casually and Sanskar looked at him as of he had grown two heads.

“Irritate her and then say to her what I wanted to say? What rubbish Laksh? This will make her more angry.” Sanskar said with a frustrated sigh and Laksh just rolled over his eyes.

“Bhai! Why you always so pessimistic. Trust me it’ll work. I am telling you from my personal experience. You only think that Ragini Bhabhi is bottling up her anger inside her and once she’ll take out her frustration on you then along with that her anger also will come out and then you know what you have to do.”Laksh said as he winked at Sanskar giving him a meaningful look to which Sanskar just looked other side. No doubt what Laksh is saying is convincing but again things are different in his and Ragini’s relationship. But then what’s the harm in approaching the way Laksh is suggesting, he thought as he tried to register Laksh’s words.

“What are you thinking Bhai? Don’t think this much. Arey Laksh, the Love guru is giving you an advice so just follow it blindly.” Laksh said while raising his collar grinning widely and Sanskar just shaked his head

“You think it’ll work?” Sanskar asked as he was still uncertain about what Laksh is saying.

“Ofcourse it’ll. And why are you worrying I am there with you Na.”

“But how will I irritate her? I mean she never gets irritated on anything of mine.” Sanskar asked confusingly.

“C’mon Bhai that’s not possible. I mean I know you are perfect and have nothing in you which can irritate others but Bhai no matter how much perfect we guys are these girls always find this or that fault in us and then crib like anything. Ab look at me only. See how much perfect I am yet Heer always find this and that fault in me.” Laksh said sighing sadly and Sanskar just arched his brows.

“Ya I know.” Sanskar said sarcastically which Laksh couldn’t understand

“See even you know that. Anyways like me there must be something in you also which Bhabhi don’t like. Just think any of your habbit that Bhabhi don’t like.” Laksh asked making Sanskar thoughtful.

“Your dressing sense?”

“No. infact she herself choose my clothes” Sanskar said ignoring the mischievous smirk on Laksh’s face

“Ok any cuisine which is your fav and Bhabhi doesn’t like.”

“No. infact she use to try my favorite cuisine and it instantly becomes her favorite” Sanskar aid as his mind drifted back to the tym when Ragini had ate Chinese with him though She hated Chinese at that tym and haven’t even touched it till then. But with him she really enjoyed eating it.

“Your Anger?” Laksh asked yet again as he sighed heavily

“Usi ki wajah se to sab Kuch hua hai.” Sanskar murmured under his breath as he realized that the whole issue is due to his anger only.

“Kya?” Laksh’s voice broke his trance and he found him looking at him confused to which Sanskar just nodded in no yet again

“Bhai! You are answering everything in no then how the hell is you are going to irritate Bhabhi. Think deeply there must be something.” Laksh said and Sanskar went thoughtful and then his eyes instantly widens as he remembered that which thing of his irritates Ragini the most.

“Got it!!!!” Sanskar’s voice filled with enthusiasm broke Laksh’s trance who was in some deep thoughts by now and he looked at him confused.

Really? What it is?” he asked and Sanskar told him which thing of his Ragini doesn’t like and irritates her most and Laksh grinned widely.

“BINGO!!! It’ll definitely work and if its not then I had other plans too. So let’s start our ‘mission manofying Bhabhi’.” Laksh beamed in happiness to which Sanskar just smiled. He had to pacify Ragini anyhow and for that he is ready to do the things also that he never done before, he thought as he thought of the plan that he had to execute now.


Later that day Sanskar reached home late at night but this tym not purposefully. He badly wanted to reach home early today but the meetings lined up one after another was just not letting him rest in peace. Only he knows how he was waiting for these meetings to end fast so that he could go to home early and talk to Ragini but nothing of that sort happened and finally he got free at 9.30 of night after his dinner meeting. He knows that Ragini is in also in the same condition as he’s in but the fear and insecurities lurking in her heart due to him was making her draw in her own shell. But now Sanskar was determined that he’ll not leave any stone unturned to remove that fear from her heart especially after he witnessed her care for him when she had sent him lunch even after what all happened between them.

It was as if her small gesture has added new zeal to his determination strengthening it. That’s the reason he had called Laksh out of every people because he knows that only he can help in this matter for Nikhil never runs after Kavya continuously to pacify her and AP and Uttara was still angry from him for what he did to Ragini. Therefore only Laksh is left who can help him and after his conversation with Laksh he was sure that Ragini will definitely be normal soon. He realized that Laksh was right Ragini had to take out all her anger in any form be it her frustration only and once she’ll take out all her bottled up emotions then he’ll apologize to her and tell her how empty he’s feeling with her cold behaviour towards him, he thought as he made his way towards his room feeling all tired and exhausted.

