Saadi Love Story (part 18)

Sanskar was not at all ready for this sudden act of Ragini therefore he stood over dere shocked and numb for a while but when he felt Ragini’s tears on his chest, he draped his arms around her protectively ensuring her that she’s fine and safe in his arms. Ragini closed her eyes as soon as she felt Sanskar’s arms around her for she knows that nothing in this world could harm her as long as she was in his arms. They remained in each other’s arms like that for a while when Ragini gently rubbed her cheeks on his bare chest feeling him close to her. Sanskar’s arms around her tightened when he felt this sudden act of Ragini’s. He felt himself drowning in the world of ecstasy feeling her so close to him. Ragini’s sobs has subsided by now and her hands started caressing his bare back slowly and gently feeling him close to her. By now Sanskar was totally lost in the moment and as a result his own hands goes inside the coat she was wearing and started caressing the bare skin of her waist slowly and sensuously making its way up on her bare back feeling her soft skin while he dipped his face in her hairs inhaling her sweet aroma. The sweet fragrance of her body, the aroma of her silky hairs was driving him crazy as he nuzzled in her neck with his neck making her go insane with his touch. He doesn’t know what he was doing is right or wrong or probably he knows. As if he was in some kind of spell at that moment. It seems that at that moment he had left all his logical and rational thoughts behind and just wanted to feel her in his arms. He felt himself attracting towards her as if she was a flame and he’s a moth who just wanted to burn in her flame.

Sanskar’s masculine scent hits Ragini’s nostrils making her daze and den as if in trance she slowly placed a soft kiss on his chest near his heart and Sanskar gently pulled her out from hug to look at her. Soft breeze was blowing outside making the strands of her hairs coming on her face. He gently extends his hand and remove those tresses from her face which was blocking his view. Ragini closed her eyes as she felt his soft touch on her skin making her feel intoxicated. He cupped her face in his hands and placed his lips on her forehead kissing her softly over dere. Ragini’s breathing got heavier as she felt his lips on her skin for the first time. Sanskar noticed her moist eyes and kissed them one by one sucking the tears from the corner of her eyes. This was something that he can’t bear even in his wildest dreams and he still don’t know why her tears always pricked her heart. Den he moved towards her cheek and gives a trail of kisses over dere as if memorizing her face. Both were totally lost in the moment and had no idea of right or wrong by now. Sanskar slowly pulled his face away and looked at her angelic face and closed eyes. He had this sudden urge in him to look into her eyes at that moment. And as if reading his thoughts Ragini opened her eyes and Sanskar felt himself drowning in her bewitching eyes which were now dazed with passion.

He removed his coat from her body while still looking in her eyes and Ragini felt a gush of cold wind touches her body as soon as that cloth left her body. Sanskar throws away the coat somewhere at the floor and traces his finger sensuously from her forehead to her cheeks to her jaw line and then at her neck slowly making its way towards her cleavage feeling her soft skin under his finger which was tormenting him since evening. Ragini’s breathing got ragged when she felt Sanskar’s finger at the valley of her br*ast. She gasped out loud and Sanskar instantly cupped her face looking intently deep into her eyes caressing her soft cheeks with his thumb. His thumb gently caressed her rosy lips pressing them and Ragini parted her lips as she felt short of breathe with the sweet torture of her husband. By every passing minute Sanskar was drowning more and more in her and it seems that he’ll lost himself in her tonight if he someone haven’t stopped him. But did he care for that at this moment? it seems that at this moment he just wanted to listen to his heart which was craving to feel her in every possible way than his mind which always stops him by giving its logical thoughts. Both don’t know what they were doing, why dey were doing. it was as if the today’s incident had taken toll on them and dey were just trying to sooth each other like this.

Ragini felt herself lost in different world by now where her Sanskar was touching her, loving her something that she had always seen in her dreams but everything is now happening in real. She still can’t believe that it was not her dream but a reality. She raises her hand and slowly placed it on his cheek caressing them slowly making herself believe that it was not her dream and Sanskar was really dere with her. Sanskar closed his eyes as a groan of pleasure escaped from his throat feeling her soft touch on his hard stubble. He slowly holds her hand bringing it close to his lips and kissed her palm softly and gently giving trail of kisses all the way up her hand from her wrist to her arm to her shoulders and then at neck. Ragini tilted her head aside giving him more room.