Since it was late so everyone was retired to their room but he knows that Ragini must be still waiting for him and have been dozed off in the couch itself. But he was proved wrong when he stepped inside the room and saw that Ragini was in the deep slumber on the bed. Sanskar felt a lump in his throat seeing all his expectations crashing down like this bit he also knows that he deserves this. why would she wait for him when he himself had accused her for taking Swara’s place with her acts, he thought as he took a deep sigh realizing how big Damage he had caused to their Relationship. He went near her and keeps on looking at her angelic face which was looking so pale and once again he saw dry tear marks on her face stating that she had slept while crying.

“Why is she wasting her precious pearls for the worthless person like me?”He thought as he looked at Ragini painfully for a while and then went to Washroom to take shower to calm down his restless heart.

After a while when he came out from washroom he saw Ragini sleeping cuddled up like a baby while the comforter was lying away somewhere on the bed. Automatically a smile crept up on Sanskar’s face as he saw Ragini’s sleeping form. She’s really not less than a child, she always was like this. so innocent and so naive like a child away from any hypocrisy. It was just due to this marriage she had transformed herself so much so that she could match up with him yet the innocence was always there in her heart. But his harsh words has just teared her apart and Sanskar just closed his eyes in pain as this thought crossed his mind. He took a deep breath before opening his eyes and moved towards her direction with slow steps.

It was then when he was putting comforter on her he noticed the bruised marks on her arm and it instantly alarmed him. Sanskar felt a pang in his heart as realization finally dawn upon him that these marks are due to his harsh hold on her soft flesh. He remember how harshly he had griped Ragini’s arms digging his nails on her soft flesh and how she had pleaded to him telling him that he was hurting her but at that he was too blind in his own turmoil. A lone tear escaped from his eyes as he realized the intensity of his actions. Now he understands why Ragini was wearing full sleeves suit since morning when she was not much comfortable wearing such clothes. It was just because no one in the family notice how brutally he had behaved with her.

“Why you care so much for me Ragini? Why you always think about me so much? I had hurted you so much yet all you think is about my happiness, my good image in front of family. I am truly not worth for an angel like you Ragini. But I promise that I’ll fix everything just to bring that smile back on your face.” Sanskar whispered softly as he kneeled down in front of her so that he could see her face while caressing her forehead gently all the while looking at her face.

This is not for the first tym when she had saved his image in front of the family. She had done it before also when he forgot to pick her up from her home at the tym of her Pagphere and when once he was not able to take her to her friend’s wedding because he was stuck up in some meeting and she just made excuse to AP that she was not feeling well that’s why she asked him to attend the meeting and during the tym when he had left for London she made AP believe that she talked to him every night when the reality was just opposite. He had even lost the number of counts when she had lied for him so that he won’t face the questioning and accusing gaze of his family. He still can’t understand how anyone can be so selfless that she never sees anything beyond her loved ones. But that’s the way his naive and innocent wife is. She had never ever thought about herself and had just given happiness and love to every relationship.

He took a deep sigh before opening the drawer of the side table and took out an ointment when he heard her moaning in pain stating that her wounds are hurting her. He ran a soothing hand on her arms as if trying to take away her pain before laying her down on her back and sitting beside her on the bed. He gently applied ointment on both of her arms when she flinched in pain though she was still in deep sleep yet she could feel the burning sensation of ointment. Sanskar looked at her pained face and it pained him more seeing her in pain that too due to him. And then as if in trance he did something which he never thought he’ll do ever.

He bent down and gently pressed his lips on her bruised arm taking away the pain given by him. He raises his head and looked at her face only to find its expressions getting calm as if his mere touch was soothing her and it gave courage to Sanskar to continue further and he just closed his eyes showering trail of kisses on her arm taking away her pain. He continued the same procedure on her other arm also keeping all his desires in check so that he won’t end up in hurting her again. Sanskar was really having hard tym in controlling himself as he felt her soft velvety skin beneath his lips but at that tym his resolution was way too strong to make him divert from it. He had vowed to bring their relationship back to normal and then only he could think of his dilemma between his heart and mind, he thought as he looked at her beautiful face affectionately.

Even in her deep sleep also Ragini could recognize his loving touch and as a result her breathing got heavier and she started stirring in sleep and this broke Sanskar’s trance and he realized that Ragini was getting up from her sleep and maybe she’ll feel uncomfortable seeing him so close to her and right now he don’t want this as already he had destroyed the confirm zone in their relationship due to his accusations and now he don’t want to push her more far. Therefore he immediately tucked her securely in comforter and got up from bed to go towards couch when he felt a tug in his hand stopping him to go.

“Sanskar” he heard her hoarse whisper and he just stood rooted at his place as he realized that she is awake now.