Sanskar gently laid her on the couch beside them and slowly hovers over her all the while looking into her eyes. Ragini looked into his eyes only to find his pupils dilated in desire and she felt each and every fiber of her body getting burned under his gaze. It was as if he was undressing her with his eyes. She closed her eyes breathing heavily not able to look into the intensity of those eyes. Sanskar saw her closed eyes and leans over her stopping just an inch away from her face. Ragini felt his hot breath fanning her face and her throat went dry as he gently blows air on her face as if soothing the fire that was burning inside her craving for his touch. And as if reading her thoughts Sanskar started placing open mouthed kisses all over her face sucking and biting her soft cheeks making her moan his name. She writhed under him as he was sending her in the world of unknown pleasure. Sanskar just brushed his lips with hers and Ragini felt like someone had quenched her thirst that she was feeling all this while and she felt a current running throughout her body.

Sanskar made his way towards her jaw line kissing ns sucking her soft skin. It was as if he couldn’t get enough of her. He bites her earlobe making her gasp in pleasure and den kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear licking it with his tongue. He followed the path from behind her ear to her neck sucking, kissing and licking in between relishing the taste of her soft skin. He pushed the sleeves of her blouse down her shoulders as he kissed over dere and then biting and sucking leaving his mark. Sanskar felt her chest heaving up and down as it was pressed against his. “Sanskar” Ragini moaned out his name loud as he bits her neck harshly and den licks over there soothing the pain. Her moans were just provoking him more and more unleashing the beast in him who just wanted to devour her ruthlessly.

Ragini tilted her head aside to give him more space as Sanskar continues with his assault moving from her neck to her throat leaving his marks. He pulled apart for a while only to see her ragged breathing and closed eyes. His gaze wanders over her body and very gently he removed the pallu of her Saree from her upper body leaving it only in her blouse for his hungry eyes. He dipped his face in her cleavage kissing and sucking over dere. Ragini encircled her arms around his neck pressing him more close to her. Sanskar keeps on biting, sucking and kissing the soft skin of her cleavage making her way towards her collarbone and den down to her br*ast while Ragini was just pressing him closer to her if possible. He trailed the path of her valley with his tongue licking it making it wet with his saliva. Ragini arched her back towards him giving him more access while he was busy in relishing the taste of her body. Sanskar’s hands were busy caressing the soft skin of her waist while his legs were raising the Saree up her legs slowly caressing and feeling the skin of her smooth and slim legs with his. Ragini tucked in her tummy as Sanskar made his way downwards kissing and licking the smooth skin of her belly. He rolled over his tongue around the sensitive skin of her belly button making her arch and moan his name in pleasure. He kissed her belly button before coming upwards towards her br*ast yet again. Ragini digs her nails tight on his shoulders and back leaving her mark over dere as he bites over the swell of her br*ast visible from her blouse.

Sanskar came over to her face once again and looked at her angelic face which was totally dazed and flushed by now due to their little act of passion. Her chest was heaving up and down due to her ragged breathing while her lips were quivering craving for his. He keeps on looking at those petals intently which were tormenting him from so long and den at her face as if trying to seek her permission before worshiping those petals of hers. Ragini gently opened her dazed eyes only to meet his dark ones which were oozing passion, desire just for her. Just a look in his eyes and Ragini knows what he wanted because she herself wanted that. She slowly closed her eyes giving him permission and it was all Sansakar needed.

He leaned over her face and his hot breath over her lips as his face was just mere inches away from hers. Sanskar closed his eyes and moved ahead to feel her and finally the moment when his lips touched hers and before anyone of them could understand anything Sanskar had started kissing her. The moment their lips met they both feel complete and contented. It was as if nothing could be more perfect then this for both of them. Sanskar felt like he got back his life which was lost somewhere while Ragini was totally in heaven feeling her husband so close to herself loving her in reality and not in one of her dreams. Sanskar was gently kissing her rose petals as if afraid to crush dem. he don’t want to be harsh on her so he keep on kissing her softly and gently. He took her lower lip between his lips and sucked it slowly.
He don’t want to stop and neither did she as somewhere back of her mind both of them knows that nothing could be more perfect then this at this moment. A lone tear of happiness escaped from Ragini’s eyes as today she felt her husband’s love just for her that too in real and not in one of her fantasies. It was as if here at this moment their heart had recognized each other and had accepted each other with all the Love they had for each other. It was just not the meeting of their Lips or bodies but the meeting of two souls who just wanted to drown in the world of ecstasy, Love and Passion together forever.
The Kiss that had started as a gentle one becomes a passionate pone as Sanskar increases the fervor of the Kiss. As Ragini’s vulnerable condition and her tear stricken face came in front of him his kiss becomes a demanding one. It was as if he wanted to sooth all those pains, all those fears that she had faced in those few minutes of her struggle with Shaurya. With his one hand he held her face tight keeping it fixed at its place while his other hand was busy caressing the smooth skin of her belly and waist. He was loving the feeling of feeling her soft and warm skin under his cold palm while his velvety mouth was moving over hers pouring out the feelings of his heart. He sucked, nibbled her lower lips relishing its taste.

Ragini tried hard to match up with his passion but it was too much for her yet she tried her best to pleasure him in the way he was pleasuring her. The passion running thru his veins has infuriated Ragini’s senses too as without her own knowledge she started responding to his kiss, kissing him back with equal fervor. Her hands have the will of their own as they encircled around his neck pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. At that moment nothing else matters to her and all she could think is that she was in the arms of the person whom she loves with all her soul, who is the sole reason of her existence and with whom she wanted to spend whole of her life with. It was raining heavily outside as if blessing these two lovers.

“Sanskar” Ragini moaned into his mouth as Sanskar bit her lower lip while his tongue gained entry in her mouth exploring each and every corner of her mouth drinking her sweet nectar. It was as if he was relishing the sweetest thing in this world.

“Ragini” Sanskar groaned in pleasure as Ragini clutched his back piercing her nails over dere while her other hand makes way to his hairs clutching dem over dere. Both were lost, lost in the moment. They were kissing each other like dere is no tomorrow.

The kiss has expressed each and every emotions running in their hearts right now. Her selfless Love, his unrealized feelings, her wait for him, his dilemma regarding his own feelings, her longingness to feel his Love just for her, his uncontrollable desires for her, everything was evident in that kiss. Ragini couldn’t ask for anything more than this. This was the most beautiful moment of her life and she’ll always cherish this for whole of her life. Tonight she just wanted so submit each and every fiber of her body and soul to the person she Loves and worships the most. It seems that today the line of right or wrong which was drawn between them had vanished and all that matters was their Love for each other where one had its realization and other yet had to realize.

Sanskar pulled out from kiss when they both were breathless and dipped his face in her neck panting heavily. Ragini’s breathings were ragged too due to the moment transpired between them and as a result she hugged him tight hiding her face in the crook of his neck trying to calm her heartbeats. As her bare skin touched his bare chest Sanskar felt a sudden rush of desires coursing in his veins craving to feel her more and more. And as a result his hands moved to her waistline caressing over dere with his fingers. Ragini tucked in her tummy when she felt him tugging his fingers at the edge of her Saree plates in order to remove them.

Sanskar was about to release the plates of her Saree from her skirt when he heard a loud voice of thunder outside causing the window pane open loudly. This broke Sanskar’s trance and realization hits him hard making him realize what he was doing. He was kissing her, devouring her without even knowing that whether she wants it also or not. And as soon as the realization hits him he instantly gets off from her pushing his hairs back in frustration.

Phew! so dis is it guys… so I just hope that you all are going to like it… hit the like button if you all like it and do leave your comment/criticism… it’s necessary and I hope it wasn’t this part wasn’t vulgar.
There’s an important thing that I wanted to let you all know and that is that after this update Ragsan’s relationship will see lots of twists and turns… some you all guys will like and in some may be you all wanted to kill me or ready to bash me but but but I assure you that these turns and twists will only bring them closer in the end… I could have avoided it if it was avoidable but unfortunately its unavoidable… so all I want is the support of you guys and have faith on me till you all had given me till now and I promise that in the end I’ll give you all one of my best FF ever…
Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you are beautiful the way you’re… yourself!!!!

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