With a thudding heart he turned back to look at her only to find her still sleeping while grasping his hand tight in hers. He sighed in relief as he found her still sleeping because currently he don’t want any confrontation between them not because he was guilty to face her but because he don’t want to exert her for anything knowing very well how much exhausted she must be due to the turn of events. Yes he did want to talk to her; he did want her to hear him out but not at the cost of her health. She needs proper mental rest as he was sure that she must have passed her each and every second by reminiscing his words that he said last night and must have shed countless tears. infact to think this is what she must be doing from past 2 months due to his indifference and he didn’t realize the intensity of his actions then until now. He wished he could realize it earlier then probably they wouldn’t be here where they are now. Sometimes in life a big jerk is necessary to bring you out from the world of your own assumptions and in Sanskar’s case he got that jerk after the incident of last night and if that was not enough then Ragini’s indifference towards him had completed all the loopholes.

“Sanskar… Sanskar I haven’t removed Di’s pics. I swear of Babaji, I haven’t removed those pics from our room. Please believe me.” he heard her whimpering in sleep as he tries to disentangled their hands gently and his heart went out for her as he saw that even in her sub conscious state also she had no complaints from him rather she was trying to prove her innocence to him when she knows it very well that it was him who is at fault.

“I know Ragini, I know. I know that you haven’t done anything wrong, you never can. If anyone was wrong then it was me, I had done wrong with you. You are not at fault Ragini, you can never. I believe you. I am sorry Ragini, I am so sorry. Please forgive me.” Sanskar said which came out as a mere whisper for his voice was too choked with emotions while gently caressing her forehead soothing away her agony.

And then as if Sanksar’s caring yet loving touch did some magic on her as she stopped whimpering and went into deep slumber once again while holding his hand tight in hers seeking his soothing warmth. It didn’t had it in Sanskar to disentangle their hands after this especially then when he could clearly see that how badly she needs his warmth even in her sub-conscious state. He knows this very well that only warmth of his care only will help her overcome from the pain he had given her and will bring out from the shell in which she’s drowning herself. Therefore he just keeps on caressing her forehead nd hairs gently making her drown in the blissful world of dreams while holding her hand firmly in his.

Even after falling into deep slumber, Ragini’s hold on Sanksar’s hand was firm and she just keep his hand beneath her cheek like a kid as she turned in her sleep towards him as if she feared that he’ll leave her once again if she’ll leave his hand. Sanskar just smiled seeing her antics. Swara was right; she’s really a kid from heart, he thought as he looked at Ragini’s sleeping form while smiling affectionately. He sighed heavily when he realize that there is no chance Ragini is going to leave his hand tonight neither did he wanted her to leave because like her he too needs her warmth. Therefore he just sat beside her comfortably resting his head on the bedpost while holding her hand firmly in his.

Sleep was far away from his eyes even after having such a tiring day for he was busy looking at the features of Ragini’s beautiful face which is looking so innocent and calm in while sleeping, away from all the evil and hypocrisy of this world. What was he even thinking before accusing her of taking Swara’s place, he thought as he sighed heavily. But then his brows knitted as something hits his brain. He remembered his conversation with AP last night where she had mentioned that Nikhil was continuously denying for the renovation of their room while it was AP who was adamant then why did Kavya said that it was Ragini. Knowing Kavya he knows that not a single conversation in this house can be escaped from her sharp ears and here the whole renovation has taken place and she said that she don’t know anything.

AP or Nikhil must have told her about it and even if they didn’t then she’s capable enough to go to the roots of everything then how come she didn’t know anything about it, he thought and his eyes widens as he realized that Kavya may have manipulated the whole situation. She had said it to save herself when she had noticed his temper. He won’t be surprised if he would come to know that it could be Kavya only who must have given this Idea to AP. His sharp senses instantly grasped the whole thing that must have been happened nd as the realization hits him he just closed his eyes in regret for not able to see it before.

How could he fail to see it before, how could he fail in thinking that kavya must be trying to manipulate the whole situation when he knows it very well that how much Ragini’s presence in this house irks her. He can’t blame Kavya completely because he himself was at fault for believing her over Ragini and he’ll regret this thing for whole of his lyf. but right now he don’t have time to be in guilt trip because right now the most important matter in his hand is to bring Ragini out from her insecurities and their relationship back to normal along with dealing with Kavya knocking some sense in her brain so that she won’t ever interfere in their lives.

“You had really suffered a lot because of my actions Ragini which was just based on the misconceptions which I got by coming in influence of kavya’s words. I know that I don’t have right but I still seek your forgiveness. Please try to forgive me and I promise that I won’t let kavya or anyone else harm you and our relationship in any form. You are really an angel Ragini and I am truly sorry for hurting an angel like you. Please forgive a big tym jerk like me.” Sanskar whispered as he gently bend down to kiss her forehead before drifting into sleep waiting for the new day to arrive which will mark the new beginning in their lives.


‘Mission Ragini ko Manayo’

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